Hey. Why do not you guys make more activity in this forum ? Write loads of messages and new threads with ideas and dreams please. People are so boring except the creator of this forum.

I am ready to donate to the best ideas in this site and I know many rich people from norway and from liverpool and all over the world. The change in the world should start from here, from this forum. All you guys just sit and wait for big things to happen out of the blue, and the people looking at us from outer space are waiting for the same thing, but they have a reason to wait, while we are the ones who must take action. Listen: they sit there out there millions and billions of people out in the universe on peaceful planets, they want to do something about the situation on Earth so much it makes them cry to think how much they want to participate BUT THEY CANT participate other than making visualizations, do you understand ? Many of them just stare and stare at us all day long while they make visualizations in their mind about peaceful future on Earth. We are the ones who have oportunities to actually DO things with our hands and with our VOICE. What are you guys waiting for ? It will be a great YOUTHQUAKE on Earth by those who are born after 2001, who have been living all their lives in this terror world, they trust in God in a different way than those of us born before 2001, they are not as afraid of traveling for example. But we who are born before 2001 we have a different kind of experience, we know how strong Earth felt like in year 2000 for example, younger generation will never have that feeling of living on a Strong Earth in the same way.

What are your DREAMS, please please please tell me your DREAMS ? Like one friend just told me she want to be HAPPY, and then what must we do to be happy ? If you had 1 million dollar what would you do ? If you had friends from all the countries in the world what would you do ? If you was young and free and full of energy what would you do ? If you had whatever kind of supernatural ability what would you do ? How can 2018 be a great year ? In Norway we say every year in norwegian to eachother: "Good Christmas and Good New Year". Norway are a rich country, we do not need to wish eachother a Happy Christmas like they do many other places. But this was probably more about Norway in the 90s, now Norway is more depressed, because they watch too much television. My point is, I forgot the point.

Lets just make this forum LESS boring, do you agree ?

How can we help eachother ? Remember to trust in the angels.

Peace. Freedom from hell in the life.

Lets make change. People was better at fighting for peace in the 80s and 90s, particularly in Norway.

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check the Article section for new knowledge. It's not much, but it's something. I might be able to find you Zanek. But I rather suspect some of the people who contribute some wise crack or other, as in a really intelligent thought or two, often expect success where failure happens.
Methods of change involve participation in any case. and it is such methods in mind that I have to ask the question. Are we truly where we're meant to be? You see a lot of corporations taking all the credit for ideas now days. Is that truly where the heart lies though?
I'm not sure if we can find a modern day Tessla or similar randomly show up here.
But the truth is, they've existed here on and off this planet for awhile. But now,
the calling turns inward as many people tend to question the self from many different aspects. We find often at times that the questions brought forth now, become shallower over time due to the fact that we expect to be seeded with both creativity and passion for a system which at its very foundation, provides only objective clarity to a subjective problem we face collectively.
the best we have to offer as star beings on this planet at the moment, in my opinion, is psyonics. What I mean by that is, psychic abilities. We can perfect them through the use of astral visions, and then perfect the material side of this, by what we create together. There's not a lot of guarantee that we can do much else other than communicate what ideas need improving. Particularly where mundane things such as vehicle upgrades or computer repairs are concerned.
My advice here, is don't let history pass you buy. circumstance is the greatest interfering structure we have to contend with blocking our power source from truly being realized. that, coupled with the distractions of focus other than what we feel truly matters, on either a temporal, or moment to moment basis. Right now, is not the end to our usefulness.
the trouble is finding direction. People say they are interested, but only when the environment they are placed in allows it. Should we accept conditional reasons why this must occur? Or do we need to test the boundaries themselves, and find another way to be productive here? when you shape something enough times, you lose track of the original idea you seek for. Unless, you never changed it. this is why to observers, the new age community in particular, appears to be going round and round in circles. With constant beginnings to ideas which lead to practically nowhere. Unless they enhance existing structures.
In it's own right, we are faced with the choice. to either go on living the way we wish to, or try for something new. But what defines itself as such, is hardly easy to explain. Unless, you have an attachment to that which calls for, or peaks your interest. directly speaking, we can only change and adapt to what calls us as it is needed. But this in turn, requires effort, patience and skill to complete. Particularly in the 3d world. The physical plain where we all reside here and now.
what change do we seek for at this time? Is it something that must always require a guide to facilitate, let alone establish? Do we explore the outer reaches of creativity to find an answer only visible beyond our reach? How do we find recognition in that which we already know, or know now we did not at some other time in our history? When this question is posed in relation to the problems faced on Earth, the answer does not rest with who can make the problems disappear. but rather, why are there continuous problems at all? for this is the cycle I believe, we are truly meant to break to start fresh. A clean world, replenishing reality and a creative mindset in abundance. I think this is our right. And there's many ways of achieving it.
So, what are you seeding? What ideas, projects do you wish to seed? Why do you not feel happy with what you have, if you do or do not achieve this goal? And where would you go with it? Also, what means do you propose to do so if it happens and you make it conceivable? This doesn't mean possibility is a guarantee, yet it is a variable in such a way.
Do you accept the balance of life as an always constant idea in motion? Will you be satisfied only if you keep up to date with the ideas others create? Do you know your own strength? Why do you believe it is so hard to remember who you are, and what you mean to yourself? This is all important when you take on a project, and reasons alone do not answer such a calling if you feel it is your own. But neither should circumstance. for this is the result, and we're all a part of it.

729 said:

@Masereth @Daniel Rønjom

Yep, the critical thinkers are likewise largely absent from the site. Not just the interesting folk. There used to be more of a balance between personalities and perspectives.

The New Age/Lightworker/Starseed community in most places on the net has been dying off slowly since 2012. This is perhaps another reason this site isn't terribly lively.

The Jelly, Dejan, Elshara, Zanek, Immanuel, Peace, Tenebrous, and so-forth-types tend to either be inactive or permanently banned by this point. I should be as well: My being on the site is a mistake by most measures. Perhaps one that will be remedied soon enough.

In any event, @Daniel Rønjom, I'll relate what you likely won't want to hear, but need to know so that it can be a seed planted for eventual germination:

The Spiritual path is largely an individual one in this life. If you encounter even one truly Spiritually awake individual in your life, on the internet, or otherwise, it is a true rarity. Don't expect to find a real community of truly Spiritually awake folk. It likely doesn't exist on this Earth at this time. Your journey will likely be an individual one, assuming you continue to follow the Spiritual path and do not stray. 

@Nexis Nemesis

"the best we have to offer as star beings on this planet at the moment, in my opinion, is psyonics"

Interesting; I've come to similar conclusions.

"Should we accept conditional reasons why this must occur? Or do we need to test the boundaries themselves, and find another way to be productive here?"

A likewise powerful message. Perhaps a difference between being merely a 'player' in a system, and being a creator in it. I have also come to view life in a similar vein. Why be bound by material limitation, if it possible to cultivate within oneself the psychic ability to directly modify reality to one's preference, or to the preference of humanity at large? This is something I have increasingly practiced, experimented, and explored over the last several years.

Indeed, such be the frontier I currently work in. A dimensional space where humanity and the world can be modified from the level of energy, psychic influence, and consciousness.

Your points on creativity likewise be of interest. Though that may be for a later day to comment in detail regarding.

In any event, all in all, very well expressed. It is refreshing to come across the occasional optimistic and insightful individual.

Hopefully we have opportunities to discuss these topics in greater length. In particular, your thoughts on psionics/psyonics/psychic ability, and how such might be utilized to change the world, may be of interest. That is, if you would be willing to discuss additional detail in how you yourself engage in such personally.

This site died years ago i think was more activity in the past.

u are boring hahaha

While I agree that most people, awakened healers and consciousness raisers or not, have potential to actualize their dreams and ideas on such a beautiful and magnificent scale, but I think it would be more productive to actively give your dreams or offer people who are stuck advice on how to start shifting reality in a positive way without being pretentious.

great point...!

There is much activity here, but it's all separated in each person's personal
focus or it might be group-based but in very small groups.

We need a big topic to focus on, some 'main goals', which are connected
also to the happenings on terra.

So there are projects like the 'Pleidean peace meditation'. Everyone can
participate in that for free.

Many important info is already on that site, it just gets lost among
other topics often.

A network would be cool regarding earth changes. So if there would
be really something like a pole shift, IF this would be the case one day,
then such a network could be helpful regarding evacuation points.

What do you think aliens should do? What is your opinion on that?
Some people even freak out if they see a space-x launch.

So subtle disclosures must be made, much more of that. But for normal
people. We all do know about the alien-reality. Some more, some less,
but we know.

We don't need to add to disclosure here, it needs to be done outside
of such forums. There it IS already done and these are the places,
which need support, f.i. to keep trolling there low, to keep the sites
free, to not downrate them, like it's often done, to get more ordinary
interested in that topic too, with a postive interest.

So there must be a preperation of society until other lifeforms can do anything
constructive openly.

Just look few days ago a movie came out, citing 'aliens as demons',
is this preparation? no, it's just a big desinfo.

So we get one step forward, UFO-diclosure, then we get one step backwards
by a fearmonger movie, which is practically 'against' other lifeforms.

There might be a point, where other lifeforms will openly appear
and will help Earth and its people to find the right direction.

This can happen every day and there will be no channeling, no messages. so I think this is how they would do it, because it's the most clever way.
and then the will be everywhere, so that no one can take this in question.

Hi Daniel, I see you are a fan of being entertained. I like a little entertaining every now and then too... therefore:

What are your DREAMS, please please please tell me your DREAMS ?

This morning I had a dream about cookie and dipping them into a caramel sauce, it was delicious and fun. I like to write my dreams down in a notebook as I always have vivid dreams.

what must we do to be happy ?

Dont force it, but do whole heartedly *accept* happiness and dwell in it when you know it's apart of whatever moment it shows up.

If you had 1 million dollar what would you do ?

Money is a utility to me, I don't worry about it. It shows up when I need it and I am grateful. Of course there is plenty one can do with it, but it the amount wouldn't change what I would do..

If you had friends from all the countries in the world what would you do ?

I'm somewhat introverted and like close relations with friends built over time, that was is what I value, time spent one on one creating memories.

If you was young and free and full of energy what would you do ?

I am young, free, and scientifically full of energy. I just do me each day.

If you had whatever kind of supernatural ability what would you do ?

I'd say no thank you, for now.

How can 2018 be a great year ?

Just be kind, just go out and be kind. Kindness is needed.

I also want to suggest not thinking too much in the past, reminiscing can cause neglect of your current thoughts in your present moment, and cause you to have forgetfulness problems later in your life, as you go about living your past twice, rather than noticing your present.

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