what do these number sequences mean? keep seeing 11, 22, 33, 44, 55

Everytime I feel like I need to look at the time its any hour plus one of those sequences. Like 11:11 11:22 11:33 11:44 11:55. It seems to usually be 11 and 33 and 55 that I see the most. I've also started seeing 33 in other places besides the clock. Does anyone know what this means?!

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Ah, I was gonna post the "Angel Numbers" as per Doreen Virtue, but Rachel beat me to it!

For a long long time, I have been seeing 44 everywhere all the time. I see it on a clock at least 5 times a day now.

I've contemplated it and searched within for the meaning and I now know that it's simply a sign from my Angels and guides to remind me of my Divinity and to make me aware that I'm still on the right path. It's a good sign!

Most times I laugh to myself when I see it now, especially the times that it corresponds to something I'm doing.. I'm sure they direct me to see it as a joke sometimes.

They have a serious sense of humour! :D



I see those numbers all the time also, in the last months mostly 44, but I also see 55, 22, 33 and 11 alot. Sometimes i just know that im going to see it, and when i look at the clock it shows 11:11 or some other number, but mostly i have noticed that it happens when i dont think about looking at the clock, but more that my eyes just are looking at something else, and just happens to fall at the clock for some reason. I have also started seeing numbers in other places, like on the license plates on cars. I agree wih Mickey that it sometimes feel quite funny, and i just have to laugh about it, and i thik that they (guides, angels..) are laughing with me. :)

111111111x 111111111=12345678987654321
123456789 x 9= 1111111111

also look into "the midwayers" :)

With a song in my head, I used to be able to stop a stopwatch at intervals of microseconds; 22, 44, 66, 88 and sometimes, 102. There must be a very accurate clock in the brain!



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