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I would like to offer exploration of the archetype of the Joker. In modern times we are more familiar with the comic book interpretation of the Joker – the well known villain from the Batman universe, he is the ultimate antihero, the prince of crime we all love to hate. But this unique cultural figure marks its beginning long before comic books were even invented. It is very interesting to see how this archetype has evolved into such a sinister and abusive modern character when its beginnings were not at all evil.

Almost every culture on the planet has in its mythology the trickster figure, which is exclusively always male (if I am wrong please correct me in the comments). The joker, the fool, the jester or the trickster is extremely smart, cunning, self serving, possess a sense of humor and prefers the light side of life. Very often the stories which have the Joker as the main hero aim to expose human foolishness or serve as a way for the rich and privileged to be ridiculed. In fact I think this is the main reason behind the Trickster’s existence – exposing the wrongdoings of authority figures and speaking truths that no one dares to admit publically.

I would love to know more about the Joker figure in your culture and its spiritual meaning.

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Well, if you know anything about Carl Jung you can pretty much thank him and him alone for researching this particular subject of archetypes.

I believe the more interesting thing about the "Joker" is as Jung described it in everyone, the Shadow Self. Pretty self explanatory, but instead of the jovial, funny trickster you have what could simply be described as an unpredictable lunatic. Essentially, everyone plays the light side of the Joker at some point or another.

We all deal with that inner struggle, whatever you wish to call it, but especially with these archetypes you have the good side and the bad side. Even the "Hero" has that Shadow Self. It's not often portrayed in culture because we inherently like to see ourselves as the white knights of our own story.

To me, the Joker is more prone to the darker side of things. Their off the cuff mentality leads to acting without considering consequences. They're more prone to tell the truth than others because it's generally not in their interests to lie, the truth is far too much fun.

My perspective lies in the psychological realm on this because it falls within the realm of the ego, in my view at least. I believe there are plenty of female "Jokers" today, but it's somewhat gotten lost in translation with comedy these days.



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