Twin Flames and Soulmates


Twin Flames and Soulmates

This group is to express the intense emotions felt by those that are on this path towards reuniting with their Twin Flame either here in 3D or in another dimension. Feel free to provide any information on this subject or just learn more! :)

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the idea of Love is evolving as well......

We are entering a new paradigm of Love with the entering of the New Age. Somewhere Love's TRUE meaning became lost as humans evolved on their own. We put a price to it, we lied about it, we cheated in the name of it and we said it when we didn't mean it. It is time for a new Dream, a new Dream or creation of a world that has Love evolve to a higher form. Couples are needed for the new template to manifest this change. When you unconditionally Love yourself, you will attract a physical partner within this reality in order to set an example or a template for what Love really is at the core. Those of you who feel you will meet your Twin in another dimension also become a template as you Love yourself just the same. You do not Love yourself for this reward of meeting your twin, you Love yourself because it is one of your divine purposes that allows you to become a co creator of Love for everyone. Yet, in doing so your reality must reflect the inner thoughts, and intentions of you so therefore that is when you meet that one special person who could love you like no other being on this entire planet. It is your birthright and your destiny as a being designed and created from LOVE.

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[7 mins] If you need to watch any video on finding your "true love", it's this:

Started by Angel Therese Jan 11. 0 Replies

Question to ask yourself:If I choose x, am I choosing myself?A common mistake is that we absolutely HAVE to choose someone to be our lover because they're our twinflame/true love/soulmate. But what…READ MORE →

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Higher Self speaks about The Twin Flame connection

Started by Aria. Last reply by Helen Mohlin Aug 13, 2017. 15 Replies

 Has been calling my attention recently that many healers, even famous ones don't believe in the existence of one true soul mate or true soul bound or as we call "Twin flames" (incarnated or in…READ MORE →

Very confusing twin flame reunion?

Started by Einhorn87. Last reply by Einhorn87 Dec 10, 2016. 8 Replies

So recently I met the man who I thought was my twin flame. I was getting magical signs I was going to meet him all summer. We met online and first connected energetically over web cam. There was a…READ MORE →

Evolving <3

Started by MC Aug 21, 2016. 0 Replies

2 questions.1. Are Android's going to change things in the future if they are invented?2. Are we going to be able to keep our TFs energies connected also. Lastly is it ok to have feelings across…READ MORE →

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Comment by MC on February 4, 2018 at 9:09am

I know my twin flame. Would love to reconnect. If she's interested. Hope so. Mesha. Love Mark x

Comment by Jess on February 3, 2018 at 10:13pm

I, too, await reunion with my twin flame. I have faith he is out there somewhere. Until then, I shall focus my energies on ascending with an open heart.

May peace be upon your soul,

Comment by Alvah The Pleiadian on February 3, 2018 at 9:37pm

I am waiting patiently to be reunited with My Twin Flame or Soulmate

Love n Light to all

Comment by Michael on November 25, 2017 at 3:31pm

If you are receptive to something you go with it. Lessons don't mean you will never get your hand burnt on a hot stove. When you know things you know. What you want at least is some clarity to receive guidance. Your twin is your twin, just as God is God. If you have earthly karma, ego that can camouflage reality then you have to go through the lessons. Soul mates fill in spaces (love and wisdom) you need to experience. At the gut you are not ever separated from your twin. Soul mates bring you closer to your twin. Don't knock the love of a soul mate. I was married 20 years to what had to be is my best soul mate. She passed away. Experiencing the union with your twin is a journey. Even the union is a journey. The greatness of the union is it can't be broken even if your mind gets distracted. Your twin can pass away. If you are not veiled your union can be strong as ever while you are alive and growth continues. If some of this gets too abstract it is not reality for you at this time. So,you have to continue on the actual steps that you are on. The human dilemma is the density we live in that makes even communication within ourselves a challenge, let alone our twin.

Comment by Selena Midnight Stardancer on November 28, 2016 at 3:37pm

I'm happy to announce that I have found my Soulmate and that we are happily engaged ^^

All this time I felt something, a connection to one of my friends who I haven't seen in awhile, we saw each other a few months ago, and I felt my soul leap for joy. I asked him if he felt the same thing and he said yes :)

He proposed to me and we are getting married in the Spring <3

Comment by Helen Mohlin on October 28, 2016 at 6:00am
They do have their most peculiar ways of teaching the lessons, when you think youll crack, and you pull away, thats where the growth really skyrocket.

Do you feel the cord too, when you are with them? Do you melt? Like in vanish to the point of no physical sensation of body.
Comment by Michael on October 28, 2016 at 12:08am

This is so much a God story. It's not like soul mates. For me it  has become a very 5D and higher experience out of my control with unexpected results. When her light body comes to me it is not of my imagination. It is something that happens in the as a part of a loving beloved journey. Even like this it can feel insatiating. I would not think to control God. I could not think to control this process. It moves and grows at it's own universal pace.

It's been 3 1/2 years since my activation. This is something I could never have imagined. It's like I am living 1 1/2 lives, not merely my own.

Comment by Helen Mohlin on October 27, 2016 at 1:41pm
Thank you Michael, thats very kind of you. Very interesting. Ill pm you, today ive felt the cord again, between us mega strong i was told, no matter what he does, says, or i do, nothing can severe it to leave would mean only pain i was told that. Funny you say a strong love for The Source, ive always had it, what im living for and basically how i got through whole and alive through my own childhood abuse. And the reason im still keep on. No i dont suffer anymore, like i said, i recieved help, where he did not. I just mean generally, tnrough ánything Source is my all. The very reason we ever came to this planet. But hes, we can all grow in it, and thats where the work is, for all.

Yes ive had problems through my life with feeling so deep i do, even he say it and hes an empath. He can let ho of things quickly but me, i can hold on for days, its not as bad its been, ive learned to just wait, so now it usually goes after some hours. But when he hurts me its like steel blade through my soul. Im making progress. There too, especially in the knowledge were one no matter what he say, so he really making a fool of himself, and show where his distortion comes in. As it wouldnt be a problem higher up. Thats how i get through, but, now my very soul doesnt trust him anymore, not his soul, but the person he is, as hes shown hes flaky.so, my soul backs off, until he can prove himself. Naturally.
Im working hard on getting rid of distortion. In all shapes. Thats helping too and not focus so much on him. But when ive start focus on my soul, thats where ive felt this..cord and the two evenings before happened whats just said. So hes obviously there.. Which helps to know in that he makes himself even more foolish in my eyes.
He is much lower than me and while i only struggle physically with practical issues and health physically he is in inner turmoil and chaos. I cant help him he has to himself, and doesnt want to have help, heavy karma.
Im starting to learn to wait my feelings out to get the whole truth and to not sink and well, remember thats how i always done it. Then funny enough it seems i balance more and more and agsin funny enough, its coming more and more the more i focus on my own soul.
Comment by Michael on October 26, 2016 at 10:08pm

I was thinking the two of you could go see a reader. Or you can go with his birth information and someone can talk to you about it. When you talk about astrology you are barely in touch with information about the Sun signs. That is very important, but it is too important to know all the planet signs, what houses they are in, what aspects they make in your chart for yourself and what aspects are made when comparing you to another.  Astrology is actually very scientific and a true evaluation takes a lot energy and awareness to provide. I can offer you a compatibility report to compare the two of you. I would not charge you.  It would be just for you to read. I would need to know how to get this to you via email. I can send it as a PDF file. You would have to provide birthday, birth time and birth place. Without a birth time there will be no house information and the Moon would be off probably.  A 12 noon birth time is used for someone when no time is known. If you are a Cancer Sun you are an emotional feeling sign. Depending what else is in the chart I don't know how much left brain intellect will satisfy you. Your "other" could be a very late degree Libra or early degree Scorpio. A late degree Libra is not a Scorpio. The only way he will truly have Scorpio traits is if there are other planets close to his Sun and fall into Scorpio. Scorpio Moons hold on to everything. If you are a Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon you have a strong theme in water. Letting go and transcending can only come to you with a true love of God within yourself. That becomes your direction. Cancer can be nurturing. But, feelings are so strong for you and may be intense. Dealing with this has to come through your higher nature. I have much to do so, I am offering a report only. If I see anything obvious I can mention it. But, for personal indepth stuff you will have find a reader or be satisfied with a report.

Thank you   

Comment by Helen Mohlin on October 26, 2016 at 8:13pm
Well no, im not into or try to make him react. Even though i do feel he deserves it, i wont. Got no interest. Im just..wondering.

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