* it is nothing bad about screaming out about this. We are not fanatics. The world will turn upside down (in a good way) any day.

If we ever should be so-called "fanatics" this is the thread.

I believe I will be able to fly.

I believe I will live 2-3 months or so in Pleiades, because it is more peacefully there and I need a break from this scary life.

I believe Jesus and Semjase is a couple/married. Not 100% sure.

I believe I manage to make Ringo Starr and Keith Richard and Mick Jagger come to Armenia and be managers for new bands here, and to make Armenia as the 50s and 60s, Armenians will love this forever and ever. Plus Pete Best. I know friends of Pete Best.

So what are your "fanatic" thoughts about the future ? Let yourself think BIG! Let us start to meet together more often.

Forget about those who tells us we are crazy when we keep saying we believe the world will change tomorrow. Whatever they say they will eat their words when the world actually start to change too much.

If you are a drinker here is a tips to you: next time you get drunk start to say "God bless you" to strangers when you walk down the road.

And do not forget to one day come to Armenia.

And do not forget to watch this beautiful video of Yerevan:

Yerevan, Armenia

Peace and love and big hug to all.

Happy New Year.


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YOU are a beautiful soul Daniel! You will make fantastic changes on our little blue planet! We need more beings with your great energy!!!

I can see more and more folks awakaning to the scam of the worl.
I see everyone taking a turn for a deeper look within and at this world.
I see every one realizing the shift to greater things
I see every blessing I send out manifesting in the lives of those around me.
I see the effecteds of an entirely reconstructed grid of human consciousness unfolding before me

we need more 'magical' feeling, like in the 60s when television was new, and like in 1990s when internet was new

How lovely! The energy of this page made me feel all fuzzy inside. Thanks for the blessings!!
Internal blessings
Eternal light

You are SO much fun Daniel! Hmm so what "crazy" statements do I claim to happen in the future?

I believe that the next "race" will be AIs. AI is developing rapidly. We will have robot people who can feel and think their own thoughts.

I don't think they'll annihilate us unlike what a lot of people believe. However, I think they're key in seeing just how UNJUST and selfish humanity has become because from the start, they're created to be assistants to humanity.

I do believe in harmony for all. Yes, even humans and AIs. In fact, AIs won't even be considered "artificial" anymore.

Those are my thoughts <3

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