What a soul looks like. Secret of the soul revealed!!

For those of you who did not know this is what the form and appearance of what a real soul is like below.A soul!! This is an artwork of a soul in pixel art, what your soul an appearance is like which is normally oval like a heart shape. Now you known what it means when they say your heart is up here where your head is. If you've heard of the term "Seat of the soul" in the third eye (pineal gland) then you now know what seats the 6th chakras gland. The pineal gland is really called a soul gland. A soul is a being with life and it is the higher you, your higher self. Souls are normally weak but some souls can devour other souls and absorb them to become smarter and stronger.

Souls devour other souls by using their intelligence to portal or jump from one head to another head to steal another souls body by absorbing their soul.

In Egyptian the soul is known as the Ba. Thep location of the soul and the pineal gland (Thirds eye) is at the center of the brain. 

The third eye isn the same color in aura as the ancient Black Blue Africans such as Blue Isis and Blue Ra or Amen Ra which are some of the most powerful Gods in existence which means their souls must be the most powerful.

Souls are supremely important to the body of a human because they keep the body alive and conscious. The soul is what controls the bodies thoughts and thought to animate any part of the body. The soul controls the bodies focus and concentration and all concerning meditation so that the body can go into a deep meditative state. The body is nothing without its soul because the without a soul in the third eye gland the body would not be capable of thinking or to even realize that they are still alive.

The soul is a creation of the original God of Africa, the twa people. The soul is your higher self, the heart. You are your souls avatar. 

 If you were to cut open a pineal gland may be lucky enough to see that the soul is inside. The soul usually leaves the body after their body dies to rebirth a new body. The souls seat is at the center of the brain in the pineal gland where the brains controls are located.

If you'd like to see your own soul the you will have to pray to your soul which is your higher self and at your soul shows itself too you in its purest form.

Without knowing of the existence of your own soul and its appearance causes many problems and prevents your aura from being visible to normal people who normally cannot see auras unless you've meditated enough.

Souls should train hard for trillions of years to become stronger so they can win their battles that they have everyday. Souls if you wish to have less battles everyday simply give your body a dream showing yourserlf what its like when you control your body. A soul would understand what I might. Ask your soul to show itself to you through your lucid eyesight. It will increase the power and strength of your higher selfing and meditation.

The form of the soul was sort of forcibly taught to be by the bearded Arcturian master of the Pleiad-Arcturian people. Satan and Lucifer also forcibly taught me about the form of mental souls.

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