Hi everyone. Long time no see.
Sorry I've been away so long, but I've been under attack...
Recently, somethings "woken" up, and is now trying to take me down. I am dealing with a negative spirit (human), and or demon...it's hard to say...but I've been recording the experiences, and getting help from loved ones...It is a very difficult time...How many of you have been attacked by something from the spirit realm? How were you able to fight it, and move on with life? I need some encouragement, please...
Take care of yourselves

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Hello. I have experienced negative being attacks on me as well, what I did was pray and charge my room with positive and loving energy (something they dislike). That worked with the first "attacks". I then had a stronger negative being start draining me and trying to put fear into me do I got a bowl of salt and blessed it, then I spread it throughout my room while chanting forgiveness and love towards the one trying to harm me. My way of defending is through forgiveness and love towards them mainly while doing rituals and prayer to Angels, positive beings, etc. I know you'll make it through :). Much love and peace to you <3 Have a blessed night/day! Hope I helped.

I have never been physically attacked, but my whole family has seen this very tall shadow being, I am unsure what to think because again this being has never confronted me but little things has happened like knocking at doors and strange noise's, one time I did hear an electronic voice say something close to my ear, I couldn't make out what this voice said but very well know it happen while being awake. I have had off and on feelings about this being like well maybe this is my guide but she/he doesn't want me to know who they are and I have had other times where I feel it is harmful, quite unsure, I have thought about getting some physics and ghost hunters lol in my house too find out what is around my family but I know my parents wouldn't go for it even though they believe in ghost, Also I would love to hear what is happening in your home if your okay with sharing abit more. :)

I don't know what you will think about this picture I took but I swear it is not a fake, I added coloring effect to see the face better and rotated the picture upside down and seen this face in picture, maybe it just my eyes seeing what they want to see or expecting too see IDK but I def see a face in it and would love anyone else's thoughts on it.

Hey, Me too, last night. They hung me up in my hands in like you know these slaughter hooks they use on animals and cut my ear off.

I called on archangel Michael and was able to fly away into the sky, and I woke up in my bed but not fully they were trying to pull me back into sleep. So I continued the fight to wake up calling more angles and Jesus. Finally I woke up.
My techniques is usually asking for help. Usually archangel Michael. Sometimes I fight. I think one other technique would be going into the heart space. I havent tried it cause archangel Michael always helps me.

Shanti Joy

『How many of you have been attacked by something from the spirit realm? How were you able to fight it, and move on with life? 』

I have dealt with forms of possession since around the time of birth due to a generational curse and other factors; psychic-spiritual attack is a primary aspect of my living reality, in a sense, part of the quality that forms the human personality of this incarnation.

In any event, with background introductions largely aside, I'll try to begin giving a few helpful tips based from living experience:

Depending on what magnitude and essence of attack you are dealing with, as well depending on the nature of entity you are dealing with, approaching this at the level of 'fighting' may likely not be the most ideal perspective to maintain for handling this being.

Now then, there are a million little things you can do such as burn sage, sprinkle salt around the room (particularly where you sleep, entrances/windows), play spiritual loving music, wear magnetic jewelry, position crystals, wear white colors, fast, so forth.

These things can be legitimately helpful; you may wish to experiment with a few to see what works.

That said, I am going to get into the meat and potatoes, and proceed assuming you are dealing with a demon class entity:

Psychic-spiritual warfare may be the most profoundly difficult experience possible in life, incarnate or otherwise; I have nearly gone insane or have otherwise therein experienced spiritual tortures vastly exceeding what could be physically experienced by the human vessel alone.

Although it is unlikely yours will be quite as dire, regardless certain advice remains constant in most situations: Do not attempt to attack it aggressively, even if you possess the psychic-spiritual energetic capability for doing so. The reason for this being that such entities tend to be profoundly clever relative human sentience levels, with most attacks against it likely only going to end up feeding it, or end up with you attacking yourself in ways you could have not have preconceived. Identity confusion may ensue, psychosis may arise...avoid aggressive attack.

Keep in mind what these beings seek: Food, energy, sustenance. They feed on your lower negative emotions; learn to master these in meditation by calming emotion, and stilling yourself by sitting quietly until the storm passes, even if it feels like you are being crucified.

For it is only the Light Within that will free one from the greatest of Existential Darkness.

In any event, meditate, and don't feed the entity. The more you feed negative emotion, the more it will further manipulate your emotion and thought, confusing you, and causing you to feed it yet more negative emotion and energy...incurring a very nasty downward cycle.

I have known several on this site over the years who have dealt with similar such entities...of these, success in getting rid of them has been limited. The greatest key has generally been learning to live with, not fight.

Ultimately, only you can know your situation. I might only suggest one meditate to better learn oneself and what is going on, as well as ways to better handle the matter.

If you happen to stay on the website, and continue to maintain concern regarding the topic, or otherwise feel you might find meaningful communication, feel free to add me as a friend.

In any event, the choices are yours; best of luck on your journey.

Only once.
I'm not even sure if it was just a dream, because it was like a Dementor straight out of Harry Potter. It was sucking away at my energy. Dream or not, I woke up while I felt this thing sucking away.

I have had a few run ins with negative energy. I usually say a prayer and surround myself with a bright white protective light. I also do not acknowledge them and send out lots of love and light, they hate that :)

It may be your shadow self, they can be influenced pretty easily by demonic entities or low level black magicians.

I'd identify what the spirit is attempting to exploit and psychologically work on any deficiencies in the thoughtform or its relation to others that causes it to be a sore spot. Also getting rid of as many addictive behaviors and negative thought patterns as possible is crucial for sealing yourself from negative energies. Not to troll the carnivorous folk on here but I'd definitely try to cut meat out if you haven't already; those murder frequencies definitely don't help in these cases. Regularly finding and unhooking crap along with purifying exercises (violet flame, mantras, Merkabah spinning, etc.) is also important although tiresome and maddening after awhile.

During an actual attack though, defense is like any force field game; you can think of it as dancing or just mma. If you apply pressure directly it'll repel or entangle you with your own force like a Chinese finger trap or Jar Jar Binks' shield. The trick is to slip and slide around or away. I've been successful with it every time someone's tried to use sleep paralysis, the last time they even called over another to help so it's definitely effective.

Diamonds or light spheres can help although I haven't found them to be all that effective since you need to consciously keep them which is just not realistic. If it's your shadow self it will prob be trying to step up throughout your entire life. I just remind myself that we're just in a video game and all of us idiots here are kids essentially just trying to play with each other if that helps.



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