A friend of mine sent this to me and I felt compeled to share. Feel free to give me your opinion. Have a blessed day.

"I need him to say he is sorry, I need her to communicate with me, I have nothing to offer, I can't trust him/her...I need a sign...."

Ok the higher selves don't require any of these things from their other half. Because of their connection to each other the only true need they have is to come together physically without their bodies egos setting stipulations for the relationships...You know the problem with the ego in a twin flame relationship is that it still tries to treat it like it is just a physical connection that needs to be propped up with all these physical requirements.
Unfortunately every physical requirement that you tack on to a twin flame relationship gives the chaos around us something to work with... You need communications and almost instantly the person stop calling and e-mailing because chaos makes its connection with the ego and convince it that communication is causing the other person to take you for granted...while your ego is insisting that if the person cared they would do these things.
Have you noticed when you look in the mirror and make a face you see that same face looking back at you? Well let us apply this idea to a twin flame relationship. You spend a lot of time wondering if it is going to work if he/she is going to turn around. And when nothing happens in the time frame you feel is right you start to think about giving up. Well here is where the mirror image comes in. Because he is reflective this would mean he reflects the hopes, doubts, fears,thoughts and disappointment that we feel. Of course you feel this because he/she isn't doing any thing unfortunately as we feel these things about him/her he/she starts to doubt it will work, fear you will not or do not want him/her. And the roller coaster ride of doubt and fear on both sides start.
I have noticed that many of you desire your partners ego to go away so that the higher self may take a more active and direct part in the relationship...I have also heard about the baggage that the Twin flame has and needs to get rid of...However as I continue to work with the relationships I notice that there is baggage on both sides and an abundance of ego on both sides...because the TF is not personally there to defend their selves they get painted as having the biggest issues...please remember that a great deal of the problems in a TF relationship can be seen on both sides of the relationship because of the soul connection many of the issues are the same to some degree on both sides...
As soon as you refocus inward to your higher self and be very honest with your self about the baggage you are carrying and the ego the size of the empire state building that is constantly whispering in your ears about your TFs short comings then began to do something about them he/she will also start to take care of that which appears to be such a major problem in his/her life...
Baggage may not always be recognizable as such in our own lives...but past relationship issues that are unresolved and unreleased, fears and doubts about the TF's feeling which are usually confused with the ego's feelings...and accepted as the "true feelings" in the situation...learning to recognize that the body and soul are not the same until they have merged on both a conscious and subconscious level which leaves no room for the ego to ruin things and set up false scenarios with the help of it's ever present friend chaos. All baggage must be cleared away but it must first be recognized as such...Chaos does not need a lot to work with ego and baggage gives it an enormous amount of building blocks to put that wall up between you and your TF a wall that you are unaware of your part in building which makes it all the more difficult to remove...
You would like your twin flame to let go of his/her ego so that the higher self may direct the body...You must know that because of the connection between you as long as your ego is ruling the day your twin souls ego will also do the same...
I know that many of you are not really aware of the ego still being in control. When the ego is in control you experience fear, doubt, worry, confusion and bouts of concern as to if and when your TF relationship will work out...
When the Soul is allowed to be in control of this entire journey there is a "knowing" about how everything will come out...remember the affirmation "I am now one with my higher self my higher self guides my daily life and shows me how to love and be loved by my twin flame." You have got the first part right now you need to work on the rest of that affirmation being manifested in your lives... So that it will also manifest in your TF's life as well...

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This is excellent advice Joshua.

"When the Soul is allowed to be in control of this entire journey there is a "knowing" about how everything will come out...remember the affirmation "I am now one with my higher self my higher self guides my daily life and shows me how to love and be loved by my twin flame." You have got the first part right now you need to work on the rest of that affirmation being manifested in your lives... So that it will also manifest in your TF's life as well..."

I live this everyday, and it really is an inner knowing.

No one can tell you, so by rule of thumb if you have to ask, then you need to go deeper within until you know by knowing. Your guides and higher self will give you plenty of signs if you are paying attention to detail instead of seek confirmation externally. You cannot do both. You will serve one or the other, short.

I can't describe the experience I went through dealing with my ego in the beginning, because words fail me..

It was and still is a very tough battle to keep ego out of the relationship.

Its as though 3D love feeds off of it. Sometimes the slightest things he does will trigger my ego and I have to lovingly discipline it to make it to quiet its voice, or else as stated above Im very well aware it will create that which it fears. Ive seen it do it enough times to not mess around with lower based thought forms.  But one thing Ive learned is to keep my mouth shut and ALWAYs give your TF the benefit of the doubt.

Remember Unconditional love has no conditions. And so while the TF connection lifts your vibration infinitely higher it can also take it infinitely lower. It is our choice.  It is like free falling in the most amazing sense, because there simply are no conditions and you quite frankly who wants them anyway.

This is an excellent reminder that our twin soul / twin flame is a true mirror of our own ego illusions. I've done a lot of conscious "work" on myself, and my twin basically hasn't, but he's a man and Real Men tough it out. He's doing the best he can, and I'm doing the best I can. We are in separation now, but in touch by email. Thank God we never burned any major bridges between us, so that at least our line of communication is still open. Even though I'm pretty clear of my baggage (years of hypnotherapy, meditation, counseling, numerous workshops, reading, Reiki and past life regression therapy), the old ego is still trying to keep me safe by whispering fear and blame in my ear. I have found that studying A Course In Miracles helped a lot with this issue of the ego, and how we "project" our issues onto another. I would advise anyone experiencing TF separation to find the nearest ACIM study group and learn how to disseminate the ego.

Thank you all for your imput and thoughts.  It is uplifting to be able to share and discuss with others.  I find myself learning more everyday and found this to be an eye opener for myself.  I am glad it is able to help others as well :)


Blessings and Love

I am just speechless, you just posted right what I needed to hear. Thank you, this really helps and means a lot.


Blessings ^_^

Thanks for sharing this! I should be able to put this in use since I was told that my twin flame is on Earth right now and I will meet him soon.

Yes, this is a great explanation. It is so weird that at times I wonder, is it his issues or mine? Who's is it? It's so confusing!! Then I see myself in him and he projects his issues onto me and I do the same...it's so silly...and basically I think we both want the same, even in the physical but fear pulls us apart again...it's an eternal dance...

thank you... just thank you. this is what i needed to help me. what do you mean by need to be together physically?

Thank you Joshua 

I just checked my email and found your post and everything you say resonates with me and the timing was spot on as I had only ten minutes earlier been asking the universe for a sign if my TF still feels my connection or even feels love for me!!  The doubts and fears of the ego are in a way like the twin flame dance. My connection to him is powerful but as soon as I allow myself to believe that he still feels it (even though I'm pretty sure he still doesn't have a clue about TF or any of this stuff) my ego jumps in and tries to sabotage the connection by using the fact that he hasn't made contact in over 6 months and it is nearly two years that he ran. My ego even tries to deny all the synchronicities that started 3 years before I met him in a bid to prove that I made it all up and that's why I should give it up and forget him and move on like a normal relationship.  I knew nothing of TF conections before I met him and it was only when he ran that I came across the term for the first time. One thing I know for sure, my TF is in my heart but there is not a minute that goes by that I am not aware of him and the power of the love.  

Recently I read a book (The Return of Light by Karen Kirshbaum) where the authors had channelled a Creator God called Heru and there are sections of the book that deal with TFs and go into detail of a TwinFlame rift which started a long long time ago and is responsible for a lot of what is happening with TFs now.  I was amazed to find out that the TF phenomena doesn't only concern humans but also planets and whole universes. Heru states quite clearly that once you have come into contact with your twinflame nothing can ever be the same again as creation of twinflames is one of the most powerful forces and it justifies the subsequent power of twinflame connections  (In fact I would really recommend this book as it really filled in a lot of gaps for me and made sense of the chaos on the planet at this time and the reason why we are here and by reading this and understanding the dynamics of dark and light, we can individually help God to get us all back into the light more quickly)

Thank you for your words as they helped me so much, bless you and if you get a chance to read the book I would love to hear your comments.

Love and light to all Twin Flames




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