Hello friends.

Today i chose to write, because my journey brought me over mountains and through tales to a point where i am now, a point where I feel i can share something with all that is worth sharing, though i do not know how this article is going to develop i am confident that it is shining with my light and that it is a gift of love and I pray that my words might run over the screen in the most beneficial way for all. And if it is too long, you might chose to start reading with the option to stop if you do not like it :)

I start to speak about truth. Truth, a big word and i say straight away that i do not speak to you what i consider truth, and that this text will not ask you to believe a thing.
How can we know truth ? Can we identify it when we hear or read it ? Can we know our heart or intuition speaks the truth ? Truth is not subjective, it is not personal, truth, as i use the word, speaks of that which describes the nature of reality, no changing through the one that looks at it. I speak of truth as the color of god. And words that point to truth might do so, but truth can not be said, it is an experience like love, like life, it might be the beauty of the love of god. But whatever truth is, not knowing truth is not a dead end :)

It is ok friends, not to know if what you hear is true. It is a sign of strength to acknowledge this, and when you see that you might not see in the light of truth so what can you do ?

What is it that you do ?

I say keep walking, I say choose that which you consider the best path, chose what you might choose with your perspective to be the best path to go and speak the words

I choose truth

speak them to your subconcious for it knows and hears your choice and speak it to the force of the creator that is everywhere, speak it I choose truth and speak to your subconcious, for it might be full of limits and walls and selfdoubts and insufficiency, the words

I allow myself to see all in the light of truth,

I allow myself to know truth about me, about life, about all beings, about god

If you choose so and speak this choice you certainly have direction and I know if you keep walking and I might quote the Emerald Tablets written by beloved Master Brother Thoth, that say something similar to 'conquer the mountains of fear, climb them and keep your eyes on the light' and I tell you you will stand in the light of truth, and you might see the beauty of life, the beauty of all that is and the beauty of love.

And I encourage you to chose and chose anew, that which you consider best along the way, in the knowledge that you do not know, if those who speak to you speak the truth, if their scriptures, their allies, all the beings, work in the name of divine love, if they speak of the truth

and if you do not like the path you go so chose anew and anew, and dont be hard with you, for you always did just that, you chose what you thought is best.

And if it is Truth that you chose so I encourage you to look again and again at yourself, at your eyes and thoughts, the pictures you paint of that which you might consider evil or that what you look up to, and see the colours that you paint, and see the realtionship to your parents and yourself, and look and look again :)

And I want to to speak now about good, about the search of everyone of us, and this is a message of love, and the eyes that see what i speak about, are eyes of love, are eyes of compassion, my dear friends.

And so I ask you to think about that which you want, that which you like, that which you desire, your visions, your dreams, and these might be material dreams, as a boat, a car, they might be dreams of power, of fame of popularity, of might, as a king, a wizard or sorceress, a lord or god, a mighty one, and they might be of feelings such as joy, as peace, as love, it might be dreams of friendship and of ease, of happy times, of sunshine and of beaches, let yourself dream and don't take yourself back, there might be lots of things i did not mention, maybe you dream of intelligence, of wisdom, whatever it is that you wish.

And now ask yourself why do you wish yourself that ? What do you expect of that ? Why is it that you would choose that, have that, be that, experience that ? and why do you want that ? and what it is that you really want than ?

And you might come up if you go on and on - you might come to an end that sounds similar to - because it feels good, because it is good, because i want to feel good. And Maybe if you chose so, you might think and if you could, you might wish everyone and forever to feel this, to feel good, the good in all its colors, freedom, love, compassion, joy, health, friendship, creativity.

And as you see that this good is what you want think of the others that are here on earth, and those beyond and you might see that all and every single one wants just that.

And as you see that we, humans, are masters of limiting beliefs, you might see how everyone just strives to get at least a glimpse of this good, this supergood, you see this in the manipulation of the ones that often are referred to as the dark ones, as a belief of insufficiency and a strive to a feeling of wholeness, saying again and again I am not enough, or a dream of creativity and power, you might see it in the defence, in the wearing of masks and acting false or following a group or any other following or behaving untruly as a cry for acceptance, for community, for a glimpse of love, and you might go on and see that all and every one just want that, that good.

And as you see that maybe your eyes too are eyes of compassion, compassion to all those limited minds, all those lost children that went sofar for the good, the same good you want,I want, the same good everyone wants, and you see how far it brought some, for they even hurt others in the cry for their pain to end, for justice to be found, and their thoughts as we all might have experienced run mad and more and more into the darkness, into the mist of confusion of illusion, so that they hurt and manipulate others on the quest to find the good, and in the deepness of their minds, of the labyrinths and confusion they might have long forgotten, but the seed, the search for the good always remains, it is there in everyone, and it is the original reason for every action, for every word that is said and thought, it is just distorted by the beliefs and thoughts and choices made long ago.

So if you see that we all want that good, that same good, that paints its blessings and gifts in many colors, the colors of freedom, the colors of joy, the colors of love, the colors of being a hero or whatever other color you might imagine, they all are the colors of the good, and you might see that this all are colors of love, of divine love and that there is nothing else but love, and you might disagree and it does not matter.

Why is it that everyone wants that good, that same thing or feeling, that good - why is it that everyone knows or feels deep inside that everyone of us deserves that feeling, no matter how many undeserving beliefs are lying ontop of that ?

This good and the quest for it, the knowing that it is there to be experienced for everyone of us is inside everyone, and no matter what it makes one do, it always is the same inside, the knowing that this good is mine, that we deserve it, that it is all we want.

And all the limits we lay upon us, the veils that lie upon our eyes, are like filters for that good, and we see that the good that comes to us is filtered by all these beliefs, these veils, and when we see that my friends, we see that this good is everywhere, that this good is all there is, that it is the one and only nature of reality, of all that is, and that our veils, our beliefs, are all nothing but illusions, and veils infront our eyes, that turn the view from this supergood, this magnificent holy that is ours to take always. And as we see our veils, our fears, our beliefs and feel their density in our field of view, before our sight, we also feel that the one that looks at them, the one that feels them, is not that heavy, but as light as this good, that it is not different in its vibration from this good, and that the wise were right when they said, closer than the eyes can see, nearer than hands and feet, and we might just look inside and find that good, as all that is.

And to those who fear the message of religions, that fear the almighty, the god and its or his or her punishment so i ask you, as you see with compassion and forgiveness and even love into everyone thats lost in their veils and illusions with only one desire - to find the good that they are, if you see so, or just the good - how can the great, the god, be less compassionate and forgiving ? for it,he or her, is the source of all, even the source of this great love and compassion, and the desires, and no vision, for they all come from that, can be bigger than it.

And maybe before you already saw that the way you look at god, might be colored in similar colors like the way you look at your father or mother, yourself, or heros, or badmen, people or beings you look up to, and that the issues, maybe of respect, of honor, of blasphemie, of equality, are colors that are in all of these, and so you might see clearly that your view on god and on yourself might not be clear :)

And as you speak of your choice for truth, the choice of truth, and as, if you do not know what is truth and chose the best way to go, with that which you see, with these your eyes as clear as they are, you might chose love as a fragrance to be with you always, and in the face of every being, if some told you they were bad or they were good. Any choice you make, i know you chose what you see is the best choice.

And it might be one choice for you to chose to be with all your being a being of love, no matter what you know or not to be true, no matter how much you know. And i can tell you it is a beautiful choice to make, yet it is not right or true, nor is it wrong. It is as every choice your choice.

And I encourage you to always, again and again, every now and then express, to yourself, your subconcious, as well as to the lifeforce, the godforce, your creator, the source of all that is, and to all life and everyone you chose, that you are always open for new insight,  for your perspective to change, for a new way to look at things, for moments of grace, and you might say it every day or even several times a day and it might sound like this

I allow myself to see truth

I allow myself to know truth

I allow myself to gain new insight in the truth of life, the nature of reality and god and myself at everytime

and I allow myself to let go of old limiting beliefs that don't serve my highest and greates vision, and i allow my highest and greatest vision to grow and expand and get greater and more and more beautiful every day, every moment, every step along the way.

And you might chose to speak other affirmations as well, and the beauty of these is, that no matter which words you use, even words as holy, sacred, bright, shining, beautiful, you never lift yourself higher than another being, you never speak blasphemious or unrespectful to any being because your affirmations might sound like this

I allow myself to be as holy as i am

I allow myself to be as clear as i am

I allow myself to be as loving and loved as i am

I allow myself to be as intelligent, as wise, as joyful, as innocent, as aware, as awake, as peaceful, as inspired, as creative, as strong, as powerful, as mighty, as divinely guided and protected... as I AM. :)

I allow myself to be all that I am

I accept myself as I am

I allow myself to shine in all my light, to stand in all my power, to see as clear as i really and truly do.

And as you see others that show you things youd like to do, that make you dream or want to be them, then know that it is you who likes these stories, who likes these things, who things these things to be nice and that means that they are part of you, and that you can chose to do things like that when you like and that noone is taking anything from you, or is better than you and you might speak to the universe, to all the beings and angels and friends and to god your creator and the creator of all that is 


I hope these words were a gift for some, that they might help to nurture the seeds of your own beauty and magnificence and that they bless and gift you with your own fruits of this beauty, this love, this joy, this good that you are :) 

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