What ARE the strange sounds being heard all around the globe???

I'm sure most of you remember the Florida family video taping the strange ominous sounds they experienced several months back, well it has traveled around the globe now ... What are these sounds , where are they coming from, what does it mean for us, if anything....I find it to be fascinating and at the same time a bit disconcerting . I try not to relate things to the Bible too often because I feel much of it has been altered to suit others, but I can't help wondering if this is the sound of the trumpets that is prophesied in the book of Revelations...It could also be growing pangs of the planet, either by her own means or some outside force that is perturbing her insides...Listen for yourself and decide.


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That is very interesting Ain!!! I feel very much that this could very well be like you describe, doors opening up,stone doors, metaphorically speaking or literal within our planet. It is fascinating isn't it! Feeling these sounds or hearing them either way is a sign of something to come,don't you think?

The sounds are always different but just as ominous and loud everywhere I have heard recordings of them. It just goes to show, in my humble opinion just how primitive we still are that these sounds take place and all we know to do is listen and video them...not knowing how to understand what it is that is actually taking place right around us. Exciting times we are in, expecting more of these sounds and other things to occur.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! =D


I visit Unexplable.net very often. I had heard Florida's and, yesterday, the one in the link. I was like: "=O!!! Godzilla?" LOL


Sincerely, I don't know. I've read people theorizing it's the HAARP, the tectonic plates, cloaked UFO's, comet Elenin's influence, machines underground... etc.


Here in Puerto Rico, no sounds have been reported. However, there has been alot of sismic activity to the northwest, at the sea, lately. =/

Yeah I noticed more of these reports just lately though there were some earlier in the year like the article says. Ysh posted her own and there are several differentr ones you can find on the Sheilaaliens youtube channel posted in the last couple of weeks, too many for me to post specific links so take a look for yourselves.


I think it could be several things though im not so sure about HAARP which seems to be everyones answer to every question these days, though who knows. There are two types of noises, reported - those which sound natural and those which sound man made or mechanical. I do think people could be right in that it could be underground digging by the elite though it cant be to do with September because they just dont have enough time to build all these bunkers if thats what they are doing.


The natural noises, ringing from caves and rumbles seem like to do with the Earths plates being pulled on by energy or an astronomical alignment. Your right that the trumpets could be really noises like this, never thought of that.

I just listened to some strange noises recorded from a car on Sheilaaliens channel, not sure what they were but saw this message thumbed up below which you might find an interesting theory:


"same sound as Kiev

They are leaving Earth.The upcoming event couldn't be stoped.

These are the sounds of portals and loading equipment.

Before you laugh or answer back,try to understand.

Massive abandon of Earth."

I heard these last night! We must be on the same wave length lately Al Khemy! lol

I don't know what to think about the sounds from the car, or anywhere else. If it is aliens collecting their stuff before all hell breaks loose...then this is disheartening to us, because I know there are a lot of people hoping for a 'savior' in them...heavy underground machinery I guess is possible but doesn't make a lot of sense, like you said, they don't have enough time to build anymore underground bunkers if this is what is happening. However, I really don't think that's what this is, cause the underground bunkers have been being built for awhile now and these sounds are just now happening within the last year. I really believe the most logical explanation is that the Earth is getting ready to change and this is her growing pangs we are hearing. Whether by an outside force or by her own accord she is changing. We all know she is growing and changing, so this is no surprise...why should her making ominous sounds be surprising either? It might not be what is definitely happening but it's what makes more sense to me right now than any of the other explanations being offered up.

What if they were leaving the Earth not because its bad for us but bad for them? What if their atempt to halt the ascension isnt working and they cant stay here any longer due to the vibration increase and being unable to make it to the next dimension?

Hmmm,I don't know that anyone was/is actually leaving,personally. :)  I just feel like this is something more natural than anything else. I don't know why any e.t.'s would try to halt the ascension...I have heard of some that speak of it and are trying to help prepare (allegedly) , but I don't know why they'd want to stall it nor would I have an explanation for them not being able to handle the changes . I feel like they live or at least are capable of traversing multiple dimensions already ,so to say they couldn't cope with it doesn't make much sense, to me. (sorry)    

I think part of "our" changes will entail 'US' being able to perceive as well as use the other dimensions that are invisible to us right now. Part of the 'veils being lifted' will be to see ghosts, e.t.'s , other spectrum's of light/color, so on and so forth for all of us , not just the "gifted few". I'm going with  my 'gut' instinct on this one...and saying I don't think 'they' can't handle these changes and vibrations because I feel they already have experienced these changes and maybe that is why they can't stay here for long periods of time instead of vice versa.

Besides, even IF they are abandoning Earth before the changes... I'm here for the long haul...and even if they offered me and my family a ride out of here I wouldn't take it. I came here to assist the teachings and to rebuild (properly) and that's what I'm gonna do. With or without them.

All I want/need to know is what the hell are these sounds. Why are they happening? Where are they coming from (the sky or beneath us) ? And is there anything to do about it (mentally)? We are off to a good start here, we've opened a dialogue about this and I think if we keep putting our heads together we may figure it out. Meanwhile, I can't help but see us all (geologists and people filming the videos included) as still being primitive...We stand around hearing these sounds and wondering what they are...could be impending danger, could be massive earth changes, or even worldwide activation of eons old technology being activated for a mass take over...who knows! But we stand around or listen to these sounds with no idea what is about to happen. If we better understood them, maybe there IS something we could do to help the situation.


Perhaps there is some other explanation  than it being a natural 'phenomenon'. I do however respect your opinions on all subjects, so please take no offense to my not agreeing. And keep the ideas coming. I feel like we need to figure this out, if we can.


I dont think they are talking about positive ETs leaving, im thinking its the Elites and those with advanced tech who are mostly working with or from 3/4D worlds and not ready for 5D and above. Saying that I am not convinced thats what the noises are yet, I mean some sound almost sci fi movie like which I think is quite funny.


The other thing that made me think because people have talked of portals opening up towards the end of 2011 was also some of the stuff people like Nidle have said regarding Inner Earth. Could it be something going on with these inner Earth cities or hollow Earth people?

Oh lol I guess I misunderstood what you meant, that makes more sense....also the theory of the hollow earth or portals opening up could be a good possibility too. We've discussed the hollow earth theory before , I find it to be a very plausible hypothesis on many accounts.

Btw, did you hear about Virginia having an earthquake today??? 5.9 but  with the sandy soil we have in that region it is almost the equivalent of a 7.0 elsewhere, and it was felt in a large area of many states. Some roofs have collapsed from it, that's all I've heard so far.

More on this later gonna do some research.


Hey! I found a video with a compilation of some of the sounds being heard this year, now granted it doesn't have them all (like the Tibetan cave one or the Illinois one) however it is pretty good and one piece even shows a guy video taping a ufo changing colors and then the noise starts so maybe it is ufo's... idk but thought you'd like to see this. ;)


Thanks for the translation Ksenia! How cute.... :D

Ironically I listened to both of these last night on you tube while tooling around for more info....lol

The earth sounds from space are only heard in radio wave frequency not audible to human ears from what I understand about the "phenomena" ... 2ndly, I think the channeled alien speech is hard to believe for me, however the info said in it is all things we have been thinking of all the way down to some of us suggesting that it is noise from removal of equipment by portals opening and ufo's taking stuff up...don't understand how this can be happening and we can hear it but not see it...but maybe I am way wrong here , I don't know. : /  

But if you notice the dog in the background of the Kiev clip is whimpering , he knows this is something BIG that is happening, and I still feel like it is our own planet causing this , very possibly from the poles pulling/shifting and the tectonic plates pulling harder than normal in the process of massive changes, or like I said before outside forces...we will soon see. If we loose communication with each other soon, keep your eyes to the sky and your mind calm.

I still don't hold out any hope for being "saved", helped out later, maybe...but no 'saviors'. I was told by my higher self, guides, and some loud voice that WE are who we've been waiting for and I believe that. Not giving up my free will or power to anyone or anything again , it's mine for the keeping and doing something with. Good things, things to help others and our planet... :D That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;) As for the other stuff, I'll keep my mind wide open :D

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