Dear Brothers and Sisters,


This is not the first time I asked for help and healing.  Remember a few month ago, there was bad bad haze in Singapore that caused by the burning of crops in Indonesia.  The haze got up to 400 over points which is dangerous for human health.   And precisely, it is happening now, lots of local people are diagnosed with cancer, mostly lung and stomach cancer.


I was admitted to the hospital one of those night when the haze was high and was very painful on my chest.  The doctor administrated the morhpic and release the pain but the pain was persistant.  Until I was given another dose of kind of medicine and I thrown out and released the pain.  After diagnose, the doctor said it was gastic reflex, nothing serious.  And I was discharged but occasionally I had the same similar pain and the medicine release it when I consume them. 


Unfortunately, now I have a big lump on my back of my right leg.  It was small but when I applied some medical oil like Panadol gel, etc.  It glow bigger and bigher and my right lung is in pain too.  I went for a consultation today and the partitioner took a aura photo of me.  I didn't want to go for the conventional treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery  cause as you know my sister-in-law was diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer and she went for the chemo and passed away on May this year.  I was so sad cause I assured her everything will be ok when we reached December (she was disgnosed on November).  Probably, this is the sadness and guilt that run on me now that caused me the lump (not know yet till tomorow).


So, here I am, writing with a heavy heart requesting for your prayers, distance healing and blessing so that I can be healed as soon as possible.  I was leaded to a website after praying and the site is very promising in curing many cancers.  You can check it out at - www.natures-glory.com   The owner is Peter Lim and he is a christian and a great seeking for cancer cure for the past 21 yrs.  At first, when I found the site, I didn't pay any attention - thinking it is gimmic advertisements but on the next day when I started my internet explorer, it was immediately presented to me.  I spoken to Mr Peter Lim today (he don't usually see people on Mon and Tue but he was so kind to make some time and spoken to me).  Unfortunately, the cost of the whole 6 months process of healing the cancer (if confirmed) will be around $4,500.  Compared to the conventional way, it would be likely around $30,000 to $50,000 and the converntional ways (chemo, radio, surgery) kills their patience more often. 


I am not asking for any donation (I know many starseeds are already in dire situations), so I only ask for your prayers, healing and blessing FOR US ALL.  I do not know why GOD have to let his lightworkers to go through such tough and painful process.   They keep saying they will protect and heal us but many lightworkers will either murdered or put to death with cancer insertion by the dark.  So, the line is - where is the safe area - I believe none.  If this Ascension will to drag on, imagine how many people will die of termainal illness, depression, suicide, etc.   And how they expect us to hold on with such little financial, the only think we can do now is "GOD HELP US!  DIRECT INTERVENTION IS NEEDED NOW! NO MORE DELAYS!".


May the LOVE be with you always.

Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.



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Beloved Shadow Walker and Beloved Windstar Spirit,


Thanks you very much for your kindness and prayers.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed it was a tumour and some of my organs are not fully functioning.

Fortunately, I found this partitioner who know the root cause of all these and he assured me I have a high percentage of full healing but the cost is around $4,500.  I need to borrow this amount from friend cause I do not want my family to worry and get upset again after the passing of my sister-in-law.

I strongly believe GOD has a purpose for me to seek this partitioner out cause after the passing of my sister-in-law on May this year, I was very upset and do a lots of research of the net about cancer.   And I found that the mainstream conventional ways (chemo, radio and surgery) are not curing the cancer patients fully, many relasped after the cure and most didn't make it.   And this alternate natural curing therapies is curing the cancer patients effectively and yet the local authorities will trying very hard to suppress his services and products cause the main pharmactical companies do not want cure for cancer patients cause cancer is a very huge business.  Just like in States, they jailed a few guys who offered the alternative cancer cure with Hemp Oil and Apricot Seeds.

I hope this 3D game is going to be over soon otherwise we will have hard time finding solution to solve all our Earth problems.


PS : I promised this partitioner that I will be his testimony after I am fully cured and I will work at his store voluntaningly and hope I can learn more from him.   Perhaps, this is the answer GOD is giving and leading to me when I yell that I want to be a healer.  Bless and pray for me then. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Thanks a million!


May the LOVE be with you always.

Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.


Prayers and healing to you my friend. <3

Sending Light & Love

Hi, I will send you healing energy.  If you are able to take Dandelion Root I know it has been very helpful for people with cancer & it also helps your immune system.  I will add some links. l n l xx




Dear Piperon, sorry to hear about this, it must have been quite a shock for you.

There are two things that come to mind that may help. Curcumin is a powerful anti cancer component from the turmeric root, and they are doing lots of studies on it, and finding it is is good for hundreds of health issues. A man in England thinks it got rid of his cancer and I can send you the link.

There is a book written by a cancer surgeon, Bernie Siegel MD, who found cancer survivors had the same characteristics which you can model. It is called 'Love, Medicine and Miracles.' And is a fascinating book about the link between mind and body, specifically around cancer.
I will send you regular healing.

Are you sure this Peter Lin is genuine? Have you checked his background and what treatment is he offering? You can write in private if you want. I always check people out first.
Love to you.
Put 'chris beats cancer allan taylor' into a search engine to get the diet details of 78 year old Allan Taylor's recovery from cancer. He says it cost him £30 a week.

I may help you

Also check out a 10 minute video on youtube by chrisbeatcancer, called what every new cancer patient needs to know. Its advice from a recovered patient about things he wished he had known at the beginning of his diagnosis.

Thanks beloved all above kindred people (wish I can answer to everyone),

Thanks you guys for the kind words and encouragement.

I leave my fate to the Divine Creator and he knows what is best for me.


Oh by the way, beloved Mahadom, how can you help me?


May the LOVE be with you always.

Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.


The Gerson Therapy. You have nothing to fear. Look into it

God bless you and your life..


I have this amazing device..and it's very effective in eliminating all pathogens.

Read the testimonials.


6 Natural Cures for Cancer Video

You need to Understand how to make your Immune System Much Stronger!

I take these supplements below, helping me alot.

Alkalize your body  www.alkalife.com

Take Sub-lingual Liquid Vitamin D       by  Biotics

Take lots of Pro-Biotics in Pearl Form or Enteric Coated


Every Cancer which is the Overgrowth of Fungus can be Eliminated in Weeks



Amazing Devices to Eliminate All Diseases..


The reason on a higher level, why Diseases come to us.

Love this website

I hope this Helps for the highest and good of all.



Dear Piperon,

                         you are wise in asking for prayers. The power of collective prayer has been experimented with in many ways. I personally wish for your very, very best welfare, whatever that may be. The universe knows, and your higher self.

I know of a few people who've rid their body of cancer following raw food regimes. There's also vitamin therapy! Super high doses of vitamin c administered intravenously has had huge success in treating cancer. There's also a trend on Facebook promoting cannabis oil as being an effective treatment.

All the best to you, dear friend. Much love!!!

Love, love, love and more love!! <3

Hari Haraye Namah

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