Source: The Nibiruan Council- http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/nommos.html

The Nommos are a race of Beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen. Their home world is a planet in the Sirius star system that is mostly warm aqua-blue water.

Many of the Nommos walk upright. They are known for their highly advanced used of sound. I have had a personal experience with these beings when they took me to their planet during the dream state. I remember the feel of the warm aqua-blue water and how I marveled over the fact that I could breathe in it. Then I remember being placed on a table and feeling the sensations as they “sang” something into my blood. Then they “sang” me home and back into my body. I woke up with the most peaceful and euphoric feeling.

The Nommos play an important role in earth’s evolution. Right now they are the guardians and guides of the portion of Etheric Sirians who are in dolphin, whale, and mermaid/merman bodies in order to maintain the biosphere of earth.

The Etheric Sirians are the soul group that were given earth as their new home when their former home, Sirius B, imploded.

When Earth ascends the Etheric Sirians will take over as guardians of their planet. Those in aquatic form will have the choice to change form and take on a human body, walking the earth as a land guardian. Many of the Etheric Sirians in aquatic forms are making this choice now and, therefore, are beaching themselves. They are returning to the Nommos home world for training on being in a human body so that they can return to earth as land guardians.

Those who are of the Etheric Sirian soul group are usually very drawn to the whales and dolphins. They also can be found in organizations and groups whose focus is healing the earth and conserving her resources.

The majority of Etheric Sirians are found among the black, red and brown races of Earth.

Note: this information is presented to help many awaken those sleeping memories of their star families & origins. Although i may not be directly related to these beings, i feel a sense of immense love for them and feel a link to them due to the Sirian connection. I hope it is of some help. Peace.


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Thank You, Sinclair!!! Tom Kenyon must be in the Sirian Nommos family! He makes good use of sound. :)
Thank you for reading it.
I just got chills, literally as I was reading this, This must be where i fit in! also now know my star name, funny thing is it wasn't new to me, I have been using it as an alias my whole life, called myse3lf Xani as a child, and later in my 20's as a dancer, went by it, always felt like it was my real name, this epiphany came to me the other day, thought I waould share.
WOW Xani apparently we Sirians like Xs LOL...am posting discussion about the X symbolism in Sirian culture.
added note, Merridth actually means "protector", or "keeper of the seas"..I was born a pisces, on a full moon, and adopted and brought to my new family over the seas...Jumped into the water off the side of a pool at 6mnths, and swam effortlessly, am able to swim underwater for very long periods of time.. naturally growing up was a great swimmer, and was a life guard etc.. because it kept me in the water, now, I crave the smell and sounds of the ocean, infact I sleep w/ a sound machine w/ the sounds of the tides, can't sleep w/ out it....I return to the sea on my day of birth every year, and it resets me back into balance. I have had a close/ touching encounter w/ dolphins while surfing in Northern Cali, as well as sealions, and recently saw the last remaining pod of Belugas on the outskirts of Anchorage, I pulled the car over, got out, crossed the road and walked down to the waters edge as they were nearing it. They literally came to the edge to me, I stroked their heads and they continues to touch me, like a lovey cat would, it was amazing and life changing.. it was all I could do not to jump in and swim off w/ them but the arctic temp water, was enough to keep my senses.. haha! all i can say is I feel the connection.
Thank you for sharing Merridith, i'm glad you connected with what you read.
Thank you for reading David. I understand that feeling. Reconnecting wih your home among the stars is a beautiful thing an absolutely amazing feeling.
yay I found my ocean people! I had been looking and I knew there had to be some group of people who are affiliated with the oceans and the whales.
:) nice to see you again sister :D.
Thats what i'm taliking about. I'm glad that this was of some help Faila in helping you on your path of rediscovering & reconnecting with your star family our brothers & sisters. Thank you for reading Donna.
Wow the many memories I have it just blows me away. Its like hear my thoughts written by another hand shocked, surprised, yes I say I am. Thank you....

Copy Nommos thanks for the knowledge.

I was taken to this planet by a gigantic whale, in the mid90s as I was already doing my tasks as an Adept of the White Lodge of Sirius (initiated in 1994). It was an experience I can never ever forget, of total serenity while swimming deeply below the seas atop the mother whale.

Yes confirmed many whales and dolphins will take on human shape, nay many will transmutate to human shape straight from the waters comes 2012. Many mermen and women are already in human shape today, and the process will be complete by 2012.



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