IBIZA's energy VORTEX and it's expansion of the VIOLET FLAME


Dear brothers and sisters of the light. I would like to ask for your assistance at this time.

At these crucial times on Earth, with lots of terrorism happening and acts of hatred and fear all over the world in addition to the increasing global warming and other earth issues it is imperative that we must continue our daily world healing work.

Ibiza, it's a beautiful island located in the archipelago balear, at the east side of Spain. Ibiza it's very well known by famous and non famous people all over the world who travel mostly in summer to this paridisiacal place. This Ibiza Island became famous in the 70's with the hippy culture  and it's way of life of "peace and love" predominant in the island.

Thanks to spirit I visited this Island this summer. In this place, at the very south of Ibiza there is a beautiful small beach called "Cala d'Horts" where it offers an amazing view of 2 tiny inhabited big Rocks-Islands  called: "ES VEDRÁ".

ES VEDRÁ are 2 huge rocks very well known, by the local and mystics around the world, as a place of power and inmense energy (I also witnessed radios getting crazy which didn't happen anywhere else in the island, Internet connection didn't work, phone signal doesn't work there and locals tell that planes have got lost there around that area.

Entering in this clear water and sandy beach you get a marvelous view of this 2 huge Rocks

When I visitied it physically last week by boat, travelling around them I was offered by Spirit to channel through my over soul and the assistance of Saint Germain , ascended masters and angelic beings of the violet flame an attunment to the violet flame and Shamballa energy to this energy vortex Rocks (Es Vedrá).

Es Vedrá is NOW a Violet flame and Shamballa energy healing place which everyone can use it.

This positive energy vortex place as "Es Vedrá", being attuned to the Violet Flame increases exponentially the healing effect of the violet flame.

Ways to use this violet flame energy vortex now:

_World healing:

Meditating seeing the Rock Es Vedrá from a picture or in your mind, visualizing the violet energy as a wave clearing away and healing the world from this point all around the world.

_Personal healing:

Visualizing yourself at the very top of the Rock "ES VEDRÁ) and imagine this violet fire flowing from the sun entering through the crown chakra and going down through your body all down to the rock until the center of the Earth, and after returning all the fire way back again from the earth up though the rock, through you up to the sun.

Call your guides and Saint Germain for help through this healing work.

Please try and share your experiences with all.

Much love & Light

Aria <3

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