Hello! I hope your doing great, I just thought I'd share this dream I had about 2 days ago during a nap...

So it starts with me standing on top of a building overlooking some green hills, I look up and see this blue ship coming down and shooting these neon blue rays into the ground from all sides of the ship. These blue rays leave this strange circular symbol in the ground (check out the pic at the bottom) they seemed like they were burnt into the ground. Then I woke up in my dream screaming and crying my eyes, with people asking me whats wrong and I couldnt talk.  Then thats when I really woke up. I think it was pretty interesting and I'd love to hear some opinions on it. I'd have to stress the fact that the colors and details in it were incredible and vibrant.

Well ok, have a nice day :D

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The only thing That comes to my mind is the game spore to be honest lol, You can fire beams like you said onto the ground that burns patterns into the ground making the inhabitants aware and starting to worship or something. Im sorry that i cant come with anything other than that. Feelt I had to say something.

omg i had a similar abstract kind of version of your dream too,

thx for sharing,i also have experienced the vibrant almost fizzing with energy?? colours


Its been over a year. since this dream. Do you have a baby?



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