My mother gets very positive benefits from yoga, so I began attending her classes with her. Instead of feeling energetic release or peace of mind, I found myself in great physical and mental pain. I don’t understand what’s happening to me or why. It is not muscle soreness from the strain of the task; I am familiar with different work-out regimines and this pain is nothing like it. I feel less at ease, more irritable, and uncertain of myself. My body has a dull ache everywhere, almost like you get when you’re coming down with something. When I skip classes for a week or two, all returns to normal, but as soon as I go back the symptoms come back. I should add I have done self-guided yoga at home with general success, which is why I found it bizarre that these classes didn’t go so well.
I’ve ruled out most of the usual reasonsone would feel that way; I’m not allergic to anything in the room, I have nothing against the instructor, I am drinking water before and eating lightly after the practices, etc. Does anyone know what could be happening?

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Each diffrent yoga pose activates a diffrent chakra. I would start out seeing which ones may be making you ill. Which ones are the same as the ones you use out side of class. Usualy a negative effect to yoga means blacked chakra flow. But the only it happing in class...you may be getting attacked by some one or some thing in the building. Go to the class and just sit in see if you feel the same after words. If you feel misrable just sitting there some thing is attacking you. Unfortanitly the more you awaken energy the shinyer you are to others and entites its important to learn to protect your self energy wise.

Update for anyone still interested in my progress:
Today I had another class, and I had a MUCH better experience. There was a different group of students present, i wore clothing with protective energy placed on them, and i asked the instructor if she could modify our poses to focus on balanve theoughout the body more. Definitely a better experience, I am sore from exercises but no longer in pain and emotional discomfort like i have been following the past four or five sessions. Thanks everyone for your help!! I will let you guys know if anything changes in the following days and after the next class.

Hi Laude

I think that you are affected by castaway or released though forms from your classmates.
Energetic information is almost never lost just re-transmitted or consolidated around or through solid matter. I would advice you to do your yoga at home with some shielding and grounding done before undertaking your lessons.

Love and Blessings

yeah your body's flexibility rating is trash atm(mine too)and you aren't buying into the nonsensical and basic mental program

lol i have read your post again, it seems most members on here are blaming psychic attacks because most on here are not practical and living in a dream world, and like to blame all their short comings on others and not take responsibility for it. This will never produce any result in yoga..looking for external things to blame.

and your body should not be sore after yoga..yoga is not about fitness..its got nothing to do with stretching or feeling "sore".. yoga is about the breath..going back to where you came from..

Dean said:

and your body should not be sore after yoga..yoga is not about fitness..its got nothing to do with stretching or feeling "sore".. yoga is about the breath..going back to where you came from..

Ive been trying to keep an open mind to everyone's input, but im certainly putting myself at the forefront of responsibility in the situation, not to worry! the soreness comes from a physical condition i have to deal with, even very simple positions cause stretch on certain tendons and leave me sore afterwards. A more individualized approach would be ideal, of course, and im looking to do more traditional and true yoga on my own time, but my biggest concern is improving the quality of the class im attending with my mother. Perhaps the best i can do at this point is see if she would like to try a different instructor, haha

lol Yes, if you want to learn properly i would recommend learning from a "Swami"

Also i doubt your mother would want to do that, but i dont know her..she just might be..

The year class i attended with the swami, we started with 20 people, we ended with 6 people..I think many people were not sure what they were getting into..

Its really just for people who want to evolve at all costs..

There should be a few swami in america..Self realization fellowship and divine life society are other options

From my understanding all asanas are not fit for everyone. A heart patient might not be fit for asanas like Matsyasana ( fish pose ) or dhanruasana ( bow pose ) Or migraine patient not fit for ustrasana ( camel pose ) Yoga is also followed by diet. An expert will be able to help you decide your body type ( Kapha, pitta, or vata ). It depends from person to person. If someone is practicing a very difficult asana you don't need to do it right away. Yoga requires patience and relaxation. You might need something very different than what someone else might be practicing. Talk to an expert if you want to practice yoga and they will be able to help you.

I don't know.

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