What are your thoughts?
Do you think growing wings/the other adaptations to fly would be possible?
I think through DNA activation it sound pretty feasible.

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I didn't see any theories.

DNA can't be activated.

Your genes are expressed or not expressed.

Instead of googling that stuff, you should google Mendel.

God didn't "give" these gifts, they evolved over time to fly.

If you are interested in genetics, there are amazing things going on, but knowledge is required. No truth needed, just observed knowledge.

Well I have to respectfully disagree. The mainstream view of DNA is based on 3rd dimensional principals and I believe DNA is a very spiritual molecule, capable of being influenced by higher dimensions and frequencies.

The only wings mankind carries is death :)
Praise be to the goddesses and powers to be.
love and Blessings

I'm not sure about DNA activation to grow wings but I definitely believe in non-physical or spiritual wings! Some would call it astral shifting I believe. When I do really intense magick or rituals I can feel my wings behind me.

Well, Believe what you like!

I don't like how dismissive you are of all the hard earned knowledge, but that is not my place to change. There are many who fall into this catergory.

At the very least, are you able to say what DNA stands for?

Learning knowledge is hard, you have to challenge yourself to grow.

Instead of learning the buzzwords, you should learn what they mean.

What higher frequencies are you referring to?
And which higher dimensions? How do these dimensions come into being?

You are aware, if some "sciencetits" hadn't discovered these things, there would not even be any buzzwords for your yoga instructor to use?

Yes, Mairea I believe you. I felt my wings one time when I was overcoming a huge fear of public speaking in front of a full room of students in an auditorium at university. When I was finishing my speech I could feel the weight of my wings sprouting and opening out of my back. I saw them with my inner sight. They were a luminous white yet with a prism;s like flecks of soft rainbow colours, similar to mother-of pearl, coming through when they moved.......and I got a High Distinction for my speech :)

With the right technology of gene insertions, so as long as wings are extremely huge or just plain powerful.

What is more curious to me is that. Why do i see owl signs so much.maybe in these websites, i could agree to seeing owls more often because spiritual stuff.

But i mean outside in the world, never watching tv, but happens to land on owl commercials. Getting a pre-owned phoned with 2 pre downloaded apps with owl icons.
Looking at a car for no reason so focused on it...then suddenly drive next to it only to see a family of owl pictures.

buying an online shirt, and them sending home a random owl sticker.

I've heard that owls can be a sign of alien beings. Many times they appear to you as an owl or even a deer.

ann said:

I've heard that owls can be a sign of alien beings. Many times they appear to you as an owl

A certain Hollywood movie may have perhaps in part, popularized such a perspective.

Cute little guys.

There are a few new age theories that suggest when ascending and activating your DNA that you become a light being, therefore making it possible to shape shift into anything you wish since you would have mastered matter manipulation but, I'm not sure how valid this theory is or if it is some wishful thinking based on ancient teachings - which I should point out is open to interpretation by many scholars. It is possible in the future that humans will build the technology that would allow flight by use of bionic wings, but that would probably be reserved for military purposes.

(The link posted is a Http 404 Error by the way)

We do have wing chakras,.but they are not exactly for flying. Here is an article on wing chakras.

We do gain the ability to fly when we develop our Merkaba or energetic light body. Working with the DNA is always good...there are many many ways during the daily life to activate the DNA. Many kinds of music, dancing, laughing, positive thinking and helping others are just a few. The chakras also have resonance with the different strands of DNA.

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