Why positive affirmations don't work (science prove)

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Dean said:

Actually it states that positive affirmations work on the positive individuals..this is also down to will power of course.. the depressed have non.. and so obviously it wont work for them..

So what is science proving here exactly? That positive affirmations do not work?
Or they simply missing the point about faith or will power, if you have non..why would affirmations work in the first place..

I think its a great idea to introduce neutral first.. Although it would be more beneficial to tell someone what they really are..Then you can go straight to truth <3 No need for mind games lol:P

Was this in response to what I said? lol

In order for something to come near to be proven as or not, we must include all disciplines and walks of life. to use the stamp as "scientific" is no different then HITLER and the supremacist selection, and sadly how science and its peers operate in a selective and exclusive society that is not humanity. thus truth can only be what we each experiance.

I have used positive affermations in races, and when I did that is when I would win, and when I forgot to practice positive affirmations I would loose.

Optimists live longer statistically :) <3

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