pray to the angels... aa michael

worship your body as the almighthy he it is

be appreciative of your body

spread gods words to toehrs

make sure all in your home is only of the lord
beautiful eautiful decoration
most heavenly colors

and the gods finest heavens angels singing on each cd in your cd player

make sure you in each action to others serve the lord, by kindness and gratefulness... thank you !:)

your clothes only the lords finest wearing, that is quality , and you feel great wearing. But not o great as to cause suffering to others.
your boots... the finest you can get, yet not as great as to cause suffering onto others.

your work.... any work... as long as you are grateful of the lord

the ways to the lord is also the opposite of what destroys your faith, spirit.
cold and calculating nature

these are the forces of lucifer we are up against ..

be ware... they will take any form, and poisonining you is possible too if you do not take precautions
always support those supporting God.

finest organic you can find always

so both you and the organic farmer grows healthy of spirit, and you can eat with delight in each mouthful , knowing what you put in is gods finest

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Sounds like those typical jehova witnesses at my door.

Thank you for kind reply. :) Seems I may like jehova then :))


I heard before they do spread the word of god, just dont have any experience with them. Some seem appreciative of them, in fact quite a few I heard.

We can only open up to god with an open heart

and no doubt

We must become like children yet again, to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Have a nice day



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