I've heard that people can buy "Atlantean" crystals, which seems to mean that they are programmed with the spirit of Atlantis or whatever.

How does one "make" these crystals, etc?

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Certain crystals just carry these energies, you could seek specific types of stones which are associated with Atlantis or if you are intuitive you could sense this when you see or hold a crystal such as Quartz which may be programmed with this info/energy.

There is allot of info coming forward about Arkansas Quartz crystals which are very Atlantean, try those.
Also as others discussed this on the comments board recently check out Larimar, which is known to healers as Atlantis Stone or Dolphin Stone. It was found on one island only in a location connected to the reminants of Atlantis and was predicted to be found here by Edgar Cayce...

Atlantean crystals are quartz crystals imprinted with the wisdom of the people of Atlantis.  They are marked with small triangles. They are also known as Recorders or Record Keepers.  Record Keeper crystals are wonders.  They are understood to be the containers for the compiled wisdom of the wise men and women of Atlantis.  Each Atlantian (Atlantean) Record Keeper seems to contain different knowledge and to provide unique understanding of basic universal truths.  However, use of the Record Keepers takes a bit of practice, and not all of them seem to contain either understanding or knowledge, at least that we can currently understand.  http://www.crystalvaults.com/pages/atlantian_lemurian_crystals.php



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