Before the earth ever discovered fire there existed a race of advanced humans who existed within the realm of the 7 sisters also known as the Pleiadies. These beings were not only technologically advanced but also spiritually. They had no government, no monetary system and telepathy was a normal every day thing. This civilization always kept a watch on developing worlds. Eventually they saw that earth needed to have constant monitoring and protection as earth was young and recently inhabited which also meant vulnerable. They went through a series of protocols on what was considered violation of free will and universal laws as told to them by the most high the Archangel Gabriel which was given directly from source.

They were allowed to advance civilizations only at certain periodes in their development and only if this meant no threat to the civilizations. "Side note: The current civilization is well overdo for an upgrade however seeing the current state of affairs an upgrade (sharing of technology and more Intel) has been put on hold until further notice". Even though the command is assigned to this sector we can not make a move until directed by source. The orders come in from Sananda to myself and then to the rest of the crew. On occasion ground crew are given instructions as well, if need be.

Among the pleiadiean council of light a decision was made to create a universal command of light. The whole pleiadiean star system voted on one person in particular to be the commander of the ship. A being named Sheron (meaning Shining one) who had much knowledge of various civilizations, spiritual evolution and development and a number of other aspects that qualified him for the job. More so however was his pure heart. He had spent a very long time in spiritually developing his own spirit. The pleiadiean council saw that his auric field was golden meaning that he would be a great spiritual teacher as was sananda his (soon to be) supreme commander from whom he had already learned so much.

Sheron (The shinning one) was created from the essence of Archangel Michael. Sheron grew as a child being taught by the best spiritual teachers, angelic beings and ascended masters and yes there are many many ascended masters who are not from earth and are older then the milky way galaxy itself. By the time Sheron was what is considered a teenager on earth he was already well aware of how to use his full brain capacity, how to work with technology and create various forms of energy and many more things. Shortly in to his "teen years" he was placed under the spiritual guidance of Christ/Sananda. During this time he learned man things in developing and evolving ones own spirit, evolving ones own DNA, spiritual teachings, connecting with source and the legions of angels. Sheron spent many many decades or what is known on earth as decades in the Universal schools learning from each civilizations. Sherons name was chosen because indeed he was the shinning one. Upon his birth the pleiadiean council saw that he would be a great spiritual leader and that one day would be involved in the evolution of species. Sheron also encountered many struggles as part of his preparation as commander.

This command then joined forces with a federation already in place. This federation was known as the Galactic Federation of light and were already an established protection organization united for universal peace. The federation consisted of many evolved representatives of many worlds including Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and even Orion. The Galactic federation has several sub-divisions within each planet, galaxy, and universe as well as within each network of space. The Galactic federation answers however to the legion of angels who have direct contact with God/Source. They are the seraphim and the archangels which include Archangel Michael and Archangel gabriel. With out their say no federation or command moves forward with any plans. Directions are given instantly through telepathic connection. Communication is always instant in higher dimensions. The Galactic federation was formed after a major galactic war ensued destroying many lives. It was agreed that in order to maintain peace and balance a major galactic council was needed. This was discussed first by the Seraphic legion of Angels. The Galactic federation consist of many representatives from many star nations. The approval for the formation of the Ashtar command was given by Archangel Michael after an agreement was reached among the legion of the Seraphim.

This command was then named Ashtar which translates to 'A Star' and given the duty of overseeing the planetary affairs of earth. The Ashtar command was there only to observe and make sure that free will was maintained. They were not allowed to interfere unless absolutely necessary. Although Ashtar was there to look after the earth and all the planets within the milky way they patrolled other galaxies as well from time to time. However it was the galactic federation who oversaw most of the other universes and galaxies with different commands according to galaxy and universe. On very rare occasions the Ashtar command is involved in the evacuation of  planet along side the Galactic federation however this is only done if there is an immediate unavoidable threat to the planet such as with an asteroid or solar threat. This will only be done on orders of Source and ONLY if there exist a threat to all life on the planet.

During the early time of the Ashtar command the command was headed by Sananda and commanded by Sheron and interactions with other civilizations were minimal but soon both Sananda and Sheron saw the benefit of working with other civilizations so eventually the Ashtar command began to work with various races. Sheron began to assign different people to different duties among the ship. Eventually expanding and becoming almost as big as the Galactic federation. The Ashtar command is currently the second largest galactic organization dedicated to universal peace other then the Galactic Federation.

Partnership with the Ashtar command has only one requirement and that is a definite aura of service to all and NOT to self. The reason that Sheron and Sananda go by aura is because through the aura they know all things. Including if the Aura has been manipulated to fool them as some have done in the past. However they also can detect deception via telepathy, touch, sight and anything under the sun. Even by hearing your voice they can tell if you are not what you say. They can also measure the amount of love exuded by ones spirit. The love energy must be high in order to join the Ashtar command. Race is not an issue however a certain amount of spiritual development and desire to serve others is.

The Ashtar command began to make contact with the civilizations of earth and continued this through the many stages of earths history however a time came when they needed to have contact in a more off world manner causing Sheron to have to telepathically contact someone on earth. This began in the 50's. Many of Sherons messages were turned in to mis-information so his twin flame had to come to earth via walk-in in order to try and correct the work. However this failed and the messages of Sheron have been twisted to destroy the image and purpose of the Ashtar command.

For sometime I have channeled material from Sheron and have had memories and downloads that are not published but recently certain things were set in motion which signaled that it was time to begin to publish this material. Many have used both the Ashtar command name and the GFOL name for their own selfish purposes however there is a new dawn arriving and old things will be made new, truths will surface and deception will be no more. The days of this sacred knowledge being used for fame and fortune will be no more.

It is so important for humanity to be given the true messages. Messages that do not come from a service to self agenda such as for books or interviews but come from a genuine desire for the spiritual upliftment of the planet. One last thing I would like to share is that we will not, have not and will never ever give dates of our arrival, why? because if you were to save a civilization from enslavement why would you announce the date of your arrival to their captors? this is a good indicator to keep in mind. Also we would never promote the destruction of the earth or an entire species as that is not possible and in direct violation of universal law.

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Your absolutely right :) but what gets me are those who want to push their belief or truths on someone else, granted, I don't always agree with anything myself, and I may respectfully disagree but to attack another persons beliefs is simply wrong and not coming from a place of love and divinity.  I always was raised that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all, that philosophy has stayed with me through out my life and has helped in more ways then one..

Amy R. Queen said:

Just my two cents...I always find it strange when people who say they are Christian do not use love to understand thier own scriptures. They seem to think that a false prophet is some evil creature sent to harm them that they've been warned about instead of just what the verse you posted said. The flase prophet is only a term for someone who tried to make sense of something but it didn't come to pass. Sheesh there's too much agression in people I think. Fear distorts the meaning of scripture. 

Lady Yshatar said:

Please tell me how this message that I just replied with above is misleading anyone? I am not asking anyone to follow any one or even me, I am not asking anyone to believe this or that I am not forcing anything on anyone, I am only simply asking for people to follow their hearts, thats the jist of ALL the messages I have channeled from him thus far AND to add to this I would like to post this as well:


False Prophet Accusations

Today I was sharing some insight with a friend who is Christian, I was telling her about the Mayan calendar and ancient knowledge and how it may relate to our future, and notice I said "may" I don't like stating things as fact anymore for obvious reasons, and to my surprise she got really disturbed and said that I was a false prophet and was siding with 'evil'. The beauty of that is there it was a lesson learned on her part. It always amazes me how the ones who profess to know their bible and religion so well always appear to be misinformed the most. I respectfully pointed out that I do not meet the criteria whatsoever to qualify as a false prophet, and this was off the top of my head. I told her, a false prophet according to biblical scriptures state that to be a false prophet one must first actually make predictions and second these predictions have to fail to come to pass and then will a person be known as a false prophet, I even showed her the part of the scripture in which it was written:

If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him. --Deuteronomy 18:22
The prophet who prophesies peace will be recognized as one truly sent by the LORD only if his prediction comes true." --Jeremiah 28:9

I haven't given any predictions to date but I have brought messages from the star people to Earth, although I know quite a few Harold Campings, who are we to judge anyway? what gives us the right to call someone else a false prophet? Even Jesus taught that he did not come to judge the world:

He who believes in Me does not believe in Me, but in Him who sent Me. And he who beholds Me beholds the One who sent Me. I have come as light into the world, that everyone who believes in Me may not remain in darkness. And if anyone hears My sayings, and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. (John 12:44-47) So why do we?

The original teachings of Jesus have been destroyed and turned in to weapons of mass destruction and separation in our world. Though its not just Christian teachings, many religions have lost their original value. Further more I politely pointed out that the things I have been told by the star people, specifically by Ashtar have been proven to be accurate recently by scientist and other such credible sources:

Today I was browsing around the net and happened by chance? to come across this post that sent me in to tears. Why did it send me to tears? because for eons my guide has been telling me about a crystal planet, I never told much people because it sounded silly, I mean come on, a crystal planet? yet it was just confirmed!!!! Why I never listen to my guide is beyond me! but this is it! I am going to listen to everything from this day forward, to every vision, every word, every single detail. Never again to doubt myself! Also not long ago my past life memory of Atlantis was confirmed as well. But first the crystal planet.

You can read about the crystal planet here:

Crystal Planet Confirmed:

And about my Atlantis memory being confirmed here:

Channeling Transmitted To Me Proven Accurate By New York Times - (9-22-2011)

Strange dream of creation
I was standing about looking at a void space when I see a bright white light bigger then all the suns of every universe possibly imaginable, I see this light start to form in to a humanoid shape of a light being it was not physical but shaped. I then saw this light begin to reach within it's heart chakra and from within it pulled out another light which it then formed into a star which he then pulled out another light which formed another star.

These two stars were taken and molten together to create rocks which were molded into perfectly circular balls of biological energy rocks or something of the sort, as I watched this being formed I saw that there was dust and debris and bits and pieces of rock that had been formed from the planets being molten together which is why we have meteors and comets and dust, so then I watched this being  form an energy center in the middle of this dust formation of rocks which was then lit up like Hiroshima so very bright and I could feel the heat of it.

This was used as a light center to melt the ice that had formed over all the rocks (planets) due to the low temperatures of void space which then created oceans, rivers, lakes and so on which also caused the land to break apart in certain parts though certainly not all, then I saw that from the sun which was way too bright and hot, bits and pieces were taken which ended up being millions upon trillions to make small suns (Stars) which were dumped about the universe creating small clusters of star systems such as Sirius and the Pleiades.

Then I saw that this being who had created all that there is had expanded itself creating another humanoid light being energy and that one created another and another and all were assigned to be as Gods for each system. The main being who had created all the other Gods had sucked up certain parts of space and took out stars causing a vacuum, a black hole (the universe to collapse within itself such as time folding) which served as a way for each God being to reach the prime source of creation when absolutely needed. These Gods became creators themselves (The Fathers) by literally taking and manipulating from their own DNA and forming it into what we call a human body which then was void of life such as space was (The Son) and from there they combined their energy centers which the vast amount of energy burst forth to create a perfect human soul (The Holy Spirit) this was the first human soul to ever be made.

From this human an opposite was created by genetically altering the DNA of the first human in to another void form which was created from the humans DNA structure, I saw these two humans mate creating more and more and more humans which eventually filled the planet, I saw these beings become infused with the knowledge to manipulate DNA allowing them to create various beings such as different types of animals and insects etc, which helped in their evolutionary process, though some did encounter set backs due to their creation which was a part of the whole plan anyways: "creation, destruction, rebirth, creation, destruction etc etc," but also it had much to do with allowing all beings to experience the art of being.

This article talks about my dream about the creation of all. I was led to read this article! you can see the INSANE similarities and I have never seen this article and I have not read it or was told any reference to it or it's content, this has TOTALLY changed me, I can't look at things the same again. I have this new awareness and soul strength, wow oh wow!. http://www.spitzer.caltech.edu/Media/releases/ssc2009-01/release.shtml

Also I don't think there is such thing as a prophet, I think everyone has truth in them, they just have to listen to discover it, everyone has the ability to speak with the angels (ETs) who sit upon their thrones (UFOs) in the heavenly realms (Space). We can even speak to God, God always listens and always replies, I personally pray to speak to God then meditate to listen, you don't have to do that but I like to do it as it gives me a chance to be still, after all it is God himself who spoke and said: Be still and know that I am God. The bible speaks of prayer as a way to speak to God and then goes on to say to be still to know God, hence why I pray to speak and meditate to listen. We don't need a bible or church to connect to God, although Jesus was awesome and his ORIGINAL teachings were great, we need no middle man to connect to the God within us all.

Jesus is NOT the ONLY way to salvation, just one of many. Its like saying that you need to ask your sister for permission to talk to your father or mother! Sure I love to go to my sister for advice, but father/mother will always be there to listen to me, to love me, and to provide me with everything I need. In fact, parents WANT their children to come to them, they want to talk to their kids, to loving parents as we know God to be, all their children are equally loved, no one is greater then the other, and to God that is multiplied infinitely.

I had a question that maybe you can help me out with? I havn't really told that many people about it but I believe I can see energy around me at all times big and little circles inside of circles and wavey lines in the air. Now its got to the point where I can see them everywhere I go if I just focus a little bit, even when I close my eyes in a dark room I can still see this some how. There is an orb as well always around me I can stare at a street light for say 5 to 10 seconds than refocus on the night and see it everywhere.. and thoughts

It seems to me you can see energy, the energy of the planet and around all living things, some call it chi others just energy, many names for the same thing, Those who can see this have an advantage in healing, because they can visualize this energy better and then transfer it within them and in to others with ease. The orb you see might be you spiritual guide, have you tried communicating with it?

Justin Alexander said:

I had a question that maybe you can help me out with? I havn't really told that many people about it but I believe I can see energy around me at all times big and little circles inside of circles and wavey lines in the air. Now its got to the point where I can see them everywhere I go if I just focus a little bit, even when I close my eyes in a dark room I can still see this some how. There is an orb as well always around me I can stare at a street light for say 5 to 10 seconds than refocus on the night and see it everywhere.. and thoughts

the ashtar command must be one of the worldships of the commonwealth



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