Would you support Int Starseeds Network by buying this tshirt?

Everyone got the email about donating money to Int Starseeds Network to help keep this wonderful community online. I want to help so I propose selling a tshirt with this design (and maybe more later) in different colors and sizes. 100% of the profits would go to operating this website. Who would be interested?

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Sure then you wanna do a Pleiadian Inside in a blue shirt instead of Starseed Inside? I can put that together for you. Thanks for replying. :)

The Pleiadian Inside shirt is now available here. XS is not available from my printer, just small. I hope that works for you!

A reminder to everyone that 100% of the profit of every shirt goes to ISN so I'm not making a profit, I'm doing this to help keep this place going. I had hoped that more people would be interested in helping this community you love so much bring in more money to operate.....well I hope everyone is donating regularly then.

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