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from protection into fun

Many of us have not only experienced lonelyness and strangeness, but also a high degree of empathy with mother earth, animals and humanity. Empaths have a huge sensitivity and feel inside the need or exigency for what needs to be changed. Many of them have a sense of carrying a burden since they  are seeing the unconsciousness and lack of love on a collective level which can be overwhelming and make you feel even more isolated.

Empaths seem to be like huge sponges who take in the energies of other people of their surroundings, or the environment, and since childhood they are experts in absorbing negativity, and even in taking over other people´s painbodies. 

Being an Empath can make you feel like being on a big party where everybody is drunk but you´re the only one who isn´t. Everyone "has a really good time" - while you don´t.  People come to you dumping down their psychological garbage, and while they feel much better afterwards, you feel depressed. You just need to read the headline of the newspapers and start to cry. Some of us are so empathic, they watch someone eating a hamburger and immediately see and feel the awful conditions of the industrial livestock farming and it hurts. There are endless more examples out there..

Understandingly, many thin-skinned Empaths have early learned to either withdraw themselves from big gatherings or to find their strategies for "protection and shielding". But they also feel unhappy, depressed, tired, isolated, blocked...because this is not their natural state of being !!!

Here we want to discuss why "selfprotection" may not be necessary anymore once we consider and remember that we came here to earth by our own free choice and that we have our team of spiritual assistance with us- and here it comes: maybe we needed to forget about that for a god reason ! Maybe we came here as powerful lightbeings with a fantastic task as "ground troops" for assisting others in their transformation - but in order to "assist" others, we needed to understand their needs first by experiencing them on our own (which is nothing else than empathetic). And as kids, many starseeds scared their own parents, friends, teachers with their light, truth, energy, healingpowers, so they were taught to shut down- and they did in order to fit. They "lowered their natural vibration" in order to experience the density of their parents, their teachers, the society.

What if that was a good thing because it gave us the opportunity to learn and study all the "negativity" here on earth by our personal experience IN ORDER to become the experts we are now ? Could it have been our training ? Remember you came here by your own free choice ! Actually, to experience so much negativity most people generally don´t want to deal with IS POWERFUL and requires courage and faith. There are so many people out there who´d rather die than facing their inner painbodies- but many of us did because of the love and passion we carry inside. In order to heal it we have to feel it- and we know how to do that ..what if your training is over now and you are ready for taking back your inner child that knows excatly how strong it is to cry and laugh at the same time ? We did not come here to suffer forever- we came here to spread our divine nature, which is love, light, joy. We have suffered out of compassion, but not because it is our true nature. What if you came here out of pure love and compassion, and you studied all the negativity in order to really understand what´s going on here and get an expert ? What if there will come the time where millions of experts as you are will be needed in order to assist the transformation process on earth and do a great cleanup of negativity ? What if you can do that assistance WITHOUT eating other´s negativity anymore since you remember who you REALLY are, and you can "switch on" the light you switched off when you were a kid ? Doesn´t that sound more fun ?

for more info please check out "empath angels" on the ceremonial cacao blogspot :-)

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your training is over now- time for release density and play with the light

Started by Michael Villanueva. Last reply by brandee Aug 31, 2015. 4 Replies

dear empath- fellowersthank you all for your comments and participation.I have created this group in order to encourage others who resonate with this idea to trust and allow themselves to go through…READ MORE →

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Comment by Namaia नमऐअ on August 20, 2015 at 6:27pm
Thanks Michael. Yes, I read the blog and plan to reread it soon. Great information. It's so easy (as an empath) to feel overwhelmed and disempowered. We have strength we don't realise.
Comment by Lianesence on August 20, 2015 at 7:21am
Thank you, I read the information, and yes, I can see this as what I have been doing on my own without even realizing it. There is a transitional learning of course, I'm not perfect. I have 'break down' times still, but less and less. It's so simple. :D
Comment by Michael Villanueva on August 20, 2015 at 6:14am

dear Namaia and all others

if you resonate with the ideas I´vé´made here, I strongly recommend to visit Keith blog (google for blogspot ceremonialcacao and then klick on "Empath Angels"). He seems to be one of the very few who finally got a nice breakthrough which is important for all who feel so empathic but forgot about their true abilities which has nothing to do with being protected or shielded ! We are here to simply channel divine light and NOT to give our little personal light away :-) it is all about getting out of our own way by remembering and , if necessary, releasing painbody issues which don´t belong to us any longer. have fun and injoy !

Comment by Lianesence on August 20, 2015 at 6:01am

Grounding and shielding are so important, I am learning to recognize what is mine and what is not, and releasing what is not as soon as I notice.  It creates such a different experience, and makes me even more compassionate to the person that was having the feelings.  Thank you for your wonderful explanation, it is so true that finding the joy and bliss of our inner child is so important.  

Comment by Namaia नमऐअ on June 9, 2015 at 9:33pm

Michael. Thank you for the article on your blog. It's the first take on empaths I've come across that helps me better understand the last 30 years of my life, and how to work with my capacity instead of being overwhelmed by it. I hope you'll soon share more about it. <3



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