1. Money gets them running to do what ever you need on this planet. Yet it's never enough for them to have a fixed amount, instead of a variable amount. It isn't about the thought that counts when you pay, but rather how much you pay to literally override any sense of morality or safety guards you're normally presented with.

2. How is it this site can be offered for free to us? I, out of pure curiosity don't know how people pay premium prices, in the hundreds of dollars a month, to keep something like this even online! Your average dedicated server costs anywhere from $300.00 - $500.00 a month just to be able to support as many users online as this site has on a regular basis. What baffles me, is just how much of a miracle this is. And I appreciate it more and more every day. The novelty of a free place and a safe one at that, to talk about matters of the heart. This world needs this so much.

3. If money talks, who walks? If we don't have our health, what are we truly? I feel like money is an excuse for many humans to die trying to accept fixed struggles in their lives. Yet nobody thought if we eliminate money from the equation of life, and introduced something else, we'd be better off as a whole.

4. Rules are one thing. But what constitutes assurance that the only reason why money exists, is to make up for effort. Humans have this crazy conception that time lost is time wasted in their lives they can't ever get back. I don't understand this reasoning at all. It promotes violence, not peace. It promotes greed, not compassion. It promotes suffering, not innovation. To be motivated to survive another day, you shouldn't need to make enough money just to afford your interests here.

5. I feel as if we're among the elite of the world who can even afford to come on a site like this. And yet we're not able to change the world around us without faking it to make it. This bothers me, because our integrity does not and cannot be allowed to be expressed through the nature of our pocket books.

What do you think?

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We're obsessed with money because of the value we give it, not only it can get you anything you could want, but you need money to be able to afford to live, hell, in some cases even to die.

Money in this realm, is physical power. It can manifest anything you want in life, except happiness and love. I believe People are over attracted to money, because it gives them a feeling of control over their environment. But deep down it is just a band aid, like drugs and alchohol. Money and the obtaining of can be an addiction. Just my thoughts from someone that has needed money to live the experiences I have. But, it does Ebb and Flow. There is no security or sustained control in the Physical World. This is at the base level, not overly spiritual beings are probably who we are discussing.

Can't pure thought achieve this alone?

That is a good point about integrity, and I agree. It seems for the most part that you have to choose between integrity and 'success' for lack of a better word in the traditional system, but however it is not impossible to keep your integrity, do good for the world and also make enough to survive, without money being your sole goal, I just believe you need to have firm beliefs in what you are doing and you can make anything happen, money is just a tool but for most it is a reward, the true rewards in life (love, family, anything a person enjoys) will not for the most part come from money, however it does seem impossible to not partake in the system unless you leave everything behind and join a commune, which isn't a particularly entertaining idea for me at least.

I agree that this site being offered for free is incredibly wonderful.

I also DO believe that we can express ourselves in many ways, INCLUDING "through the nature of our pocket books." What we buy and what we spend our money on....this can change the world!

I have written about Money here:

>1. Money gets them running to do what ever you need on this planet. Yet it's never enough for them to have >a fixed amount, instead of a variable amount. It isn't about the thought that counts when you pay, but rather >how much you pay to literally override any sense of morality or safety guards you're normally presented >with.

money is the world-religion. it's not just a religion, it's THE world religion no. 1.
proof: I give a shop 500 dollars and the shop will give me something.
suddenly like a miracle people start to 'help' me and to do something for ME.

I give the a shop 0 dollars and they will not help me with anything, not a tad.

And this is because people BELIEVE in money.
They believe that the paper and metal has a 'big value', that I would give
them something useful. So they BELIEVE me, that this paper and metal or this
credit card number has a huge value. Though it has not more value, than paper,
cheap metal and the number of a credit card has evn zero value.

But they BELIEVE it would have MORE value than this and they have to
believe that, because everyone else believes that too.

So humanity is trapped in this.

If the egos wouldn't be that huge, people would start to care for each other
without need for any physical or digital money involved.

But people don't care a shit for each other and that's why they need money
to force each other to care about each other.

So then I give a store 500 dollars then I 'force' the store to care about me
and what I would like to have... because, maybe I don't wanna starve, maybe I am thirsty,
maybe I need some furniture...?

And with the help of the 500 dollar seemingly the store starts to understand me,
of course it does not, but at least it acts in a way, which helps me to get some
things which are needed on the material realm.

but what about the store's owner, mabye he or she also needs some stuff
and would I give it for free or would I play the same game and take
money for it? so if I await that other people help me for free, I must
start to make my stuff for free. how can I await this from anyone,
if not even I can do it...?
so everyone must start to re-think about that, change can just start
this way. it's easy to say it's the world, the world is greedy for money,
women are greedy for money.
no, this is not true, you are.

women also don't want money. they are group-thinkers and think it's good,
because other people like it. they don't like money, they just try to adapt
to a given social norm, because it's fabulous.
so money is not a 'currency', money is a belief system, which camouflages
as currency and enables totally egoistical people worldwide to still take
care of each other (which they would otherwise probably not do).
so you wouldn't do someone you don't like a favor, wouldn't you?
but if this person gives you enough money, you will probably do.
this is almost like in christianity, then you suddenly 'love', 'accept'
someone you would not like otherwise. on the street you don't like me,
but in the store I'm your customer and you have to smile.
this way money even forces people to behave nicer than they are.
still this is just pseudo-christianity, because we should care about
each other regardless of money. but people just start to move, if
money flows and they are too passive, if it gets them no money,
this is their weakest point and this way, it's easy to practically
buy whole mankind and then they don't do it, because they
like it, because just because they get paid for this shit.
and that's why so many crazy or useless things happen,
because someone got paid for that.

no one should consider himself or herself as 'spiritual person' without
getting this basic knowledge, it's the absolute minium one
must understand. this doesn't mean you should not work
or should not own or use money. but you must see thru it,
that's it's all just crazy and insane.

I see money as liberty.
All my experiences comes from God... but I also consider money as freedom. More I have money, more I consider freedom and relative safety for future....

But, I also feel it's pure illusion... And more with coming world banking crisis.

Money is TIME...

Existence is very generous with me for money. THat's why I try to invest my money only for positive thing.. Eat organically, drink water, no smoke, no alcohol, buy spiritual books and product to feed new energies... I feel this attitude like a protection, and I feel life is made for be in abundance and prosperity... I feel it as normal, but I also feel a lot of gratitude even if it's normal... And gratitude is not hard to feel when I see all people who have difficulties with money.

Because it's made of nature!

i think its because they feel they need it which they do we all do until the current system can be dismantled

It's impossible to change the situation, the elites are using all their power to make us believe that money is the answer to everything. If you want to play against their rules, you're going to be excluded from the society, and i think that's not what you want.

Money is a construct of the mind; a trans-generational illusion we all are complicit in manifesting into a reality. Money is not natural, yet we pretend as if it is. No other species on this planet have or use money; just us. Why is this? Why do we allow money to supersede all other needs to become our base need?

By allowing money to supersede all and be our base need we allow those who 'control' money to control every aspect of our lives. If we dare try to satisfy our natural base needs such as food and shelter without the use of money we are labelled as crazy and/or a thief; if not worse. We give these 'masters' the fruits of our labor for which they 'reward' us with scraps of colored paper and shiny metal baubles. We are then forced to go out and buy back the things we helped create in order to survive, hopefully.

The question is how to dismantle such an old and established system of mind control and emotional slavery? Every group in the past who has seemingly figured out how to break the cycle has been persecuted and wiped from existence before to many others could see and learn from those brave enough to try. The reason they all failed in the end is because they all separated themselves from society, giving those who hated their ideals free reign to attack them.

I believe if humanity truly wants to break away from the cycle we must figure out how to simply walk away. We need to take back ownership of our lives, our labors, and most of all our world. We need to quit giving away control of the resources needed for survival and quality of life to the same, small group of families simply because they they believe they own and thus control them.

You make a good point about religion.
All things here lead to money. That really resonates with me.
It just feels like a parasitic society. Where you have so much possible limited by what people put emphasis on by numbers. It doesn't prove you want it bad enough if you have the ability to consume as much as you want, without lettings others do the same. There is no special circumstance which ties the interest of what you want, with what you have. Which feels a lot more natural to do, with less effort. Like a concentrated achievement.
I dream of a time and place, a reality in which exists, or all be it possible to balance between people and ideas can come to life through action, not circumstance.



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