Didn't find any groups for Therians and were-animals. So I decided to make one!(Also otherkins and other creatures can join aswell if you want!)

We are the souls- The souls of animals.

Therian is marine, flying, mammals, reptiles etc, Anything that lives or has lived on earth.

Otherkin are beyond earth creatures, including mythical creatures. Otherkin is usally dragons, fairys, griffins, aliens, etc.

Do you ever felt a spiritual connection with a certain animal?
Are you able to understand and speak with animals? 
Do you have certain attributes of a certain animal?
Have you ever dreamt of being a certain animal or even felt like you were shifting outside your dreams? When you have been having a erotic time, when you were angry etc?

Some confusions between furries and therians
* Furries are people who are fans of antrophomorphic creatures.
* Therians are people who, in a sense “are” the animal and have experiences of shifting or changes of human thought process to that of their theriotype.

It is not too common but some therians join furry communities and get involved with the furry fandom. Therians are not likely to wear costumes but don’t be surprised to find some wearing tails or masks.

Feel free to chat and share experiences!

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Comment by ForestsAndStars on May 28, 2016 at 5:09am

dang, i was wondering why i'd hadn't seen any therian groups! :D guess they were hiding! ^^

not 1000% sure if i'm therian, but i do feel a strong connection with some animals, i'd want to know my theriotype but my god, does my instinct to mimic whatever energy i can makes it a pain in the ass @_@

i've been involved in the community on and off for the past 2 years, it feels like an old friend to me :3 it's so nice to see a therian/otherkin group, let's hope it gets more members at least! ^^


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