What if all animals on Earth are ancestors of various races of ETs throughout the universe? Like "a living library"?

Just a thought but what prompted this thought was that I have a connection to the benevolent/healing mantis beings. I read that they left praying mantises on earth who are like their ancestors. What if all species of animals on Earth represent or are the ancestors of other beings throughout the universe? Maybe even including plants? Just a thought that may be totally wrong but found it interesting to say the least.

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Nice thought.
Although i think the social memory complex of the "lower" planes of "Gaia" would collapse into relative chaotic infinity or rearrange itself into a new matrix/co-creation and temporal anarchy for the sake of future unity. If ever "we" get "locked" into that evolutionary spin.

Love and Blessings

Here is an article that explains the ET origins of animals...

I feel like any insect, animal, etc can evolve into beings like humans over time.

I wouldn't say ancestors, more like other starseeds. On journey just like us :)
That article was a really good read. Thank You! Although, the Entity known as (Social Memory Complex) ‘RA’ in the ‘Law of One’ books discusses a cat they called Gandalf, the resident house cat (98.6), and states that this entity (Gandalf) was harvestable for ‘third density’. So, this clearly implies that ‘they’ (cats/dogs) are on an evolutionary path similar, or identical to ours. A beautiful story either way. This is a great thread topic, and that was a great article!

Living Light said:

Here is an article that explains the ET origins of animals...

When God and Asna his goddess were creating beings They did like to make things like the animals. I was first created as human, then I spent one universal game as feline. There are still other's who are feline today. God made the mantis people, the Draconians who look like Earth lizards, the dragons, and the carrions who are bird people. He even has spider people who live closer to Source.

I don't believe that animals on the Earth are ancestors of other aliens because many of known aliens originate from different parts of Universe.It is possible to think that similar animals exist on other planets.Just imagine how many human-like aliens exist in known literature.All animals can evolve in humanoid beings.

Like I said, just a thought. But glad it got many people thinking about this. Thanks everyone.

I have always thought that everything is part of the whole, and the more we spiraled down in density, the more fragmented we get. In the past ancient times, there were many beings of a combinations of human and animal, eg. Thoth has a bird head and animal body, mermaids have human head and fish tail, etc. But because we split further as we fell in density during the galactic night period, the animal and human aspects split themselves, just like the masculine and feminine were separated into males and females which is a contrast to the androgynous beings of higher dimensions. So my guess is, the animal and human aspects would have been merged and unified as well in higher dimensions.

All Gaia constructs are not by her direct mutual design, only the energy to make them physical is supplied by Gaia energy. The animal and plant constructs are borrowed from other systems preceding this one, and are not originals. Animal and plants, trees and grass, dirt and crystals, et al.. all are a manifestation made possible by Gaia energy, but the designs are borrowed.

These designs are constructs, creations devised by creator beings, in systems outside of ours, for the most part. These designs also include the original Gaia living library forms too, borrowed and injected into the creation system here, purposefully inefficient, manifesting their physicality for form and function. It is an expression of Gaia, experiencing us through these constructs, for interaction and a compulsion to harmonize with the human incarnates.

Really, if this system was working as designed, each conscious being would be co-creating animals and plants in harmony with the planetary system energy in isolated environments and under controlled perimeters, but that unfortunately is not the case of today. The system is instead a chaotic mess without balance and conscious co-creation. Good thought form though, to philosophize this topic, well done. :) It is good to question these perceptions of true reality.

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