Would you support Int Starseeds Network by buying this tshirt?

Everyone got the email about donating money to Int Starseeds Network to help keep this wonderful community online. I want to help so I propose selling a tshirt with this design (and maybe more later) in different colors and sizes. 100% of the profits would go to operating this website. Who would be interested?

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Love that photo,saved to favourites as I'm one of the holders of certain keys known as Star Cluster foundation Cartesian Cordinate Veca Codes they are star portal keys actually,ready to be activated with or along side others keys.... I presume these souls will come into my consciousness in the right time sequences even if they themselves do not know or have recall of their own specific Cartesian Cordinate Veca Codes keys initially,they will be activated automatically the instant soul merg fusion & or deeper soul contact is made.. 

I love that graphic and would like to share on my FB. Is that ok? Not sure if it's yours or not...

All right everyone, I finally have everything ready to sell the shirts. Here's the link to my store. Men's and women's.  Starseed Inside Shirts

So my vision is to offer ISN another way of generating income besides donations because the way I see it, if a person has limited money and has to choose between buying a cool shirt they might need anyway and giving a donation, they'll probably choose the shirt instead of the donation. I don't know how much people here can continue to give regularly so if the shirt spreads the word about ISN and people outside of here buy it then it'll help keep ISN running and bring in more money so Venus Ray doesn't have to worry about it. 100% of the profit of every shirt will go to ISN. I'll keep everyone updated about how much we raise.

I'm also considering doing Star Family shirts too. The first one I did was Pleiadian Inside. If there's demand I'll add it to the line so let me know if you'd buy one by replying here.

Bump. If no one is interested I won't waste my time.....

Id love a Pleiadian Inside one in blue. I'm a Pleiadian Star Seed so yeah that would be ideal. I hope they will be available in small sizes. I like my T-shirts tight and somewhat fitted.

Ok i just checked out your website sounds good. Unisex T-shirts available in xs and small so perfect. True royal blue sounds beautiful. Pleiadian inside in royal blue sounds tempting....

Sure then you wanna do a Pleiadian Inside in a blue shirt instead of Starseed Inside? I can put that together for you. Thanks for replying. :)

The Pleiadian Inside shirt is now available here. XS is not available from my printer, just small. I hope that works for you!

A reminder to everyone that 100% of the profit of every shirt goes to ISN so I'm not making a profit, I'm doing this to help keep this place going. I had hoped that more people would be interested in helping this community you love so much bring in more money to operate.....well I hope everyone is donating regularly then.



If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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