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I think she wanted the response so here it is ur a starseed if you can pass gas without anyone around you hearing or smelling it
If everyone on this plane/planet thinks youre weird but your invisible friends totally get you :P

deep blue ocean said:

When you live inside a story that is crazier than any SF or fantasy ever created, but instead of freaking out you calmly take it in stride as if its the most normal thing in the world.

So true!!

Loran said:
If everyone on this plane/planet thinks youre weird but your invisible friends totally get you :P

You might be a starseed, if "everyone around you is not" :-D

You get confused if someone asks if they woke you up?

You might be a starseed if....

You get confused when you look in the mirror because you look a totally different way in your head compared to real life

Spiritual stuff comes more naturally to you than menial, every day tasks

You didn't do your homework in high school because you were too busy removing entities of your friend's crowns

You can't make yourself think linearly even if you try

It baffles you when people don't know how you're feeling until you actually tell them/show them

You relate more to fictional characters in books than you do to real life people sometimes

Your uniqueness is unique

If your spouse tells you they are worried you might be going crazy and you crazily smile and nod

If your family tree resembles the infinity symbol... you might be a starseed.

If a ringing in your ears gives you pause to consider the meaning of life... you might be a starseed.

If mythological stories leave you with a sense of nostalgia... you might be a starseed.

if u belive aliens exists u are truly a starseed lol most humans are starseds but they dosent now it sure all is not enlighted starseed but any how lol

you have an inner desire to help the world

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