Hi Guys.  I have been writing lately on PSD (Psychic Self Defense)  Sort of a how to.  Which I think is really important for all of us who are sensitive.  It's turning out fairly long.. because I felt it was so important to understand how energy works.  When we understand how it all works, we can create an effective barrier to repel negative energy attacks away from us.


My question is:  Is anyone interested in reading this stuff?  If so, where should I put it?  Man this site is getting huge!  and in a good way :D.  And would anyone like to input ideas to help make this become a really good how to manual? 


So far I have two parts written a third I'm working on revisions.  I don't know how many parts there will be, because those I hear keep adding things to it.

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Awe thanks Love Warrior!  Funny there is a part in there about Empaths and the struggles.  I think this would be very good for them as well.  Input and ideas are always welcome!  Even those that say.. erm.. that doesn't sound right.  Those are good too.. because its all about making something that is easy to understand and comprehensible.

I would be very interested in reading what you have to offer as well as what has worked for me.  I think it's of great importance to protect ourselves as we evolve and become more sensitive.  I've had to learn the hard way with this stuff and so it's valuable to me to share my experiences and hear about others experiences so that we are helping reduce any unnecessary pain and suffering, and confusion.



Both these sites have offered techniques forprotecting ourselves as Empaths.  Thought I'd share. 


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