Most starseeds were sent to this world to heal and guide humanity by higher beings like Sirians, Pleiadians, etc. The purpose of a typical starseed (as I know) is to help humans in the process of ascention and awaken their divine self.

However, I am surely not from Sirius or Pleiades, I was a Draconian noble and in my past life was an effective general and warrior -- this is what I think is strange. Whereas most starseeds hail from a peaceful background, I in my past life was fairly warlike. I do not think my purpose is to merely heal and guide humanity, because I was a general in my past life and not a healer or spiritual guardian.

So my question is: Why did I come here? What purpose can a draconian noble have on this plane of existence? Was I sent here to play a part in a war? Or did I came here to merely spent a few centuries on vacation?

I hope there are a few other draconian starseeds out there who can understand what I am saying.

Thank you, love and light to you.

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I'm also unsure of what I came here to do, but I know it was my choice.

Many starseeds do come to help heal and guide however there are other responsibilities as well, such as guardians/warriors. These are necessary both before and after ascension as there is a war going on over Earth and the war fighting won't stop at ascension. Earth needs beings with knowledge of what is occurring to protect her inhabitants in times of change. However most fighting before ascension likely takes place in the astral realms. Though I'm unable to astral project as of yet, I suspect that this is what I am. Judging by your own military history it is very possible that you are a warrior/guardian as well.

Though it's possible you came here for a vacation it is unlikely since an opposition-controlled, 3rd dimensional, war zone of which it is very easy to be trapped in is probably not a prime vacation destination. So it's likely you came here to help Earth and/or to learn a life lesson, or you may have been sent here against your will. If it was a choice then, as I said above, there is a good chance you are a warrior/ or guardian. However there are likely other responsibilities in that I am unaware of so I what suggest do what you can to look into it more and see what feels right.

Hope this helps at least a little bit. :)

Love Light and Peace


You are here to live your life xD

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