I just was out stargazing. I saw Pleiades and tried to take a pic with my phone but it didn't work. I started praying and asked my guardian angel for help in my life and then I saw what looked like a flock of geese, shapewise. Like a V composed of about 20 "geese". Except it was lit up and geese don't light up like that nor did they make the honks I hear when geese fly by. Then the lights started switching around in complex movements and I knew geese don't do that. They constantly fly in a V. Then it flew over my house and I went around the house real quick but it disappeared.

I have seen ufos before but this one trumps all of them. I didn't feel like I should take a pic for some reason.


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It only lasted seconds. If I had taken my phone out and tried to take a pic I would have missed it. Opinions would be much appreciated. I would like to know who was in it most of all.

I think nobody can tell really where it is from or who it was without more details.

TRB3 Spacecraft? :)

Possibly kjell, but a better way to put it would be it was in the shape of a boomerang. In other words it's like a triangle except it is at more of an angle than an equillateral triangle but it didn't have a base. So like a really wide V. I will try to get pics/video if it happens again.
Also I read about the black triangle craft and most of the reports reported them moving very slowly. Whatever this was is pretty fast.

Hey guys, I got a photo of one by accident while taking a photo of the sunset. I put two pics here, one was with the object/objects in it the other was after I saw the objects in the photo and attempted to take another pic, but nothing showed up. I was told it is my ancestors telling me they are here for me and that they love me. Please do not share these photos, these are for this forum only, and I do not wish for them to go viral, even though theres a ton of pics out there I thought Id add that. But if you think I should make a separate post on here I will do so

First pic you can see three spheres that form a narrow triangle, or so it seems from the view of the photo. There could possibly be a fourth sphere in the top right

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