The Earth is a place where we can experience so much hardship and sadness. But even though it can be hard, I do think it is still a beautiful place. It is where we can grow, make friendships, love, have a family, teach others, experience the beautiful scenes of nature, and know ourselves and God more. Sometimes, I think, there is no other place I would rather be right now, because we are all needed here, and Earth is such a special place.

I would like to dedicate this thread to raise more positivity and make you ask, "What is your favorite thing about the Earth?"

I am excited to hear what we all come up with!

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My Favorite Thing about Mother Earth is The Beautiful Diversity, Nature is truly amazing. Yes Humanity may have their struggles, but humans are very interesting and often misunderstood creatures, this misunderstanding is what leads to separation, and thus reduced unification as One. Our Race will find it's way, I have faith in this world, I have faith in humanity, and for this I find it beautiful! -CK

I love the ground beneath my feet, because it helps me be near to mother earth and feel her all the time. I love the water, the earth, the vast space above the ground, the trees, the mountains, the animals, and so much diversity. 

Human technology&Videogames.

The planet itself (From a space perspective) not claiming i've personally seen it but theres pictures.

I love the human Mac Mcneil the best. In a past life we were brothers. He's the one reason I wish to stay on Earth after wanting to leave all my life.
How round yet how square it is~
The simplicity of design and also the natural elements that make it possible to grow and learn.
I love what I'm able to experience through my physical senses. Like the sensation on my fingers as I touch different materials, how my heart feels when I hug someone. My feet on green grass, the smell of it. The sound of flowing water. How dense I feel as I swim in it. Physical pleasures such as biting into a fresh fruit, massage and sex. To make eye contact with a wild animal, birds singing and the crackling sound of fire, the heat of fire and the suns rays against my skin. When the moon is black, how quiet nature feels as if time is standing still.

Similarly to Whitelight, I think physical senses rule! :) I love the fact that the Earth is so special, diverse and unique but I love it in every planet, so I don't know if it counts. Hard to choose... Maybe the fact I'm surrounded by so many awesome beings. Ocean is beautiful, but the fact it isn't just water but place filled with lively beings makes it even more beautiful to me. And the fact I can cherish its beauty in solitude as well as with others by my side - depending on my current need :)

I love opposites! How things and people and ideas and colors can use difference as an expression of oneness. I am your opposite, therefore I belong to you.

Also, to be honest, I'm coming to love the struggle of this heavy physical existence. Pushing through challenges and coming out bigger on the other side. Exercise is a fun way to get in touch with this.

Bees are beautiful creatures, I agree! They are very open to those that approach them in kindness.. At one of the schools I went to as a child we would take nature walks through a creek and a forest nearby to connect with the earth. There was a hive in the area and our teacher taught us how to handle and pet them. I was so scared at the time because people always say bees will sting when touched, but nobody was stung and you could sense most of the bees really liked that contact 

It's a place where dreams come true.

It's beauty and variety - the plants, creatures, wonderful! I often think of how this planet could be a paradise for everyone if only man would stop ruining it with hate and negativity.

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