i came to this site for many reasons. one was to observe the situation and how far along many of you are in the awakening process. what level people are in the ascension scale.
but i find very few who are on the same scale i am and i expected that i have met very few..and iam not talking about point of views but just experience in general or knowledge obtained.

i knew there would be posts about awakening and problems you all have with symptoms you are having. also how to help each other and i am glad to see that. but i am shocked at the lack of trust to share with others. also how many humans are on this site. why do we even have a entrance application to get in the site? not trying to be a pain but they do cause a lot of problems with not understanding us. that is why a lot of us came to this site for sanctuary and to find answers to questions that others are the same in retrospect. to not be trolled by those who do not truly believe or understand.so we do not have to be misunderstood or for them to tell us we are lieying. just to pick a fight just because they do not have the experience. but i see fear in this sites members for posting anything of what they know. for a lot of the members here do to ridicule. it makes them not want to post at all. but i see fear in this sites members for posting anything of what they know. expecaly the more advanced stuff. for a lot of the members here do to ridicule. it makes them not want to post at all. however i see a lot of people in fear of being unacknowledged lacking direction to find answers and a lot of people who are having issues accepting change do to they have no power over what is going on.

i expected to see ones who advanced in their studies. with sacred geometry, knowledge of ET tech, advanced healing, knowledge on their race or races they interact with. more sharing of experiences with astral and dimensional travel, even abductions and trying to connect all the dots of who and what as a team. thoughts on bettering society. and none of it has to be perfect. even those who work for higher beings do not have it all.

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As i recall, you were not keen on hearing out my experiences. Not only you but others but i just find this rather ironic.

Anyway, i meet your standards. I merely have no interest in wasting breath on those who are going to disregard my words.


Welcome. The surface is not the pond and not all explore deep waters yet. The Shape of things on this world and the beings in development, awakening, and manifestations within the ascension cycle involve many manifolds of dimensions and experience. To me you present with 12 strands of DNA active and in 4D. This last year has been one of very dynamic change with many issues that previously had been constraining, now are simply just irritating to you. You are fully awake, aware and in no dire need of "Ascension"

I may be in error for this assumption. However, if I may, One topic of experience I feel we share is that of the Traveler. A fully conscious physically integrated walk in. The primary difference from this verses the soul type experience is that the transition to human was in a dark matter body intact or as I prefer the Obsidian state.

I underwent this process eighteen years ago via a portal in Tempe Az. A direct implantation into my human form. I suspect this is the same for you. But I could be in error. Lately, I have been developing materials for reawaking physic and psionic skills for all in human form. I have attached a pdf containing the tool chest for your use. Good luck and Blessings fellow traveler.


Lyran ConfederacyJASPER.pdf



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