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In the spiritual community there are many today wondering about the Event and why it has not occurred yet?! For this, we can give two reasons. As many are aware during these times on Earth it is the intent of the Collective, the Galactics, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Creator that as many humans as possible have the chance to ascend.

Now having said this, when the Event occurs, the frequency vibration of the Earth would jump three or four steps at once. For example, it would go from level one to five. Two, three, and four would be skipped.

Well, today we still have billions that are between 1.5 to 4.0. The ones that would be affected in a non gentle way and would most likely leave their body if the Event was to occur now are those from level 1.5 to 3.5...Read More...

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I read the full article on EOL. I do not have a membership on that site, but I would like to share this story with one who DOES connect there.

In the sub-arctic is a city whose residents are either elite black-arts practitioners, or impoverished survivors of cultural genocide. A fellow starseed warned me that in the seediest bar where both sides meet (I've been there and know they do) the Devil and his female companion walked in recently. They toured the bar looking around at each of the people there. Again I emphasize that the people living in this particular city either practice dark forms of witchcraft, or are so traumatized that they have lost all hope.

So the message says that a hard shift would harm too many? I declare now that ENOUGH INNOCENTS ARE BEING SUBJECTED TO TORTUROUS ENSLAVEMENT!!! Whatever occurred in that bar shows that even the poor are under the eye of malevolent forces. I have seen the pain of the poor, and I transmit that NOW to any beings who observe humanity with compassion.

Do what you must my celestial brethren, but enough bodies have been tossed in the river. I've seen the boats with drags, and police poling for corpses with my own eyes. Today I witnessed a gathering of protesters praying for Justice (for an aboriginal man who was shot in the back of the head and whose killer was acquitted by a white jury), but all I could do was raise my fist and unleash my own cry of "JUSTICE!!!"


Ok. This shocks me to see this knowlage spoken. This is true indeed to what they say. I did not relize that the new 4 year exstention to this planet that happend last year would indeed end in 2020 lol. And yes this planets not use to having a deadline however it was nessacery do to the circumstances of this seed planets build. Humans have such short lives compared to other races. There are other reasons as well. Such as the neglect and non parental overseeing that is normal for a seed planet. Do to the bad influance keeping this planet from evolving naturaly they have given this plabet more time to raise the vibrations before the next stage for saftey reasons. Now that the main space war with the et andromadan council (no not the one from youtube) and the 2 draconian kingdomes and some other species who joined there side is over the galatical federation can now correct this planet. For thoes who are saying dracos are evil...there is 6 draconian kingdomes only 2 where involved in the war people are raving about. So dont hate please.

Talk of an "Ascension" event has been going on for quite a while. By this point, with 2012 coming and going uneventfully, most folks figure it was nothing more than a passing fad of New Age culture.

Waiting on the collective to wake up has proven unwise historically. Evolving as an individual from a foundation of taking responsibility for the choices one makes, will get one closer to what they seek, than waiting for some event outside, or some unprecedented miracle awakening of humanity.

Most folks who come to this site, come as a means of escape. Yet, that isn't how reality works. Responsibility cannot ultimately be avoided if one wishes for a deeper peace and well-being.

I recently was told the event would happen in a few months of this year, before
Summer. The event is nothing to fear, it is pure love to be felt, to know what pure love feels like. It is a global event, but for chosen individuals. The event is not to
get confuse with ascension, the event is separate. The information I received from
was certain, but for me I don't know. I live always in the moment of now.

Something did happen in 2012. And 2000. But everyone wants a huge event something ground braking ......those who where awakend at birth could see the changes. And thoese aware in general. Beings on this planet are always in such a hurry. But grain of sand does not turn into a pearl in a day nor a month. Nor does evolution happen over night.

Everybody is waiting for the Event or The New Age. The New Age has been talked about for THOUSANDS of years. In the age we are in now called the information age by some this has created a challenge for everyone who has a computer. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? What website is speaking truth and which ones are speaking lies?
The answer is
A. All of them
B. None of them
C. Who really knows?

The Event is happening INSIDE the human body/spirit - the best reading I was evergiven was by a gypsy who said this "Everyone thinks because I am a gypsy that I know everything about everyone. I, in fact know nothing about you except what you project to me that I can feel when I am in your presence. If you want a 100% reading ask yourself and wait for the answer. It will come to you in a way only you can understand."

The answer to life is not in a video on youtube or in a book at the book store it is within and the sooner people wake up to that effect the sooner we will the "Event".

the event for the illuminati is something different. let's take a close look
at the world and then, it's easy to see... they have nano-wired all of you already.
everyone has nano in the body. the 2000 generation was the target generation, before
that the test generation.
then they are playing on the 5 g, as they already wi-fi-ed everything.

they govern whole india by chipcard, based on wi-fi. so that's most likely
that they are heading to, to introduce any chipcard goverment system.

and to make a beast-system based on frequency control of the population,
nano tec, chipcards, a.i. and robots.
so a society with a bright technological future, but if ruled by them,
also a society, which is very much conform to the beast-system regarding
culture, education, gender, and what they define.

but then there is another faction, who wants to use this stuff, robots, a.i,
chipcards in a positive way and who want a real spirituality.

then there are factions, who totally wanna get back to the roots and want
to make a better future without this sort of technology, which wanna invent
new technologies, more aligned to the cosmos. so a re-version of some of
the stuff, who was seemingly right before, but was just not 'that' right.

and this idea of events, who are still mostly rather unspiritual, because
it's mainly based on technology is the contrast to the event in the sense
how you guys are mentioning it, like a sorta awakening, which is a mainly
spiritual event and might get along with et assistance.

and then there is also the idea of an event, which is more like a destruction
of many parts of terra due to earth changes and then the event would be
more like a rescue from that destruction if the earth, how we know it,
starts to clear itself in a chaos of vulcanic eruptions, storms, climate
change etc.

and because you can find tendencies of all this different forms of 'event'
process all around you, it is a bit of everything and like a race between
the higher plan of creation and the sinister plan, which tries to hijack

and it's not only about frequency this, frequency that. it's not only
about increasing frequency. let's say you are the most positive person
on Earth and you walk around on high frequency, and you are smiling around
all day. of course other people would get amazed by that.
but in the end, it is about what someone does to make this a better place, also
especially in his own environment and to turn from service-to-yourself to
service-for-others without giving up on yourself too much. So it's more like

and it might be that some people on Earth are not even close to it, because they are totally egoistical and this hinders the whole process.

so if someone needs your shirt and you don't give it, like I have 10 shirts,
but this one is mine and so why I should give it to you, because it's mine...?

so people with such attitude, they don't need to search for 'ascension'
and they usually don't search for that. so it's not only about 'frequency'
and still it is about frequency, because your new better behavior pattern
also increases your frequency.

Is because it wont occur. At least not in the way most part believe.

I guess people are waiting since 1987 for the event. So already then, people
hoped for a big positive event and change. then 2000. then the 2 mayan-calendars.

So the event is like yellowstone, the longer we wait for it, the more it is
likely to happen. *lol*

But without any sarcasm. The dark age really ends totally in 2025, this
is due to the end of kali-yuga. And it can be some years sooner.
So a positive change must come, because it can not get worst with humanity.
And this makes the 2020 theory more likely. And the more likely it is, the
more signs we will see before that. And I think during the last years the
number of signs and changes in the world has highly increased and this
points to the thing, that their will be really an event, a positive event.

Though I also think like you, that many already belief in their special
version of it, they got from Corey or anyone else. And I mildly doubt,
if really anyone know what will happen. So it could be that just one
of a zillions theories about that is right and this is for sure not
the most broadcasted one.



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