Hey everyone

I'm curious to know if theres anyone on here who like me has two middle names? in my bubble of reality I'm the only person I know who has, doesn't make me any different just interested.


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Yeah I have three but only use one. The stupid comments by people that read my ID will never end though. Someone asked me what language my last name was once not long ago (it's English, the language we're speaking...) so I guess this is the world we live in. I actually have a bureaucratic gap that's caused me trouble before since my birth certificate combined two of them since it ran out of space while my ss card has it normally.
I used to dread having my name read out in school assembly haha I have two very well spoken English middle names.
I also have two middle names I usually only use one.

I wish because my only one is horrible. You get to have a back up :)

I do, im scandinavian, ppl there usually do
Ive had comments and looks but why should i be bothered when its common practice where im from, and also, not my choice then its them thats in the wrong, not me. I refuse to take such aboard.

Wow, Yes, I have two middle names. one name is from my mom, and the other middle name was to be a name sake for my Aunt. It's hard when I fill out paper work for example when I was renewing my drivers license. The man over the counter looked at me
strange and said you have two middle names. It's hard at times.

Its their programming, everything that sticks out, is made strange almost like arrest them! It will come.. Im like so what, tough shit, you have a problem deal with it. Not my issue.

My daughter has two middle names. She hates writing them all out :)

I personally don't but both my children do. Simply because we liked a couple of names for them each and then also included a third name after family members.
I also knew somebody who only gave their children one name but when each child reached the age of 12 they got to pick there own middle name.
People and their programming. They should be happy people got beautiful names. So 3D.

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