Question 1: Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature?

  1. Amethyst
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Diamond
  4. Lapis lazuli
  5. Topaz
  6. Other


Question 2: Which dominant personality traits best describe you?

  1. Dutiful and responsible
  2. Creative and gentle
  3. Reclusive and quiet
  4. Active and purposeful
  5. Happy and sociable
  6. Other


Question 3: Which recreational activities most appeal to you?

  1. Playing chess, bridge or mind games
  2. Relaxed sailing, swimming or other aquatic activities
  3. Gentle bush walking and meditating
  4. Brisk walking and running
  5. Team sports
  6. Others


Question 4: Which profession/career most appeals to you?

  1. Judge
  2. Artist
  3. Monk
  4. Editor
  5. Movie Star
  6. Other


Question 5: Which of the following words has the most emotional affect on you?

  1. Justice
  2. Alcyone
  3. Kesch
  4. Dolphin
  5. Sunflower
  6. None of the above


Question 6: Which color combination has the most emotional affect on you?

  1. Purple and red
  2. Green and blue
  3. White and gold
  4. Blue and gold
  5. Gold and black
  6. None of the above


Question 7: Which culture are you most instinctively attracted to?

  1. Ancient Rome
  2. The Renaissance Era
  3. Ancient Lemuria in the South Pacific
  4. Egypt
  5. Viking/Nordic
  6. None of the above


Question 8: Which gift to Humanity do you feel has been the most to its’ emotional well being?

  1. Law and Order
  2. Artistic abilities
  3. Unity and compassion
  4. Cats, dolphins and whales
  5. Corn and cattle
  6. None of the above


Question 9: How would you describe your normal work practices?

  1. Structured and practical
  2. Laid back and free flowing
  3. Quiet and effective
  4. Active and capable
  5. Haphazard but optimistic
  6. None of the above


Question 10: Which traits do you most dislike in others?

  1. Over emotionalism
  2. Rigidity and restriction
  3. Over familiarity
  4. Laziness and slovenliness
  5. Aloofness and coldness
  6. None of the above


Question 11: If you had to change the color of the sky, which color combination would you choose?

  1. Pink and blue
  2. Pale green
  3. White
  4. Royal blue
  5. Yellow and blue
  6. None of the above


Question 12: Which flower best describes your personality?

  1. A deep purple orchid
  2. A pale green fern
  3. A white snow drop
  4. A blue Canterbury bell
  5. A yellow poppy
  6. None of the above


Question 13: Which type of movie are you most likely to go out and pay to see?

  1. Documentary
  2. Light, popular
  3. One with a spiritual theme
  4. A well critiqued foreign film
  5. A love comedy
  6. Other


Question 14: When a problem presents itself, which way do you respond?

  1. Think it over carefully and respond coolly and logically
  2. Try to forget the problem and hope it will go away
  3. Deal with it quietly, but feel angry for some time
  4. Get annoyed initially, then find a practical solution
  5. Get angry and tearful and ask others for advice
  6. None of the above


Question 15: Which famous person do you most admire?

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Van Gogh
  3. The Dalai Lama
  4. Audrey Hepburn
  5. Mother Theresa
  6. Other


Question 16: How do you view interactive technology such as the internet and mobile phones?

  1. Informative and interesting
  2. Entering and fun
  3. Not interested
  4. Practical and useful
  5. Sociable and fun
  6. None of the above


Question 17: What is your normal behavior style?

  1. Cool and collected
  2. Friendly and relaxed
  3. Quiet and withdrawn
  4. Active and Friendly
  5. Loving and warm


Question 18: Your ideal Soul Mate would be?

  1. Committed, intelligent, loving
  2. Loving, gentle, non-restrictive
  3. Compassionate, understanding, loving
  4. Loving, practical, active
  5. Loving, warm, generous
  6. None of the above


Question 19: What is your attitude on Life?

  1. I am here to help Humanity in a fair, unbiased way
  2. I am confused about why I am here
  3. I am here to promote the belief that we are all “One”
  4. I am here for a purpose that involves loving sacrifice
  5. I am here to spread love and healing, while enjoying Life to the fullest
  6. None of the above


Question 20: Which of these statements do you most commonly say?

  1. I’ll just think about that for a minute
  2. I can’t be bothered doing that
  3. I’d like some peace and quiet on my own
  4. Let’s get on with it
  5. I thought I’d ring you for a chat
  6. None of the above


Count up your results


Mostly 1 = Andromedan


Mostly 2 = Pleiadian


Mostly 3 = Arcturain


Mostly 4 = Sirian


Mostly 5 = Orion


Mostly 6 = Unusual Planet


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I'm lyran and this isn't even an option so i stopped halfway when i noticed that. :p

I got Andromedan, but am from Sirius. That's ok. :)

Hi Savannah !

Please don't say sorry, don't BE sorry, cuz it was entertaining and got people interacting...and it was fun !

Plus, it's making me look up Arcturian, cuz I always identified with Pleiadean <G>....I got overwhelmingly 3's.

A quiz might or might not be "correct", but anything that motivates us to learn more

is always good ..and it also makes us think about what our own inclinations are, actually !

oh hey !!

I just looked up Arcturian and it does match my personality better...will have to look into it more.

Thank you so much for this !

Be Always Blessed,


Hi Nikita !

I have always identified with Pleiadean, like the Nature worship and goddess energies especially..but this quiz actually made me look up Arcturian since i got mostly 3's and it's very interesting !

I have a lot of their tendencies....but you're also a mix of the two, I guess that works then ?

*smiles*...Maybe more of a practical goddess warrior type.

Be Always blessed...


Iam from Antares. An old station soul, lots of stops across the multiverse and finally here on mother Earth. Just felt like sharing. You won't find much on Antares or the Antarian system...but Antares is very old. Namastes to you for this nice quiz

I took this quiz entirely for fun and was surprised by the results -- they were actually correct.  My highest score went to #3 -- Arcturian -- which is in fact the consciousness I primarily work with right now & which I refer to most actively as family.  

I got a smile from it & thought I'd share.  (: 

Pleiadian and Arcturian <3

I got nearly all ones, but I have been visited and told straight up I'm Arcturian/Lyran and there was no 3's in my answers, 1s apart from, 3 6s, and 2 4s

1. Diamond (3)

2. Other (6)

3. Other (6)

4. Artist (2)

5. None of the above (6)

6. Blue and gold (4)

7. None of the above. (6)

8. Unity and compassion (3)

9. Active and capable (4)

10. None of the above (6)

11. None of the above (6)

12. A deep purple orchid (1)

13. One with a spiritual theme (3)

14. Deal with it quietly, but feel angry for some time (3)

15. The Dalai Lama (3)

16. Informative and interesting (1)

17. Active and friendly (4)

18. Compassionate, understanding, loving (3)

19. I am here to promote the belief that we are all One (3)

20. None of the above. (6)

My results:

2 Andromedan

1 Pleiadian

7 Arcturian

3 Sirian

0 Orion

7 Unusual planet

I like this quiz, though i know it cannot read my past, it still was fun to answer honestly and see what the quiz would say. 

Here is what i got :)

#1  2

#2  6

#3  6

#4  2

#5  2

#6  1

#7  6

#8  3

#9  3

#10  5

#11  2

#12  6

#13  1

#14  1

#15  6

#16  4

#17  1

#18  3

#19  2

#20  6

I got Arcturain

Pleiadian and Orion.

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