So recently me and my starseed sister realized that the lady who founded theta healing is a reptilian soul incarnated to spread theta healing for the purpose of spreading a reptilian form of spiritual mindcontrol in an attempt to let the reptilians maintain control of human consciousness's evolution. I had a particularly bad experience with theta healing because i am an andromedan star seed which is very threatening to reptilians. I was being mind-controlled and having my belief systems messed around with by vianna stibal and she was trying to force me to form a contract with her to be her soulmate in another lifetime. she also gave me a dream that was designed to dominate my subconscious like a computer virus and . reptilians are weaker than andromedans. ANYWAYS, just wanted to give y'all starseeds the heads up that theta healing is something bad disguised as something good. it seems so amazing and wonderful but its a form of spiritual mind-control like religion, except this one works a little differently. still reptilian and not the good kind. also any time i would try to ascend up into the 7th plane i was spiritually raped by other reptilians posing as different demigods.... soooo.... avoid theta healing. some people will feel alright im sure but if your soul is any real threat the the reptilian agenda then you are likely to run into similar problems as myself.

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if you need healing i can help .i am much older then reptilians just leave a comment and i can heal most things except diabetes never had luck with it.

Good job. Dealing with reptilians can be harsh. I myself had the Alpha Draconians come after me. They were looking to take over the planet. There were only nine of them left. Eventually I was able to change their minds about me. Draconis helped. Now they keep a statue of me on their ships. Funny huh? I'm glad you didn't agree to be her soul mate. Take care.
Lady Isis mary

I have read this ladies book:)...I recall her claiming to have abilities to heal , but I don't recall her using any techniques to how she increased prana/bio photon levels in her body..

I don't listen to that type of banter..
And you claim she is receiving help from archons..makes sense..because if you look at it carefully..you will notice that her ability to reach the highest levels was undermined by the very assumption she arrived at those levls without any techniques..

haha absolutely insane:)..



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