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I keep a blog and when I am lonely I post poems that fills that heart. I know what you mean by being lonely though and alone I struggled with this for 5 years before I found something that could fill that need for human contact. Your right it is good to express how you are feeling. Do you have support in your life, therapist etc? Here in my city we have a crisis line I often call them when I am having panic attacks even at 2 am theres always someone there to talk to. I've dealt with paranoia and fear I'm not sure if you are dealing with the same things but I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. There's a way out of it you can get better. I have I get better every day so do not lose hope.

I love alone and face loneliness daily. I have already healed and released all my pain. There's still a need to have people around me.

I'm Sorry, I Thank All That With Much Of Love,

Your honesty is humbling. You have my support through your healing process-- as a fellow traveler and a friend.

Issues are very complex for those of us whom still remember other lives where connections were much deeper at a soul level. We find this place quite superficial.. connections are just a few words.. and if you meet a person whom you can connect with at a deeper level often circumstance or fear of it being too good or wrong creep in, with it ending suddenly.

For me I do have memories good and bad of such a world.. and lifetimes.. and my sensitivity to connect in this world was heightened out of the need for self protection as it can be a dangerous place. Odd that such abilities are needed fro protection here rather than sharing.. why so many are just sleepers I guess.

With confusion about relationships and shallow connections of the internet (even this place can be very shallow) a lot of pain it can cause those who are looking for such connections and partially remembering such lives.

If what you need or seek is to be you will find it... maybe just for brief or fleeting moments of time.. all this crazy world seems to allow..

So I accept compatible close connections but just realize they more likely will be limited in length of time... as those that can connect have an inner fear it will be too good and the general mass consciousness here see such things as wrong, which inhibits the whole process.

For these connections to grow and develop you would have to create a physical community of like minded people.. a bubble of energy to protect. Yes referring to more empath and telepathic abilities.. often they go together with the telepathic one being the most scary to people. So in this shallow ME ME world it would be a major challenge to do..but who knows would be fun to try and make it happen...

About it for my morning rambling Dave

Sometimes words fail.

Let your feelings flow and please know that you are respected and loved from afar.

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