Ok so if anybody has any idea what this is just respond.


Hopefully the photo will upload. My phone's already kinda crappy with pictures and lately all the photos have been messing up like this one, but I'm glad that you can still make out the marking.


So I woke up today, nothing unusual, no unusual dreams or sensations.


At one point my boyfriend left to walk the dogs and I went into the bathroom to get cleaned up to go grocery shopping and I noticed this big red spot on my left arm. As the red calmed down this marking appeared on my arm (see attached photo).


I do not recall this mark being there anytime prior in my day nor doing anything that could leave that mark.


My boyfriend even measure the chair rests on my computer chair to see if they were just imprinting on my arm, but the marking is not as wide as the rests nor do where the parts of my arm touch the chair even reach the marking.


The marking is on my left arm, little bit before my elbow, on the inside of my arm.


I didn't feel any pain when the marking came to be, and the marking does not look like any kind of scratch mark that my pet dog normally makes in any way.


What the hell is it and why did it appear?

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Do u still ahve it or did it disappear?
It's still there now

Julie Mahoney aka LuLu said:
Do u still ahve it or did it disappear?
Oh okay I ask because my son had a contact with a spirit which I learned was AA Metatron and hes saw red squares on his arms but when he came to show me they were gone.He was like hey where did they go?

Well thanks for you help anyways peeps.


The marking is pretty much disappeared now, though you can still see a couple of lines.


I do have a thing with spirits so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a visit related thing, though I don't know what the cylinder means. Maybe we'll find out later eh?



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