I was told I have three negative entities/attachments around me.. Two which follow me and one that stays back. I was told they give me information for exchange of my energy. But I don't feel drained throughout the day or depressed or anything I usually am full of energy and happyish though I am having more nightmares than I used to have which was rarely but that could be from the pills I am taking which are known to give vivid nightmares.. I also am usually always feeling healing from some being or beings. Which could be from the dragons around me but I am unsure if they are sending the healing. But I was wondering if anyone could pick up on who these three negative entities really are like are they earthbound spirits or demons or what? And I would love to know what being or beings are always healing me 24/7 everyday for the past couple of months. It seems this healer being or beings is always with me since I feel there healing all the time. But anyways, the question of who these beings are runs through my head constantly and I just need and want to know who and what they are so I get one step closer to getting rid of negative beings around me. I cannot seem to get answers for some reason. Thank you for your time. 

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Hey, this is just a gut/first impression. Lately I have been able to sense energies through the internet which may seem unlikely...

Anyhow, one of the (negative) attachments is simply a mind construct of a living person that is "feeding" off of you. It may have been created unknowningly by someone who was close to you but is no longer. I believe this construct is being re-energized by the creator (possibly unknowingly) on a daily (nightly?) Basis.

As to the medication... I am on some pain medication that targets my nervous system. It has calmed down the nerves,and allowed more outside subtle enrgies to be felt. Not all meds
Are bad for this sort of thing.

Also a hamsa, crystals smudging and grounding can all protect you from these things. You can create your own thoughtforms or grimoires to protect you s well (dragons can be a grimoire)

Frequent nightmares. May get haunted dreams can be a typical sign.


There is no easy way to remove evil spirits from our body, especially not if we ourselves called them in. Must stop all questionable occult methods, and stop praying to unknown gods.

Must remove all god ridiculing items from home.

That you think you got an evil spirit, is often a strong sign....

Ohh I think I know who that person may be whose feeding off of me.. But I was told these three negative attachments are beings in like another dimension.. Who are the other two?

Also, are you able to pick up on who the being or beings were that are healing me all the time?

Well, it would make sense that these beings are negative after what I have been going through which seems to be caused by some earthbound spirit or "demon".

Thing is, I don't do any occult methods or pray or really have any god ridiculing items in my house.. 

They can get in through your subconscious when you sleep. Do you meditate? I find that to be helpful.

No, I don't meditate.

Hey Kirius,

feel free to send me a message when you're online, i'll see if i can help you out.

I don't know if they are guides.. Basically what I am asking is who they are like if anyone could pick up on who they are and who are healing me all the time.

i have had a couple around me recently and i found the best way is to confront them. ask them there name. why they are here. and try to get i dialog going. than start forming a contract for what they can and cannot do. its your space so you write the laws. some times the beings are just immature punks. something that we experience in this reality. i dont sense that they are some super powerful demon or anything like that. but also connect with the spirit guides who are helping you. arch angel Michelle can be very good to call on also. but make sure you do the work first. than ask your guides to help you. 

Well I would confront them if I knew what was around me exactly and who they exactly were.. But it's nice to know that you picked up on them not being demonic. 

I really need to know what are these three entities are who are following me.. I feel watched all the time and I believe these beings are responsible for making my life a living hell for 6 months.

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