Ok so out of curiosity I looked up the words 'starseeds' to see if there was an article on the subject and I got something that I was completely not expecting. The article, instead of relating even a little to New Age'y ideas and spirituality, I recieved something about actual 'seeds' traversing the universe. I think you have to see it for yourself: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki?search=starseeds

I'm not shocked though I do find it slightly awkward that noone hasn't even one decent article on the subject yet(or maybe most of us were too lazy to write anything of the like of Wikipedia...gahh who knows O_O).

Anyway all 'starseed'' info is loosely tied in other spiritual, new age, and religious topics. Now it's about time that one of us, if that is if one of us has the journalist and diligent skill to write such an article, will be able to create our very own starseed page on Wikipedia. I would really like if one of us actually write an article on the subject and having it being the first thing that pops up when you type in "Starseed" and not something completely unrelated(no offense
Larry Niven :P)

Well, anyone up for the job or willing to give an honest opinion...please?

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lol your so funny the way you put things sometimes....had my morning chuckle :P...I will be willing to write with a little assistance.
LOL I have never understood Wikipedia either...ironically was thinking of opening up a wiki on the site just for starseeds and such.

Robert Gordon said:
can i join in and write abit? we all can join in :) one problem though... when i try and write on wikipedia it ends up as a long string of words so in end page looks wrong lol.
True Xisque....we should have our own wiki lol

Xisqu said:
The problem with Wickedpedia is that its a public dictionary. Theres always false info people can shove in, not usually with the intent to disinform but often the sources come in as second, third, or even tenth hand. And maybe thats why many starseeds dont want to take part in such a silly place. To its credit, it has been very helpful in finding things but wiki is really a house built upside down if you ask me. Plus, Wiki is one of the first places people look to get a great idea for some CSI type TV monstrosity or a crazy slandering website.
Thanks for all your ideas. Hopefully we can figure out what the heck to do with wikipedia haha.



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