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I would say that Atlantis have always been much more popular than Lemuria... by far.


Atlantis is known since Antiquity, thanks to the books of Plato : Critias and Timaeus.

Unlike Atlantis, Lemuria's past existence was discovered during 19th century, by a man, Colonel James Churchward. So, it is very recent.

It was revealed to the colonel by hindu priests that Lemuria was, in a distant past, situated in the Pacific Ocean. It was a massive continent : extended over 5000 kilometers from north to south,since the Hawaiian Islands, which marks even today its northern extremity, up to a line joining the Easter Island in the Fiji Island. Here, two potential maps I found on the internet :


It is said that Mu ( or Lemuria ) is much older than Atlantis.



Unfortunately, like it's twin sister, it disappeared long ago... buried under the streams of the Pacific Ocean. Some people say during an horrific war between the two continents (Lemuria vs Atlantis...).


Recently, a discovery made not far from the Southern coasts of Japan comes to worsen the certainties of the scientists on our world and our universe. It is called the ruins of Yonaguni.

Here the link:

If this link doesn't work, you can go and watch on youtube or dailymotion. Simply type "Yonaguni".


Here some pictures and models of Yonaguni's ruins :

About some people wonder : Natural or man-made ? (man-made of course lol) Compare the size of the men on the photos to the ruins !!



James Churchward wrote a serie of books, the second one about Mu is The Lost Continent of Mu (1931).

Well, I have downloaded the book in french... but I have also the english version.


I added to this discussion the books The Lost Continent of Mu in french and in english, the Sacred Symbols of Mu in english.



I would like to know, after reading this, is any of you feel connected to Lemuria ( Mu ) ?


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Well... it seems that I can't upload the three books directly here... but if you are interested into reading them, I can try to send it to any of you by email.

I have :

The Lost Continent of Mu ( french version, and english version ), The Sacred Symbols of Mu ( english version only ).

Contact me via inbox.

Do you still have these available?

Yes, I still have these books. I can send them to you if you are interested.

Hi Ludmilla,

I remember Lemuria since I was 5 yrs old, the name of my profile Dhyanna is the name I remember having back then.

I would like to receive The Lost Continent of Mu in English and The Sacred Symbols of Mu if that is possible, I have added you to my account and I hope we keep in touch. Thank you for your post :)

Love & light D

Hello !

Of course, I will give you these two books !

I too, incarnated on Mu in ancient ages.. although I'm a much older soul, my world of origin is in Lyra Constellation.

I do not have much memories about Lemuria, but I remembered that at this time, we had paved roads and houses etc... in some dark volcanic stone.

Love and light to you also !

I have felt connected to Lemuria for a few years now.. ever since I first heard of it.

Cool !


I feel connected to Lemuria too... but my past life here remains a mystery.

Thanks for this thread! I have recently learned about Lemuria and feel connected to it as well. I share a stronger feeling with ancient Egypt however. I was drawn to a Lemurian Seed crystal a while back and have been wearing it daily for 2 months now. I placed it on my forehead one evening while meditating (as the Lemurians embedded each crystal with fragments of their history, stories, happenings, etc.) and experienced a frantic, fearful feeling. I later learned of Lemuria's not-so-appealing demise and now know that my crystal is embedded with stories of their end times. With that being said, there is a a great feeling of love and warmth radiating from the crystal which overpowers whatever else may be programmed within it.   

Yeah ! I would like to know more about Lemuria... I've been trying to reconstitute Lemuria's past.


I wonder if Lemuria/Atlantis could be one entity in fact ? Many people says that we missed the last Ascension during that period, and as a result, Atlantis sank into the Ocean... if we have been part of that Past, maybe we are here to learn from our former mistakes...


I also incarnated in Ancient Egypt !! at least during the New Empire Era :)))

 I have done a lot of research and my own person experience has brought me to the conclusion that Lemuria and Atlantis was seeded about the same time. For the land mass itself Mu/Lemuria has its roots deep into the earth as where life began through a conciseness human/Energy type of form/template. You can trace the blending of ideas and exchange as many centuries of expansion. These two "entity" might be also words used to describe a time/people, like Golden Age, Dark ages, ect. A movement of ideas lead by the people and their leaders and not places at all.  Whose to say those places in our collective consciousnesses does not represent an idea, a vision for a future not as much as a past we once lived. When I connect to my Lemurian Aspects .. It is more a feeling I remember and a state of mind then something human eyes could see. I do have the sense of family and community but nothing concrete my mind can grasp at this time.

 I always try to keep in mind, time is man made and in turn time does not exist outside its self. So when looking at past and future it linear and consciousnesses works without linear limitations. So the idea of places can easily be a state of mind and as we all know from the world we see now two ideas can oppose each other and create war not over a piece of land but the idea in which it stands for.       

According to the readings i got on my past lives i am from Lemuria and also according to my birth chart. I remember having dreams about a place that had magnificent crystals just floating around like they are levitating like they were a source of energy i guess beautiful homes and places that's all i can recall in my dream i wonder if its Atlantis or Lemuria.

I have re occurring dream of opening my door and there is water as far as my eyes can see (and I am frightened when I see it) . I love to swim and have always been drawn to water and I live in a tropical climate...but I have an extreme irrational fear of natural disaster type drowning specifically my state going under water. This may be past life trauma because over all I am a very zen chill person and I find it strange I have  these water dreams/fears that are  so random and odd and I feel that it may have something to do with Lemuria or Atlantis. I think I was there when whatever happened and died as a result of it o.O 



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