Dear family of lights,

I had not been here actively due to my busy schedule and animation work.
I had requested for a healing for my skin cancer years back and it helped a lot.
Now, I am going through another crisis which causes my nerve pain and numbness.
I couldn't walk properly and out of work for almost 2 weeks.
I had seen 3 Doctors and they couldn't find the actual problem which causes it.
The numbness and nerve/joint pain usually starts at 7pm and end at 6am, I couldn't sleep nightly.
And I have to skip my work to sleep in the morning after 6am and feel so exhausted now.
I am not sure is this the scalar weapons attacking the lightworkers or some kind of illness or cleaning of past life karma  (definitely not Ascension symptons cause it is not pleasant at all).
So, I need your kind and compassionate heart to send me the healing prayers and energies to me.

Hereby, I thanks you in advance for your kind assistance and kindness.
May the LOVE be with you always!

Hereby, attach some nice music and animation for your kindess :-


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Dear Piperon, I will send you healing energy. I can only say that something is UP because so many people feel the heat.....

All we can do is to stay strong in adversity....and keep following our paths.

Lots of Love, take care. I hope you'll feel better soon!

Beloved Isa Halley,

At first, I thought it was my Dengue relapse or the latest invasion of Zika virus (200 over infection now in Singapore but it is well under control).  Then I suspect it could be due to the Ascension symptons but it can not be so painful and unpleasant.  Lastly, my conclusion is I am cleaning my previous life karma and I chanted one specify mantra and it works.
I thanks you for your Divine service and kindness in sending me the healing energies.

May the LOVE be with you always!

Piperon....good you are doing a mantra, they really work.  I cured m chronic back pain with a mantra and I cured many years of awful pain after an accident by doing 7 prostrations to the Buddha for 3 days.

I still think this may be a tropical virus.....viruses can be karmic, too.  Eat things to keep the immune system strong, eat anti-inflammatory spices...and I just found the homeopathic medicine that is used to stop all the pain  from tropical works even if it is not a virus, too.

Eupatorium perfoliatum 200C: This is the number one homeopathic remedy. It is a plant based extract that you should use while experiencing the symptoms. It can relieve the symptoms and joint pain.

You can also take some Echinaca to strengthen the immune system...

Dear Piperon, I will send you energy which I use daily and program it to heal you.

Lots of love and light.

Sorry to hear of your ailments, but must say acupuncture is great,Yeah highly recommend it 100%..I had a ruptured shoulder subacromial bursa last year,was told surgery would cure it,I opten no way to be cut open & so had a full year of physio electro therapy & acupuncture and avoided that major surgery,no nerve damage either & now have full use of my arm when most loose the use of the arm without surgery..I teamed it along with 100% remedy of holistic naturopathic medicine Nigella Sativa for it's anti-inflamatory properties and pain relief & bam! great results,I still occasionally get the odd twinge of pain due to atmospherics & change in temperatures and still cant fully raise my arm straight up in the air over my head,but hey how often does one actually put their hands way above their head straight up works ok & my Dr said he is amazed but I have to be careful though not to over use it or push it beyond its limitations & listen to my body warnings or risk a rupture again... if I do it again I will loose the use of it fully,...but I dont have any surgery scars, so I take it easy now and say yay to natural medicine!..get some black seed its amazing stuff,cures almost everything,even noticed my hair is looking better,I feel healthier,plus even the Pharaoh Tutankhamen used it,but it wont cure death ok lol.



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