Hi all, I've been studying and receiving messages from Archangel Michael, Ariel (Uriel) Spirit of the air, and the Nibiruan Council about time prompts. Myself and a small group of other highly spiritual people in my area compared numbers from experience and came up with similar meanings to what I was told from the higher realms. I recieved these number definitions from a walk in experience by Nibiruan Angels where the info was downloaded to me.  Here's what we have so far. it's mostly a listing of what seems to happen or be associated with the numbers please add anything you have found too. ** I've updated this list as I have a better understanding now of what was given to me. These are digital representations of the pyramidal structure of 12 dimensions of consciousness. I wrote the higher ones first because they are seen most often by us starseeds. I'm adding a pyramid drawing I did to illustrate better the dimensions. As they go up they get less dense but more concentrated and more toward pure light energy, and as they go down they get more dense, more split up or less concentrated and more physical. they serve layered purposes for us but match with other methods such as divination oracles to track our place in time/space.

11:11 - signifies the mirror image of Heaven and Earth and our connection to it. seeing it means we are awakened to the 11th dimension of consciousness. it seems to be the "bridge", often seen during awakening. Also of course seen around the time we are to meet or recognize or own mirror image, our twin flame.Our twin flame is split in consciousness from our single soul at the 11th dimension when using a 12 dimensional scale. Many seem to get this time prompt basically signaling there is a message from above for us, and also to watch our thoughts as they are creating what we are thinking at this time very rapidly. This is why they say "make a wish" when someone sees it.  It has been associated with a group of 111 angels called Midwayers. Quite possible that these angels are the first to connect to us. I've learned some of the Midwayers are Arcturian, Pleiadian.

111- similar to 11:11 Your thoughts are creating rapidly while you're in high dimension. Watch your thoughts. the Midwayer Angels or possibly others signaling a sign from above.

10:10-  10th dimension of consciousness. mirror image sign. prompting that the viewer is in sync with time/ space. also seen around the time of twin flames and during awakening. This signals something you've asked about is about to be revealed to you. Youre reaching the highest levels of consciousness

12:12 and 11:22, 12:21- the two highest master numbers in numerology are 11 and it's higher octave 22. These signify the highest levels of spirituality in numbers. Seeing these signifies that you are connected and developed in spirit. You are connected to the highest realms and vibrations. Twin Flames are associated with these numbers. Thoughts are creating rapidly and the mirror image of situations in life is being noticed in God's matrix of creation. 

 222- 2nd dimension. very common, this number signifies a transformation in which our polarities will integrate. it is the same as the death card in tarot. When a person sees this or many 2's together it means there is something inside which is about to be learned and transformed. It is a prompt for DNA emotional clearing. Shortly after seeing this prompt a person may experience a deep depression or anguish over something in which it seems like plunging into hell. You are going temporarily into the second dimension, we are anchored in the third mostly while in flesh bodies so this is going "down." Time alone will be needed to process the emotional wound from the past and the thought process or false perception causing the pain. Usually it's a false perception about ourself. Then we rise again with new hope and a greater outlook. It is the symbol of the Phoenix and the butterfly. transformin g into something more beautiful.

333- a balanced 3rd dimension, Christ consciousness, truth, the ability to see things from God's point of view. compassion. Usually seen when a person has deep thought about something and sees it from the highest perspective. It's a big yes signal. Same as the sun card in the tarot which often comes up at the same time. It signifies the self as a balanced and healthy ego seeing from truth.

444- 4th dimension thought /emotion also common, signifies the harvest, something which was sown will be reaped or pay off. Usually a good thing is being reaped from efforts. Paying attention to other signs with this one will help to know what it's about. For example if seen with an 11:11 it may mean reaping something with twin flames. Or pay attention to any synchronicity at the time of seeing the prompt. also this prompt will often be seen at the end of a transformation after seeing 222. 444 signals the benefit reaped from the emotional clearing and the end of the healing cycle.

555- 5th dimension, turning point- Signifies a turning point or point of return in one's life. the same as the turning point hexagram in the I ching, and often will come up at the same time as the time prompt. Something is switching over to it's antithesis. Or there's a cycle in life which is changing to it's opposite. For example a cycle of learning may be finished and switching to a cycle of teaching on the matter. It signals the point of the change. Note that during one's life cycles always gradually grow better. this is often a signal of something switching to the "springtime of the cycle."

666- 6th dimension, third eye, no conclusive meanings had matched up for this one at first in study and it was rarely seen in my group as a time prompt. Seems it was not heavily used as a time prompt by the Angels because of it's religious history associated with the Beast government in the end times. Much of the public views it as an evil number so it may not be a clear choice for a signal number. It has however been spotted a lot on things associated with the new world order. The only message I was given from above on this is that it's original meaning is not the same as the meaning it has now so to avoid confusion it's usually only associated with oppressive government and Illuminati. * I've learned why.... The 6th dimension is associated with the chakra of the "third eye." This is the last chakra contained inside the flesh body before reaching the merkaba connection at the 7th dimension. The 7th chakra is the first one which transcends the flesh. It's for this reason that 666 is associated with being stuck in the flesh and any oppressive powers seeking to keep people stuck there. Also why 7 is considered God's number.

777- 7th dimesnion, the first chakra to transcend the fleash body is the 7th or crown. It's said when reaching this level one's Kundalini energies from bottom going up and top going down connect for the first time.  I believe this is why 7 is considered God's number in Christianity and it represents a human being fused with the divine source. It wasn't immediately  clear what the time prompt meant at the time of study but when seen the person feels a sense of being guided and watched over, security. It may be simply to signal us we are being taken care of. Or a signal of the connection bringing peace. It definately signals one has transcended the flesh and made initial connection to the higher realms. One's psychic ability will kick in as well around this time.

888- 8th dimension, higher psychic ability,  Infinity consciousness, usually seen when a person is in contact with very high realms and first experiencing the ability to understand time/space and all the dimensions of consciousness at once as being connected to each other. Often a person feels a serenity and sees a vision like a matrix with many possible "points" to travel along creating possibilities for this world or visual layers of flowing time. The way these layers interact together in a flow is the main idea. The awareness of infinity. between 7 and 8 one will be recieving spiritual messages from Angelic guides.

999- 9th dimension, divine justice, Archangel Michael and his crew are taking care of something in which justice is needed. Seen after asking for justice in a personal matter, or for mankind as a society. Often seen around political events where the people win freedom. Sometimes seen as a signal that work has begun on a matter which justice was asked for. Balance brings divine justice so seeing balance in things and desiring to bring that will naturally happen when seeing this. after seeing the infinity of the 8th dimesnion one balances it in 9th. 33 may also be seen during this time as Archangel Michaels's number.

717- Sexual union,  This one was seen very often and took a while before we realized it's significance. Most of us in my group are going through the trials associated with uniting with our twin flame. The 717 is a signal of liaison, romance and a sexual affair, it is the same as the lovers card in tarot and often shows up at the same time, also similar to the marrying maiden or coming to meet hexagrams in I ching which also showed up around the time of the prompt. It signals information about a possible sexual union. Often it was seen around the time an opportunity for such a union was beginning to come together. This union doesn't necessarily mean between twin flames only as the prompt was seen for relationships with non twins too.


- personal number prompts can be given to us as well. They can correspond with dates and addresses usually. A personal number will usually be something less similar to these, often with different digits rather than repeating digits. pay attention to dreams and other signs to see what they are about. These prompts will usually be about something in your life you asked about.

One thing I was told by channeled message or "a word of Knowledge" is that those above will signal us with something in an attempt to bring understanding. If the number is a time prompt we recognize as different than someone else it doesn't mean it is wrong. Often they will use what we do understand until we adopt a sort of recognized meaning. For example I read in another time prompt study where a woman viewed 444 as a NO signal where myself and my group have had it be a yes signal to a reaped harvest. The signal will be for you in the flow of creation so you will know the meaning and if you chose to adopt another meaning they will know. It's much the same a synchronicity which often accompanies time prompts. Feel free to add any new ideas to this! What did you get as a prompt?


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And then there is circumstantial time. I am still working on a simplified explanation, but basically it is a time line that runs in a sort of cross dimensional sine/cosine wave with linear time. When points on both time line's sync up there is a surge through linear time that manifests large occurrences of synchronicity. If there were numbers assigned to circumstantial time, it would be in series of 0 and 1, or off and on. The 0 would denote a completion of a circumstantial cycle/circle. A 1 would denote the beginning of a new cycle/circle. In circumstantial time the other numbers are only relevant in their relation to the 0 and 1. 1111 would be the start of a cycle that will be the foundation of many circles that will later complete. 1010 would be quick succession of starts and completes. 1222 would be the beginning of many cycles of symmetry. When the 1 drops from the 1222 and it becomes 222 the cycle is complete.



ive been seeing so many number i feel crazy! but the ones that comeout to me the most are 33, ill look at my watch and it will be 12:33 and even the seconds on the watch are 33!

Dear Rev Amy Queen,

Thank you so much for this wealth of information on the numbers! 

Brightest blessings to you in all ways.

Love light and peace,

Rev Carmela

ok, that explains why iv been seeing these numbrs but how aout these. 10:01, 12:21, or in military time 13:31, 14:41.

Thank you Amy for this great explanation.  For me I see any time combination with :11 ie 9:11, 3:11 10:11 and on and on.  Seems that is the only time I look at the clock.  Would this be any different from 11:11?


love and blessings to you......janet

This is too intriguing (?) to not post to this group.


Hi my name is Deva and I'm a time prompt follower. Ok I admit it.

I'm not sure exactly when it began, I think I started reading about it through Doreen Virtues posts.


So, I connect my angel guides with 11:11 as well as 111. And believe them to be portals, moments outside of linear time?

But I do defer to your explanations Rev Amy. 


I really see 111 more often. And as much on license plates or receipts as clocks.


I was involved in the 'host an angel' week ceremony, where you light candles and verbally invite the angels in your home at a given time. They stay for a week. That was fun. I felt their subtle presence and lightheartedness constantly.


After they left I was given a parting gift. They seem to communicate with you more thru these mediums when you are aware. So on the way to work I'm looking a car passing me and pulls a few cars in front of me and as the car is moving over I look at the plates, "111*TNT"


I couldn't stop laughing. I'm laughing now.


Saw 8:11 on the reception desk on entering office this morning.

And after reading your last post here AMy, I looked up at my clock next to the television, 9:11, LOL


My twin is going thru some changes?


fun post


love and blessings


Deva S



no doubt ive made contact with a twin flame. i find that hard to believe.

Rev. Amy R. Queen said:

Those numbers are all "mirror images" of themselves. These mean you are in the level of consciousness at the 12th dimension or 11th dimension. These are the highest dimensions of consciousness when we reach God. At this level we see the reflections of all things. You may start to see how people and events in your life and those around you seem set up with partners helping each other from the same situation but opposite or mirrored point of view. You'll start to see the pairs in everything. You've no doubt made at least one contact with your twin Flame in this lifetime and are very high in the ascension process. : )

Matthew said:

ok, that explains why iv been seeing these numbrs but how aout these. 10:01, 12:21, or in military time 13:31, 14:41.

got a question. last night i saw on the clock 1:31, 1:41, and 1:51. everytime i opened my eyes i saw these and laughed. this afternoon i picked up my phone and saw 1:21. what does this mean.

i see all but 666, 777, 888 and 999 :P

Hello, there's a blog on here on 3's and there's a guy who had a dream that I responed to and I was wondering if you could help us understand.

For months I have been seeing 11:11 either am or pm on a digital clock.  Now for the past few weeks I've been seeing 1:11 am or pm along with 11:11.  any ideas?  I'm so dense I would not know who or what was trying to tell me anything... I read the above information and it seems like the best answers I have come across. 

so thank you Amy Queen for posting.


I'm seeing double numbers again,for a few weeks now and its speeding up,lol!!Especially this evening it was 9:11,9:22,9:33!! WoW!!!



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