I just wanted to clarify what I have noticed here and there within the starseed community at large and the world. Over time we have been made to see not that which connects us but that which separates us and from blinding us to our connection to one another it blinded us to our connection to the stars, it made us forget that we are ALL star stuff.

I have been pondering lately this label of "Starseed" and one thing I believe is that, we are all seeds from the stars, everyone one of us, some of us don't remember and some do not care to, but whatever we believe our souls origin to be, everyone on Earths soul, has originated from God therefor, everyone is a star child, therefor remembering that we come from Sirius or Andromeda, our having contact with multi dimensional beings or ETs is not what makes us a Starseed since we are ALL star children, what makes us a starseed is our actions and from this one can conclude that starseed is not a race/type of being, or state of awareness, it is a role.

A starseed is someone who sees past the lies and deception of this world and do whatever they can to wake up those who cross their path to the real world. Starseeds are about spreading truth and love, therefor anyone can be a starseed, because everyone has the capability to do this. We are all multi-dimensional angels, we are all star stuff, and we carry within us the sacred flame of the universe. Think about it star children! we are not that much different from the universe, the universe is within us all:

Why is that? because there is no such thing as "Human" human is well, a human concept, what you see when you look in the mirror, that is an illusion created by your mind to interpret a more dense form of energy, it creates these images in order to understand the soul/energy that drives it. Look at the bigger picture, yes the universe lives within us but, truly we live within IT.

We are all children of the stars, children of God, the only thing that separates us is our own preconceived notions. We are all sparks of God, gods with amnesia. All of our soul origins come from the same place, we all come from the divine center, God, the Central Sun, the energy core or whatever name you wish to give it, in the end we are pure energy, and energy is all there. Everything you see is simply an interpretation of your mind, what truly IS, is energy, and so, being that we are all star stuff, what is left really that makes one a true starseed, is ones desire to make someone smile, nothing more and nothing less.

Namaste ~♥~

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"if you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration" ... sounds like Nikola Tesla invented Rock And Roll! :D

Peace and Harmony

thank you for posting that! I feel many just don't see the big picture!

well put. thanks for sharing your light with the world everyone :)


Here's a couple more heavenly, bodily coincedences.

This one if you look you see a child's face. Beautiful.

This one kind of look like a head with headdress on like the sphinx.

Thank you for this. I have been discussing the concept of "starseeds" with what I guess I would call my starseed friends and I have come to realize the term isnt important. Maybe some of us have souls that have come from a place of spiritual wisdom but that does not make us any more important than any other human being here. We may have more knowledge because of it, but that only makes it our duty to share this knowledge with everyone we know. we should not feel any more special than anyone else, you are correct; we are all children of the stars. We all have the right to freedom, enlightenment, ascension, love and happiness.

Blessed Be

Love this thoughtful post….. you inspire  with your infectious joie de vivre!

Thank you for sharing. You are a bright blessing!!

Okay, well...thank god I'm not the only one thinking about that.  For a few weeks I was tossing around my own "origins" and it came to exactly what you said, I was even contemplating writing a blog about it, then I thought, "who cares, it's just me being an asshole."  But I see now that it's not just that, because the ultimate truth, as you said it, is all of our origins is God, and thusly we are all Angels.  This origin thing, "I'm Pleadian, I'm Serian..." so on and so forth, is basically the place our soul (piece of God) just came from, and in turn must bring those specific qualities to earth this life-time.  I don't care if you came from Venus...you are here to bring those qualities, and TOGETHER we can make this world great and learn those qualities TOGETHER, however, that would take us coming TOGETHER.  That is a perfect world, in which this is not, but it takes recognizing we are not perfect in order to find a more "perfect" existance as "human..." which is a word found in the idiot's guide to defining our species as homosapians. 

In summation: I agree with you whole-heartedly.



http://flic.kr/p/bUMm9a Galaxy, pine cone,....penial gland of the universe..
Eyes too....

We truly are part of something wonderful. Nature repeats itself on all levels.
I watched dr seuses Horton hears a who, earlier with my daughter. What are atoms really made of?

Thank you for your thoughts.  I am amazed by the depth and breadth of your writings.


On this particular topic, maybe this is why some believe Starseeds to be a less useful term than light worker or lightwarrior, since many may have felt their off planet origins, however may not necessarily take action , and yet others may feel totally of this earth, yet take action or see themselves in a role such as what you described :


" A starseed is someone who sees past the lies and deception of this world and do whatever they can to wake up those who cross their path to the real world. Starseeds are about spreading truth and love, therefor anyone can be a starseed, because everyone has the capability to do this."


A friend of mine definitely takes such action as you described above, yet at the same time feels her origins to be exclusively of this earth (that may be an issue of memory however in a nutshell for the time being anyway, she considers her past lives to have been exclusively of this earth).  She does not identify as starseed however considers herself a lightworker.


From very loose casual conversation between a number of us that have achieved a particular level in education (not the normal sense of education) and knowledge, it appears that the contact and exposure I have had to off earth beings and experiences, are largely different from those that do not identify as having off earth origins. 


An analogy could be the male female continuum .  Essentially it does not matter, we all have male and female tendencies.  However ultimately, fundamentally, one is either male or female, and while there are those that make a decision to transition to the other gender via a process, they originate as one gender and eventually become or identify with, another gender.  We do not need to label ourselves and we know how constricting such labels can be.  That said, as one's consciousness raises, we do feel a difference as to where we originate, off earth or not, and the experiences and feelings differ. 


So the two variables in these definitions, then, appear to be (i) where one feels they originate from, and (ii) what they do in their actions.  One does not necessarily lead to another.  And there are non starseeds that spread light and love.


Thanks so much again for your valuable insights.  When we all love one another regardless where we originate or regardless what we do or not do, our vibrations and therefore the planet's vibrations rise.

wow a lot of replies here :) thank you everyone for reading and commenting and the awesome positive feed back :) love you guys.

LOL I wouldn't doubt it haha. Love that man with all my heart ^.^

AudioEssence said:

"if you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration" ... sounds like Nikola Tesla invented Rock And Roll! :D

Peace and Harmony



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