Your intellectual input is needed - Seeds and others please read

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read and/or contribute to this thread.

I have been here as part of ISN for the better part of a decade now, and this community has been integral in helping a lot of seeds discover themselves and begin their awakening process. We have a great community, and I am getting ready to undertake a large project to address the needs of starseeds and humans alike.

I am in the process of preparing a book to address two different things:

1) The information that starseeds crave as they become self-aware and progress through their awakening. The questions that drive us, the desires, the feelings, the common experiences.

2) The explanation of what we seeds are, for the sake of the humans who gain an awareness of us. There are so many of us coming to consciousness now that we won't be kept out of mainstream awareness much longer. The humans can be enemies or allies when it comes down to it. Humans fear what they don't understand, so I want to make sure we have the information in place that will allow them to understand us without fear.

Question for all people:
Should these be prepared as a single volume, or as two separate books?
For the rest of the questions, feel free to respond with just the letter/number and your answer.
Numbered questions for starseeds
1. Of all the information you learned about yourself as a starseed, what did you have to work hardest/search the longest to discover?
2. What did you learn about being a starseed (about yourself) that most helped you on your path of awakening to your starseed identity?
3. What questions/objectives do you have that you have not yet been able to find clear answers for?
4. When humanity collectively gains awareness of us, what is the one message you would want to give them?
5. What information (if any) do you think should be withheld from humans?
Lettered questions for non-seeds
A. Have you (or anyone you’ve known) had any fears about the motivations of “aliens”? If so, what are they?
B. What is the most surprising or interesting thing you ever learned about starseeds?
C. What questions do you have about starseeds that are still unanswered?

In answer to why this information compilation isn't just to be put into posts on our forums:
I love our site, and we need to continue drawing our community to it. But the internet is still impaired in its ability to fluidly translate written concepts between languages. Whereas books can be translated so that publishers can release them in different languages all over the world. Opening the door to a wider audience is important for us helping our community directly, and for making sure there are more human allies as awareness of us spreads.

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1) The only thing I was craving for where like-minded people. And a group of like-minded people strong enough to neutralize stupid cruelty.
2)You cannot explain psychic abilities to a non-psychic. you can only try to teach those ability sets from early childhood to all kids. And tell them that they might be gifted too, but need training and discipline to explore it.

Numbered questions for starseeds:
1) It took me more than 40 years to reach an intellectual construct so strong that it would be able to balance emotional/intuitive traits.
2)It helped me insofar I was hoping to be able to find my heart familiy and group of like-minded people to work together and be successful in whatever we came here to achieve. Before I, like a fearful human, completely brainwashed, was afraid, or better reluctant, to accept everything foreign. Although this instinctive learned trait made me ashamed many times, I could not turn it off - because I had so much fought to adapt to human "good behaviour". I am still learning that the many very strange experiences, feelings, characteristics of my mind-stream in the past have been okay and did not come directly from hell. But I might say that they certainly were not all human either. But, what is human anyway. For sure, I cannot say since I learned lots of destructive, fearful and mean behaviour in the process of forced adaptation. Also met some beautiful people who might not necessarily have been human after all.
3)My mind still so much more clouded than it used to be, my power still so much lower than before when I desperately wanted to diminish my strength and body tension to adapt to this crazy world. (as a teenager)
I ask myself how can I open a window of daily routine to focus or transmute energy levels to what used to be normal even in this life?

4) I would give them the following message: this is what you can do yourself if you want to. Train your kids and train yourself. Get rid of all destructive propaganda lies and manipulation which only depletes you of your energy and inborn capacities. Feel free to do all this yourselves.
5) No information could ever be withheld in case it is needed, if you do not want to twist reality from the beginning.

Concerning translation of any book or text: I as a trained translator German/English/French can say from experience that it is very, very hard to have your book translated to your standards. This is because the translator needs to understand every piece and bit of your text. If not, the information you wanted to give is lost and the reader more or less betrayed - as I feel.
If you want professional translation of your book you absolutely need to check yourself the translator´s abilities before he/she is agreed upon translating the whole book. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. Slovac friends gave 3 translators just one page to translate into German and only one translator did a good job. They asked me to check upon the translations and rightly so. Because two translators did a dirty job. And, you will want to hire a professional translator, as non-professionals, even if they think they are good, never ever have the training and experience. Only highly gifted non-professionals much in love with their work and given enough time to dwell on their work, will be able to do a good job. As the past shows us when very learned people did translations of the highest quality. Today you never ever want to leave the decision of who is going to translate your book to a publisher.

Everyone please keep the responses coming. I am getting the information sorted and categorized. Will give you an update shortly.

Thank you very much for that input on translation. It is highly appreciated. I hope to get a good publisher for the materials that will have translators established that have proven reliable in the past. But I will make sure to follow though on it and keep an eye for how it is handled.

You seem to think human and starseed means two different things. I think starseeds are as much human as anybody else.

Yes, but not the other way around. Oranges are fruits, but not all fruits are oranges. Starseeds here are human, but humans are not inherently starseeds.

To elaborate: Starseeds come here to participate in the human experience. Depending on the mission we have come to achieve, it is very important that we experience, feel, sense, in the way that humans do in order to have the most genuine comprehension of what humanity is. But when a starseed begins to awaken, they are becoming something other than human. When a starseed gains full connection to their core, access to that knowledge, access to those abilities, then the term "human" only applies to the vehicle that person is driving around and not to the being behind the wheel.

1. Surrendering Self. Not ego, Self.

2. I am an outsider no matter where I am.

3. None.

4. You guys are special. It's a shame we only have you around for such a short time.

5. Once, they know, they know enough.

1) Not even single one is truth to me, especially those who claims to be light.
2) It sucks. I prefer to meet more humans.
3) I don't have question except the one I am working to solve. Talking is useless.
4) Many humans already aware of this new age things and starseeds just don't realize how disturbing they are to humans. It is good that humans simply ignores them and struggle to live on.
5) As answered in question 4, many humans already know and decide their own fate.

It is unclear to draw a line between non-starseeds and starseeds. I am otherkin, a dragon, and I do not know which catagory I am in.
A. Fear and negativity keep me alive.
B. How surprisingly annoying and predictable. Well, not all of them.
C. When do you grow up?

I love this site to, meet with a few that truly understand each other. We confirm things we already know and live our life aside from the hippies.

Good luck.

1. Belief is definitely my struggle. There's always the looming presence of doubt in my mind even when I turn out to be right.

2. That there is no prerequisite. We're each on a path and don't let anyone tell you there is only one right way to grow and evolve. We re connected to Source at all times. Being aware of that is its own struggle.

3. Every question I have recieved an answer.

4. "What took you so long?"

5. There is an issue. It's not deliberately withheld from anyone. There are just no words to express it. When you try to speak it you just kind of dance around it. Label it and it becomes limited.

A. Starseeds aren't above lying to get their way. I see it happen constantly here. If the star seeds can lie I see no reason why aliens wouldn't lie.

B.That preaching love and light is just empty words, when the individual is propagating hatred.

C. When will they see Truth for what it is?

I've been re-reading as I sort and distill all of the information in the thread to outline the book. Thank you for the very well thought out response here. Really good information.

Greetings, Camille

I as well am drawn to the Cat.. have many here at my place. I am more than happy to reply to your request.

#1 The acceptance of the uniqueness of my own path of discovery of what and who I truly am. Leading to the discovery my mission and what I have experienced in other times and lives. The discovery of my true nature, power and responsibility.

#2 That It was normal and now self acceptant for me to be so different. Constantly increasing intuitiveness, heightened senses and general consecutiveness that to this day continues to increase in all areas.

#3 That one for me is difficult since I know that what I need is on the way in its needed time. Coming soon.. Though it would be nice to see things in this world a bit more loving and peaceful. Most of the info that I might find in the net is no longer holding any relationship to heightening my currant state. That tells me that I need to shift my energies to assisting others more if I wish to use the net for that purpose.

#4 Had your back the hole time... Sorry if it hurt a bit but it was in love. You are now free... We are here for you now and will never leave your side as long as you ask of us to be their. If you request otherwise... well we are still right around the corner lovingly watching and weighting.

#5 Anything that would caws pain before it is time to be properly dealt with an a personal manor.

A - We have lived with so much discord and lies that it is difficult to know who has our back and who is lying to us.

B - How many of us their are here... I recognize someone nearly every day...

C - What will we do after this is over? It has been like all eternity..

Note: I recognize my self as Earth Angle, angelic star seed. I signed up for some of the most horrendous experiences. I have near always been male and some of my experiences have been a warrior many times, slave laborer, spiritual leader/Shaman, an executioner, and lived in nearly every culture and continent. The karma release has been a path of its own and as well continues. I hold a very bright and encompassing light being here. For what ever the reason was I chose to withhold my fullest development in this life until a exact moment. I have been peoples angel many times when they had need and will continue.

All my Best to you and your endeavors as well as to all that read my words.

"You have been touched by an angel"

Archer D

Okay my friends and family, here is a basic synopsis of the chapters that would be present in this chronicle, going by feedback here.

Understanding Starseeds

What we are not covering: Topics that go beyond just starseeds, or touch on knowledge that must be earned.

Words & communication: Understanding the challenges of communication with and from beings who don’t have spoken word; skills and knowledge in being able to identify false information / bad sources.

What are starseeds? : Pretty straight forward there.

Reasons we come: Covering missions, soul contracts, goals, reasons why we end up here.

Seeding methods: The techniques we use to seed, and the challenges those methods create.

Understanding immortality: The psychology of being an unending being, and how it changes perspective.

Earth’s most common non-native inhabitants: Very basic synopsis of the more common races to participate in the seeding process here.

Earth’s future place in galactic history: Why is Earth significant to beings that have thousands of worlds they could be spending their time on?

Differences in experience from us to native humans: Understanding the differences in the way we experience life growing up here, as opposed to the native Terrans.

Understanding the prevalence of illness and mental illness among the starseed population: Why so many Starseeds end up with physical and psychological ailments while participating in the human experience [and why those illnesses are not the reason the person believes they are a Starseed].

Messages from our community to Earth natives: Sharing the messages you have all been providing

Assisting Starseeds
I’m a seed, now what? : Sorting out what it means to know you originated from another world.

You are not alone: Our shared experiences here: Embracing the common experiences that we go through as seeds, good and bad, so that every new seed will know that they are not truly alone.

Finding your origin: Skills and practices to help seeds find the origin (star system / race) of their core.

Accessing your core: Skills and practices to help seeds develop the ability to access their true self, wherein lies their memories and knowledge pre-seeding.

Finding your purpose / mission / soul contract: Strategies and exercises for finding your reason for being here.

Communicating with exoplanetary sources: Techniques for developing communication with homeworld, or other resources.

Why are my abilities sporadic: Explanation as to why Starseeds experience “supernatural” abilities that come and go. Abilities that activate spontaneously, but refuse to be controlled or relied upon.

Unlocking abilities: The start of the tools necessary for gaining access to your core abilities, when trying to command them through a human form.

Lessons to be learned: Huge section on the collection of lessons learned by starseeds in our community. What was hardest to learn, what was the most helpful, in order to provide a smoother path for the newly awakened.

Lyran Things
I considered having a section that would cover my personal knowledge and experience as a Lyran. Society, history, including the pre-war through post-war experiences. What has become of our society after the dusting of our homeworld. But I don't think this book is the right venue or right time for that. It should be its own thing.

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