Thoughts and experiences related to Stan Romanek's documentary

Last night I watched the documentary film available on Netflix about the Stan Romanek abductions and contact with alien beings. I never heard of his story before and I must say that I was really impressed. To the point that I could barely sleep last night, remembering a bunch of 'incidents' that I have experienced in life that are quite similar to his.

when I was nine years old I began to look at the world differently. I began to realize, for some reason, that the reality I was in was 'wrong' in some ways (probably compared to what I 'thought' or 'understood' reality was about) and I began to feel trapped in this illusion (what later I began to understand was the 3D reality). One night (I was still nine years old) I was abducted and clearly remember being on a ship, looking through its 'window', flying over a forest and over a big round lake and, suddenly, the ship immersed in the water until it reached a dome of something that seemed made of glass and there was a lot of light underneath it.. the ship crossed this dome and there was no more water there. we were flying again. To this point I don't recollect anyone else with me. As we reached the ground, a group of very tall beings, with a very loving energy was there to welcome me and I remember one being in particular, a male, with elongated skull, who seemed to be some kind of a 'leader' to the others and he began to show me around. With him, there was a boy, a human child, younger than me, who accompanied me in the tour, side by side. He was showing us their cities, houses made of crystals, their food (gigantic fruits), their pristine and colorful nature, the animals that lived among them... and while he was doing that, he was teaching us about the concept of other worlds, of their world and the world we came from. All I remember next was waking up in my room, sitting on my bed.

A few nights after that experience I woke up one night, in the middle of the night and there were 12 being in my room. Three of them looked human, very beautiful and tall beings (one female - who did all the talking, and two male ones, one of them wearing a very long cape with a hood that I could barely see his face), but others had different appearance (none looked like the grey almond shaped eyed or interbred beings caught on Romanek's camera) and some where just balls of light that hovered in the air. She said (and the way she would speak was similar to what Romanek described, as she communicated as a voice in my head that wasn't my voice or thoughts) I was part of their family and had come here with a purpose and that I should not be afraid and that they would be coming back often. Different than the beings that visited and stalked Romanek, they appeared as spirits, they were not not here in flesh and blood, but as if their bodies were made of light, as if that was just a projection of them, not their physical self. after that night, these beings would wake me up every night and teach me about the universe, of earth.. they would tell me to observe my parent's ways, because I would learn a lot about what life on earth was really about and, at the same time, they would be teaching me about how life on other worlds were about. Most of the night, just these three beings would show up, and many times some orbs would be joining, although I don't remember communicating with them (at least not the way I thought at the time communication occurred). Their teachings were very similar to what Romanek describe, as they would give me a whole bunch of images and, for some reason, I could understand what those images meant, as if that was the language they used. These images were some kind of compacted information, as if a zip file that would be downloaded into my mind and that I had a profound feeling that I already knew all that. it seemed that they wanted me to remember that information. Those visits continued every night until I was 11-12 years old. They would call themselves The Council of Twelve and were one of the multidimensional teams of what they called 'The Galactic Federation of Light'. The last time they came to my room, all of the twelve were present and they told me that I have learned and remembered what I needed to continue my life here and now I needed to be fully immersed in the human ways, to learn about this planet's problems and difficulties, so that I contrast that to all I have learned/remembered from them and could fulfill my mission when I was older. The year after that was devastating to me as I have lost my family. I had difficulties being here without their support, love and energy, and it reached a point that, at thirteen years old, I grabbed a bunch of my father's medicine (2 whole boxes of Valium 10mg) and took them all at once, in the night. I wrote a letter to my family explaining that I could not be in this world anymore, it was too harsh to be on earth, and that I wanted to go back 'home'. As I began to feel the effects of the medicine, the woman (her name was Maha) showed up in my room and said they would take care of me and took me out of my room.

After that, I remember I was laying down on something as hard as a table, but I could not open my eyes. I could hear sounds identical to the ones Romanek recorded on the phone (that made him pass out) and I could feel hands touching me and moving me around, not only horizontally but also vertically, just like he describes in one of his abductions. I felt that a week has passed and I was still there being healed. at one point, I could begin to open my eyes very slowly and I was in a white room, laying over a high white table, with some sort of medical advanced technology around me and three adult beings that were exactly the same as the ones Romanek caught on tape and described in drawings: greyish/blueish in color, bald, very big head, very big almond-shaped eyes, no obvious sign of nostrils, and a thin lipped mouth. They were about my height (I was thirteen) and had a very loving/curing energy. They told me they were cleaning me up, that life on earth seemed harsh at first, but that was the reason I was there in first place. They said that, over time, I would find beauty on earth, an life will not be that harsh anymore. They also said that the children wanted to meet me and suddenly the room was filled with smaller beings, many human hybrid (they looked very similar as the ones Romanek described and photographed), and they were all smiling, touching and caressing me, and seemed curious about me and my human form. I remember feeling that they have known me in a different form than the one I have now. At some point they said I was ready to go back and that they would always be with me, so I didn't have to feel lonely anymore. All I remember after that is my mother waking me up in my room to go to school. The letter and the medicine boxes were nowhere to be found. It was a big shock for me to be back on earth. I realized I was stuck here and the next years were very difficult for me. I was often confused and hurt on an emotional level.

When I was 24 years old I moved to England (I'm from Brazil) to study and live with my boyfriend at the time, and the moment I got there I started to feel very depressed. A week living in that new country I was buried in the couch, not being able to perceive any future there or anywhere else. Than, one night, after so many years, I was woken up in the middle of the night by Maha and the two other male beings (they were from Sirius) saying that it was time to connect the learnings i got from them in my childhood and the learnings I got from living on earth. It was a very magical appearance. When I woke up, my boyfriend had arranged a ticket for me to go back to Brazil on that same day. He didn't know about any of these experiences or about this whole dimension of my life, but as strange as all that was, I was confident I had to go back and was somehow relived to leave that relationship and those study plans behind.

For me, that was my real awakening. As I got back home I felt I was being directed and supported by The Council of Twelve - and my original Arcturian family - to heal the emotional wounds I collected and re-program my mindset to a more galactic one, in order to continue with my purpose here. I'm 37 years old now and I've never seen them again the way I used to see them and communicate with them. At times I have experienced some of the things I mentioned before (that Romanek also describes in the documentary) as being moved around and healed, being abducted (although I could not remember as clearly as before) and been given messages (although not as clear as before). But all that have helped me get as awaken as I am now, Apart from very few times, when something magical has happened in the 3D world like portals being opened and I received messages from a rainbow that appeared magically in the sky and stopped time to give me messages, when I received a great and overwhelming amount of energy when I was sitting on an earth grid in Mexico, when I was magically drawn to a place in Turkey to receive some knowledge, when I was stopped in the middle of the street and being given information by a peasant who had very strange physical features, when I was given 'dreams' that were too real to be just dreams and when I was magically drawn to a dermatologist who removed an implant that was put in my skull when I was 19 and a week later I found that that doctor did not exist (a similar experience Romanek describes in the doc, but in his case, was not an implant).

Sorry for the long post but after last night I was really drawn to write here about all this and I wonder what are your thoughts on Romanek's experiences, the experiences I describe here and your own.

love and light, Bia

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Stan Romanek is accused of being a faker. Sorry. But it seems true. That's why I would not watch his 'documentary'. It does not serve the purpose of disclosure at all but ridicules it.

He partly made very simple videos where everyone sees they are faked. Grey beings lurking through his window at night. Throwing a pen or data stick around during an interview to fake paranormal activity.

Come on ... who believes that? He can't be trusted. He seems in it for the money.

Same as Corey Goode if you ask me.

I understand, Half way reading your experience i somehow knew you were sirian :) . Keep sharing your experiences as they serve as a guiding light for many. Your presence on earth is immensely cherished.

Love and blessings <3


I watched about 10 minutes before I decided he was faking too hard to make an entertaining movie.

What made you think he was faking? Any Clues?

Lightning Rod said:

I watched about 10 minutes before I decided he was faking too hard to make an entertaining movie.

Ayush, I'm Arcturian, actually... But have been connected to Sirian, Pleidians and Agarthans. Thank you for your words <3

Ayush Dixit said:

I understand, Half way reading your experience i somehow knew you were sirian :) . Keep sharing your experiences as they serve as a guiding light for many. Your presence on earth is immensely cherished.

Love and blessings <3


Lightening Rod, I totally understand... I was not too excited about the images... but the descriptions.. I felt some of them were too similar to experiences I had. I know he faked a lot of it, and its a shame.. specially the images and videos.. but that does not mean he has never experienced encounters. At least I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lightning Rod said:

I watched about 10 minutes before I decided he was faking too hard to make an entertaining movie.

I believe if you are a starseed and have experienced encounters, there are some things that feel strange in his story... Of course everyone experience encounters or communication in a different way, but it seems that, specifically the images and videos he shot are not very credible. Even though its a shame that he faked part of the 'proof' he claimed to have, I wouldn't say it is all fake. He lost his credibility, but I prefer not to judge so fast.

turtles said:
What made you think he was faking? Any Clues?

Lightning Rod said:

I watched about 10 minutes before I decided he was faking too hard to make an entertaining movie.

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke has some good stuff if your interested in this type of stuff.

Turtles 9, I totally agree...Aliens calling on the phone? looking through the glass door? That doesn't make much sense.. And if the beings he is connected to are too loving and caring, as he mentioned it himself, why he wakes up peeing blood and with a bloody nose? I feel that he did have experiences, and that is why I wanted to share some of mine, because I do see resemblance. However, for some reason, he felt he had to emphasize his experiences and started to prop things up. It's a pity because he loses credibility and ridicule what other people have actually experienced.

turtles said:
I have to say I had some red flags pop up while watching it. I had some gut responses to this video. For one I have never had extraterrestrials knock on my door or call me, or pop up through my window. Have you? It seems that a human would come up with the idea for a space alien to peek through the window.

Another hit I got when he showed the light from a UFO in his lawn area was that it as a light shinning.

I had a dream where I was laying on the table while someone was overseeing my death, and the procedure was very controlled and it was safe (at least I think). Afterwards they gave me something to drink. I did not wake up with a bloody nose or anything like that. His abductions seem extra violent. I have done a lot of listening to and reading from people who have had encounters and his seems a bit off the mark.

I wonder why if he is faking would a group of people get together to lie for him? How much money can he get from something like this?? And as for the government shutting him up was he ever working for the government? Is the government trying to shut up David Wilcox? Or Cory Goodee?

The orbs seemed correct though going through the house, because I have had a dream where an orb went through the house.

Also if he did do what they say he did then why is he attracting attention to him? Could it be the case of a man riddled with guilt that they have to come up with something to distract them? I wonder what a body language expert would say?

Hi Turtles, I just listened to the pod cast you posted... that's exact;y what I mean.. I saw similarities in Romanek's encounters with my own. but there are so many other descriptions that mention similar experiences... One thing that is interesting in the stories described in the podcast are actual physical encounters here on earth. Yes, they do happen, but we hear about things that happened a long time ago, in remote areas.. aliens showing up in the middle of a town, as Romanek describes, is unheard of. He admitted he faked some of the encounters, and I like to believe others really happened. My guess is that he had encounters through abduction and, eager to share his experiences and unable to prove them, he faked most of the photos and videos.

thanks for sharing the podcast, I will certanly search for this book.

turtles said:

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke has some good stuff if your interested in this type of stuff.

The books are better than the documentary! I believe Stan R, is for real. And your experiences is something you should hold on to! Thanks for sharing!

My sense about this is that Stan Romanek had real experiences, and that later on, he tried to make it look like he was faking, in order to discredit himself.

Furthermore, I sense that discrediting himself is not done out of fear but out of love.

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