This is fascinating.  I have explored and researched this area!  My findings and theories are at the end of this data.


Here's the Scientific history of the discovery:


Two local residents, the Wilson brothers, spot mysterious structures underwater while duck hunting. Unusual clarity exists as it is late fall and rainfall was low for the year dropping
water levels below normal. The two men advise the other residents of Lake Mills
and dozens of people in boats converge on the lake to witness the underwater
structure. Several boys dive a short distance and touch the pyramidal structure.
It is described as a long tent shaped structure of undetermined height and
approximately 100 feet long. A week later the water conditions change and the
structures are lost to the murkiness and silt of the lake.

Various sightings of pyramid structures by local residents. Also, the first aerial sightings reported by civilian pilots. Local schoolteacher does first research and hires members of the university swim
team to free dive on the structures. One of the Wilson brothers helps the group
find the structure and several swimmers dive to it and confirm its existence.
The teacher becomes a town celebrity.

Lake Mills then becomes a center of tatewide attention as newspapers run articles about the underwater pyramids. The then state archeologist Charles E. Brown become interested and dispatches two hard-hat-divers to verify pyramidal structures in the lake. The two divers
spend most of the day stirring up the muddy bottom covering only a small portion
of the lake with spot diving and find nothing. The archeological authorities
claim fraud and the teacher is forced to resign.


Famous Diver Max Nohl, the true inventor
of the 'SCUBA' tests his equipment in Rock Lake. He comes upon a tall cone
shaped pyramid in the south end of the lake. The structure made of small
stones looked like an upside down ice cream cone that was definitely manmade
according to Nohl. Nohl plans to come back to further explore the pyramid
legends of Rock Lake. Nohl dies in car crash with wife years later before he
could return.


Army bomber pilots flying practice
runs over Rock Lake from TRUAX field in Madison take pictures with through their
bombsights of strange objects in the lake. Later searches for pictures from the
Pentagon archives turns up empty handed.

The town of Lake Mills forgets about its lost history in the Rock Lake until a Scuba Instructor from Illinois John Kennedy dives into Rock Lake and comes upon a man made structure near the end of
his dive. Kennedy is low on air and makes quick measurements of the structure.
It is about twenty foot in height with an unknown height still buried in the mud
and has a length of approximately 100 feet. He surfaces and tries to have one of
dive buddies take a compass reading. Subsequent dives fail to find the structure
again. An article appears in a 1967 issue of "Skin Diver" magazine recounting
the incident.


Journalist and author, Frank Joseph
comes upon an article in an old issue of " Skin Diver" magazine about pyramids
in a Wisconsin lake while doing researching for his book on Atlantis. Being a
diver he decides he must look into this story.

Author Joseph starts diving with other
team members and begins first modern electronic sonar sweeps of lake and finds
several anomalies that could be manmade structures.


The first pictures of manmade structures underwater are made by Joseph’s team. Conditions for photography are bad with only slight possibility for good visibility in early spring or late
fall. Attempts to photograph pyramids fail due to water conditions caused by
silt, algae and weather. Frank Joseph writes two books about Rock Lake, "THE

Archie Eschborn and Jack LeTourneau
draw up new plans for a better-planned expedition in July of 1998, based on
aerial photography from the year before. Their plan includes more equipment than
was used before with electronics such as newer side scan sonar technology, DGPS
(Differential Global Positioning Satellite), underwater I/R (Infrared) video
photography cameras. The group acquires through personal funds a 28ft. research
vessel and name it the - R.V. TYRANENA. The new group gathers experts who have
previously done research on the Rock Lake and called themselves "ROCK LAKE
RESEARCH SOCIETY". The group’s purpose will be to document and help preserve
these archeological treasures that could rewrite North American history. The
July Expedition is tremendously successful and RLRS documents it targets with
sonar and video. The group studies its data and makes plans to publish a
scientific report authored by Dr. James Scherz from the University of Wisconsin
with the intent to present it to various state agencies to convince them to
protect the ancient underwater structures in Rock Lake.

Three separate expeditions were completed in 1999. The first in April was aborted after the 3rd day of bad weather. The next attempt in May was successful in reacquiring the sonar targets of the previous year indicating that the group was now able to locate same structures repeatedly
via Global Positioning Satellites. The Chicago Tribune goes along for one day
and does a feature story. Several dives were made to seek out new sites under
the direction of Dr. James Scherz.

The third expedition in August is with the
Discovery Channel to film the group’s efforts with some underwater video work at
a site called Bass Rock Bar One, one of the shallower stone structures chosen
for the best chance of subsurface visibility. This segment about Rock Lake
appeared on the Discovery Channel in spring of 2000.


Additional sonar side scan work was
completed in May of 2000. The dive team will focus on finding the flat top
pyramid in the south end of the lake. Several dives were made in the summer to
confirm targets. Dr. Scherz completes the 1st part of his scientific report and
is slated to complete the remainder of his report in the future after further
research of a larger scope is completed. The Rock Lake Research Society will
then present its findings to Wisconsin's Department of Natural

The Rock Lake Research Society does its most
extensive aerial photography in the spring of 2001 at and around Rock Lake.
Aerial photography captured many new features in the water and on land. Most
notably, possible "Intaglios" between Rock Lake and Aztecan State Park. One
major spring on the "East Wall Structure" that was first captured on
Video and Sonar in 2000.

April expedition verifies and locates
"East Wall Structure" with their ROV (Remote Operated Video). Plans
call for a September/October expedition using only DGPS (Differential Global
Positioning Satellites) to relocate structures and videotape for documentary.

RLRS team plans more sonar side scan
work to recapture correct earlier DGPS  (Differential GPS) readings that were
faulty due to antenna/receiver equipment linkup problems on some targets.
Additional underwater video work resumed with ROV & RLRS divers later in the
year for a future Rock Lake Video Documentary.

Rock Lake Research Society members Archie Eschborn and Jack
LeTourneau surveyed Rock Lake via Helicopter and marked GPS positions with a
spotter boat manned by Rock Lake Research Members.  This was the Rock Lake
Research Society's first coordinated air and water effort to mark sites seen in
the clearer waters that occur in April after the ice melts. Some new sites in
shallow water will be investigated to determine if sites are post Native
American in origin or actually older.

Rock Lake Research Society acquires a smaller research vessel RV Tyranena II and
starts to outfit the boat for the 2004 research. The group plans to do more
expeditions in spring and summer of 2004 with the new boat and equipment. The
Book “The Dragon in the Lake “ documenting the 4 years of research at Rock Lake
will be available in December of 2004 after many delays due to continued receipt
of new data and new research information from other contributors .


RV Tyranena II is outfitted in 2004 and
makes only a one-day cruise to check out the boat. Some outboard motor problems
and equipment reconfiguration changes sideline the boat for the year as more
work is done. Archie Eschborn halts all further lake work so he can focus on
completion of the Rock Lake book. The book is submitted to the publisher in

The book "The Dragon in
the Lake
" becomes available to the public via the RLRS website and
Amazon.com as well as  can be ordered through larger retail book stores.

RLRS acquires its own side scan sonar from Humminbird Marine Electronics so that it can use the latest in technology without needing to utilize a "tow fish" to acquire sonar images. This
sonar system will be used to compare sonar images and GPS data with the earlier
data for accuracy.

Archie Eschborn plans for Book signings and Radio Interviews to be held in the second half of 2005. Copies of the book along with a letter will be sent to various state officials and
agencies in an effort to mobilize the state to protect the underwater sites at
Rock Lake. Additionally RLRS will work with local Lake Mills civic groups to
create a "Grass Roots" effort for the protection of the " The Lost Pyramids of
Rock Lake" and a protocol and permit for divers who want to dive in the

The History Channel arrives at Rock Lake to work with the Rock Lake Research Society to
shoot a segment for their new series "Digging for the Truth" for their 2006

The History Channel Premier Episode
"American Pyramids" of the Digging for The Truth airs January 30 on their hit
series ³Digging for the Truth". The Rock Lake Research Society starts donations
to various local groups based on proceeds from book "The Dragon in the Lake".
The Author presented checks to the Friends of Aztalan and the Lake Mills/Aztalan
Historical Society. Archie Eschborn plans on meeting with various civic groups
to present his research and explain the need for this underwater site's


2006 was in
essence a short season for us but several valuable resources were tested and put
in place. Rock Lake Research Society now has its own side scan sonar equipped
research boat the Tyranena 2. We were able to test our GPS coordinates with one
of our new members who has dove every aspect of this lake. We had the pleasure
of working with this individual for a short time this summer to corroborate and
verify each other's finds. This was done successfully with our new side scan
sonar and WAAS ­GPS on two major sites .


Also in 2006,
Rock Lake Research President Archie Eschborn, spoke to the Ancient Earthworks
Society, The Lake Mills Historical Society and held 2 book signings in Lake
Mills during the summer. A live interview of Archie Eschborn for Astraea
Magazine is available on the Rock Lake Research Society Website.

It was decided that our documentary video would be put off for another year as we work
jointly with our independent research member in using our mutual knowledge and
resources to better document the bottom of the lake. Therefore, we don¹t
anticipate a product till late 2007/08 for both the Rock Lake documentary and
soundtrack. We believe this will provide for a product that can make a better
case for the protection of this archeological site. New material is being
compiled to further evidence the archeological remains at the bottom of the lake
through the work of other research groups.

Rock Lake Research Society plans on dives
coordinated with various state archeological groups in the summer of 2007 and
compiling more video footage for DVD Video.

But what are these structures?  Many experts would have you believe that they are natural formations, created by glacial deposites.  Afterall, these experts are frequent to say, Indians didn't buil with stone, let alone build things underwater.

But according to the tales and legends of the local Inidan tribes, they didn't build them, but rather a pale skinned race with hair like fire and eyes like ice (sounds alot like Celts, or perhaps the original inhabitants of China). Also, at the time that these pyraminds were built, the water levels were much lower of non-existant!

More Metaphysical Research:

Rock Lake, Located in Lake Mills,

Lake Mills has as a pyramid  resting beneath its waters.  This pyramid is linked to the people that were
mining the copper in upper Michigan - thus linked to the King Solomon Mines and/or Temple.

The legends of these 'stone tepees' were revived during the mid 930's when a combination of low and clear water allowed viewing of a umber of its geometric forms, including pyramids, cones, walls, and trenches.
Again in 1991-92 , unusually clean water conditions allowed two of the sites to be photographed in sufficient detail to prove once and for all that these were man made structures.

By examining the work of Carl Munck, we can find a System of coordinates that includes 
nearly every sacred site on earth. In his 1977  book, THE CODE  Munch,  shows how all of the
Egyptian pyramids can be lined up into a very narrow strip that runs straight north and South. These Grid lines (ley lines) carry flowing currents of energy which cause spiraling vortices.

Gizeh is at exactly 30 degrees North latitude .Exactly one third of the  way,  around the Earth,
you come to Mesoamerica, home of the Aztecs and Maya. A literally identical grid band shows
up  here – 120 degrees from Gizeh-The entire pyramid complex of Tikal conforms to the north-south grid line configuration! If you extend the line further north, IT EMCOMPASSES THE PYRAMID AND RELATED

Rock Lake, and its central key stuctures, lies at a most unusual location.  IF one uses the Great Pyramid of Giza as the Prime Meridian as many ancient cultures did, Rock Lake lies at 90 degrees lat, AND, if one figures the age of the Indian myths (the books go into greater detail), it would place its construction at the time in which the north pole was located within the Hudson bay, giving Rock Lake a long of 72 degrees.  Rock Lake is a geographical marker, 1/3 distance around the globe lat, 1/5 distance around the globe long.


My Intuition:

I have extensivly reserched this area myself.  I was first interested upon my first visit to the area. As i walked, visions flood over me of an ancient super culture that lived in the area. A thriving culture of technology and ancient roots. As i returned to the site, i was witness to a grand event.  Simular to stonehenge and the avenue, my visions showed me thousands of people in ritual, walking towards the area of the pyramids for a very sacred date or experince!  These people were of an origin that is unfamular to me.  I could tell they were native by also very oriental in nature - almost galactic in origin.  Very curious! On a return visit, i had visions of a near by cave. This cave was an entrance to hollow earth ( at least that is what i was told).  I persoanlly spent much time looking for that cave but i was told it was hidden and would one day reveal itself? On another visit, my visions tied together. I was told that the mass ritual i was witnessing was a good bye to earth ceromony.  This ancient superculture was leaving the surfice for underground cities due to a surafce disaster of mass destruction.  I can't imagine what that was but it was clear as day!


Please take a look at this mystery. I think you will find it very intersting.










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That's pretty interesting, Alastair, there are so many of these kinds of structures I would love to see. It makes ya wonder how many may be right in your neighborhood....

I know.  I really belive that our "history" is so tainted.  I belive intelligant cultures lievd on this earth for millions of years! There is so much to discover or re-discover i should say. You never know what's close by.


Walks With Greys said:

That's pretty interesting, Alastair, there are so many of these kinds of structures I would love to see. It makes ya wonder how many may be right in your neighborhood....

This is, really, quite interesting. =)

WOW, I am a short distance to Lake Mills!  Field trip in spring ;)

It is crazy to me that I never heard of this before.. even as some sorta urban legend.. We have a bunch of urban legends over here..  And this is a great story!  Mysterious, and AWESOME.. 



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