my favorite part of this journey is everything. as i reflect and look back on all the things that happened and the things i have done, i can only smile. i would say:

  • riding the bike by myself that first time
  • when i went swimming with the dolphins
  • finding starseeds.net
  • having innocent fun with my siblings
  • having my kids
  • the talent shows, dance contests and dance class
  • having my dad find me after 29 years and meeting him
  • and getting in touch with my twin flame on valentines day
  • (occasionally blowing the smoke of the goddess)
  • ***the time me and my sister told my mon that we "hot washed" the dishes - just rinsing them in hot water and putting them up - so we would finish and go play outside
  • the long walks
  • looking at the sun, moon and the stars

are my favorite parts of my journey.  those are times and experiences that just always make me smile!

my favorite things that i learned are:

  • knowing that every day will get brighter than the last because i let in more light...
  • finally understanding the universe
  • learning and discovery of who i am
  • understanding science

my most monumental moment:

*being in contact with beings like me who i can share all of my experiences of life with... its the family i have always looked for***

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My favorite parts have definitely been:

  •  My earlier childhood days, when everything was no drama, just play
  • Talking with my dad about the stars, different planets, and things like that at a very young age.
  • Exploring nature, going on walks, spending time in the woods, getting away from all the other kids my age and just getting time to go within without any distractions. Did this a lot when I was old enough to do so. :P
  • The Lion King. LOL. My favorite movie of all time. I just remember getting so hyped up for it, and it didn't let me down! Watching it again as an adult reminds me so much of what I went through (minus my father being killed by an evil uncle), but the whole being excited about who you are, trauma, denying who I am, forgetting, being knocked on the head and finally accepting your responsibility.
  • When I finally began having friends during my teenage years and getting a chance to really experience what being a teenager on earth is all about... Hanging out at the mall and doing silly things there (hide and go seek in department stores), sleepovers, randomly running around and reenacting scenes from movies in the school building after all the students left. :P
  • The Internet! Being able to communicate with people all over the world, and being able to design and create websites and make friends through them. A lot of my memories from the last 13 years involved the internet. :p
  • Video games: So many great games out there that I just fell in love with, Final Fantasy series, Xenogears and Xenosaga, and so many more. They all had such great stories and characters, I never want to forget them!
  • Anime conventions. Probably one of the most memorable and favorite parts about being here. I love them! The feeling of being around thousands of similarly like-minded geeks, upbeat music playing everywhere, costumes, laughing... people having a great time. Of course, I've encountered lots of drama at them, but I've learned from those experiences.
  • Finding out who I am, and... when I start to think that I'm going crazy, something always pops up to remind me that it is in fact true and I'm not going nuts. lol.
  • Chocolate, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, SUPERMAN ICE CREAM, PIZZA and Nachos with salsa! :9 Oh and all the various cultural dishes too, especially Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Cambodian, Italian, and so on. Oh plus this really really delicious catered meal I had for those who staffed at this one convention. I've never eaten food that good... ever. ;_; No wonder why people suffer from obesity! There's so much delicious food and so many shiny distracting things... which this also leads to a level understanding. Anyway, you can betcha when I'm back to my old self, I'm SO concocting some pizza-like dish! :9

Favorite things learned:

  • Learning creation mastery in such a dense reality. It requires so much work, practice, patience and time to bring ideas forth.
  • People here are all on different levels. It's important to be patient. Especially when you're dealing with a self-centered almost, bratty customer, and you realize that they are just spiritual toddlers. Yes, you have to wipe their butt, clean their spit, change their diaper... but you were there once too. So don't get angry. :)
  • Remembering the basic truths to our reality, and how it all works. I guess you could say science. :)
  • That it's perfectly okay to be who you are. Don't shy away from it, stand firmly in it.
  • Don't be a negative Nancy. When everyone around you wears a grumpy face, go to your happy place! 8D

My favorite things are having my amazing friends who make me feel so happy when I'm with them and dealing with my weirdness! My family for growing me into the person I am today. Going to theme parks and discovering my love for rollercoasters! Discovering who I really am and recently finding this website. And having my idols in this world. Without my idols I wouldn't be the person I am today. They mean so much to me. Having all these awesome clothes and makeup styles to wear! There are a lot of good things about earth if you think about it and ignore the bad stuff. :)

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