The Law of Attraction vs. Astrological, and Karmatic influences. (My Theory)

I honestly feel that the Law of Attraction does have its limits in a dense reality like this. Also the speed of obtaining something with the law of attraction seems rather unpredictable. The idea of waiting from anywhere from hours to even years to obtain something really bothers me a bit as well. People come into life and have certain things like wealth, prosperity, good relations with people while others come into this life with poverty, hardship, and challenging relationships with people for example. Some seem to be destined for their paths no matter what you can attract here. You can be a wealthy individual and not think much about your wealth or prosperity taking it for granted, and you can be poor and have a hard life and be optimistic and happy as possible but does not change your situation and you leave the same way you came into this world once said lifetime is over.

I get the feeling that issues involving karma in terms of learning how to balance out energies from other lifetimes and astrological influences on ones natal chart at birth seems to play a big role of what you are will end up attracting into your life regardless of your thoughts. No, I am not saying that the Law of Attraction is useless, but what I am saying is that if you wanted a million dollars worth of gold bars just by thinking about it and visualizing having it and trying to actually put in the physical work to make it happen or winning the lottery, you will very likely not get it, especially if this somehow will interfere with your life contract or reason for being here or whatever. You can attract wealth, but demanding the universe a certain amount seems to be ironically limiting as well it seems. These are only theories and not facts. I rather would have an expert on the subject of astrology enlightenment me about this if possible or whoever is educated on this subject. Thanks. 

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Well you have to consider that the law of attraction is directly proportional to your evolution, past life experiences, your operational frequency and more importantly your individual CHOICE.
The frequency that you operate on is dependant upon your awareness of the universe and its dynamics. I mean ACTUAL awareness gained through experience, not just reading about how the universe works from one source or another. The greater the reality and dimensions you experience and understand, the faster your personal frequency operates within.
To understand the law of attraction you have to understand how matter is manifested through each dimension and the variables that determine WHAT and WHEN something manifests. Dimension One is where all - lets just call them "particles" are formless, everything is just potentially something here waiting for whatever variable is going to decide what it will manifest or become. Dimension Two is where the "particles" are forming, becoming something before it manifests into the Third or Physical Dimension. The law of attraction helps to determine what the particles will form and manifest from the first and second dimensions.
What facilitates the law of attraction is the universal matrix, what we think or feel are all creative variables that affect what we attract, the matrix will pick up every single thought or feeling, which are like commands being fed to the universe, and the matrix manifests these variables through the first and second dimensions. Considering there are three parts to your being, your body consciousness, your mind consciousness and your soul consciousness, you have three different thoughts, that if not aligned, are usually very conflicting, one part of you may think something and another part of you doesnt believe it, for example your deep subconscious doesnt believe it, or your sub conscious believes you dont DESERVE what you are asking the universe for, these situations would totally cancel out what you were trying to attract in the first place, because you are telling the universe sub consciously dont believe it or dont deserve it. You have to be aware of every single thought you have because THOSE are what commands the universe to attract what you desire.
Then there are other factors that determine what you experience in your lifetime. Depending on what your soul wants to experience to learn what it needs to learn for the purpose of its GROWTH and Evolution, your SOUL will attract what it will for its growth and it will do so superconsciously. Wealth and prosperity are of no moment to the soul, it is EXPERIENCE that allows you to EVOLVE. So it will attract to you the circumstances it needs for the purpose of growth. Evolution is generated through understanding and experiencing all things. The more you understand, the more you grow. To understand Death, Poverty, Abuse, Starvation etc.. you need to experience it. Your Soul has Chosen to experience these things in its lifetime for its own karmic path. So yes people may enter into this lifetime seemingly destined to attract certain circumstances to them but these circumstances are not written in stone. Conscious CHOICE plays a major role in your experience. You can consciously CHOOSE to attract and experience what you desire, but you have to Consciously choose with every fibre and part of your being whithout a single doubt, otherwise what you attract may happen haphazardly, or subconscious choice may be dominant, and many doubts happen sub consciously.
Now back to the speed and the time it takes to attract something. Again that is entirely dependant upon your awareness, experience and deep understanding of the universe and its workings. The higher your personal energetic frequency the greater the speed the universal matrix and law of attraction will respond to your commands and manifest. This is because the greater your awareness of the universe, the greater your connection to the dynamics that fuel the law of attraction. The more of the universe you are aware of, the greater the interaction with the universe you will have, the faster it responds to you.
You cant trick the universe into doing things, it will take into account everything you think and feel about what it is your trying to attract if you are trying to do it consciously, so you need to be aware of every though that crosses your mind about your goal, because each command you enter into the matrix will change the direction of what it is you are trying to attract, or in some cases cancel it out. Bottom line is..its not the law of attraction that is unpredictable or limiting, it is ourselves.

No, the Law of Attraction is not useless,  Rhonda Byrne made a fortune on it.

The Secret book and film have grossed more than $300 million. And these millions dollars come mostly from poor people who are in search for special shortcut which would fulfill their wishes without actually having to work on it.

Exactly, it is strict, but that is only when you are trying to consciously create something or manifest it into your reality. Your sub conscious and super conscious are always creating and attracting your circumstances with ease but when you try to do it consciously, that is a totally different ballgame.

I just noticed something, you said even in the face of being 100% sure that things would happen but you also said that you were used to disappointment in your life. Two totally conflicting planes of thought. That idea of being "used to disappointment in your life""thats a sub conscious idea about yourself..although on the surface you may believe that you are 100% sure of everything..you may not be aware of that sub conscious thought that is conflicting with your conscious belief. You have to listen to your sub conscious mind in order to be aware of the way it thinks about what it thinks you deserve or believe that you deserve.

The universe doesnt make things easy for our evolution, if it was too easy to manipulate universal law then we may become to lazy to grow anymore than we have to lol. You have to really train your mind and listen to your sub conscious self.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will attract whatever it is that I desire, so I have no problem manifesting whatever I need. However I dont get too greedy, because greed does not sit well with the sub conscious mind when you are trying to manifest consciously, so the sub conscious mind tends to fight you when you try to get too greedy, and will oppose your conscious thoughts with thoughts of whether you deserve it or not. But again, it forces you to grow and evolve by making it necessary to train and master your consciousness.

I was born into hardship, suffered heinous abuse from certain people as a child, used to attract the wrong kind of people and circumstances growing up, but being aware of the universe, and beginning to master my conscious self has drastically changed my circumstances.

Its just a matter of knowing that the universe with give me what i need when I ask for it :)

Oh yes one more really important thing when manipulating the law of attraction. Don't NEED something and Don't WANT something too much. Theres a reason for it. When you make your affirmations to the universe about what you desire to manifest you just have to know the universe will give it too you, that the universe is already manifesting what you want as you imagine it. But if you need it or want it too much then you are telling the universe that you believe you dont have it yet, by wanting something, you are telling the universe that you are wanting it, so it will manifest the energy of wanting something in your reality rather than the object or thing itself. The same thing applies to NEED. So when you decide to attract something, just KNOW it is coming, dont want it or need it. Yes its tricky but when you get the hang of it, its not as hard as you think to do, we just have to put in a little more effort into training ourselves and restructuring the way we think.

By learning to control ourselves we consciously learn how to control what we produce, manifest and create in the universe.


Nikita i am also trying to understand how i function and how my thoughts function.

You said that we have thre parts of consciousness "your body consciousness, your mind consciousness and your soul consciousness"

I was also thinking about law of attraction in which i didnt want to belive because i had thoughts almost everyday about me dying in some sort os various accidents. And i thought if my death is not manifested then law of attraction doesnt work.

But then i started thinking what if law of atraction does work and my consciousnes is not able to atract anything but maybe i attract something on some diferent levels.

So i begun to scan my thoughts and on the superconscious level i found this thoughts:

i have no money

i have no luck

i have no power

i am poor

and many more. Same i found in my body cells also. As i can connect with each cell separately and get their thoughts .

So super consicousnes and body consciousnes is working against me to make my life miserable.

But i would not to that to my self so it has to come from some other source which i cannot determine yet.

And that means that law of attraction can be manipulated against someone.

And i experience also other type of thought manipulation as when i want to conect with angels or guides i get lies pushed into my thoughts as i cant hear sound i just get everything thru thoughts.

In the begining when this started i felt like being in very crovded place and listening to thousands of people but only thru thoughts which i managed to get under control.

i experienced also situations where i consciously didnt fear but my body feared a lot making my legs shaking and i thought why does my body fear if i dont fear.

I cant figure out from where it is coming. It is either outside influence or there is still some unexplored level of consciousnes.

Have you any idea what can be the cause

I'll try to answer both in this one, sorry for the rush guys

It sure is annoying, but then again so is anything we have to train hard to master.

There are plenty of ways to access the sub conscious mind..actually its more recognizing the sub conscious when it is most present with us. It can be recognized by being the most negative of our three consciousness its often mistrusting, bases all of its observations on past experience, it is often judgemental, complains alot about life, egotistical, tries to blame all of its problems on outside sources, and doesnt like to take responsibility, victimizes itself etc etc It can often be very childish lol, most people who study this area will see this immediately.

The Conscious mind focus's mainly on having fun, eating, being happy, being stimulated, gaining material possessions etc etc..

The Super-conscious mind however is a totally different ball park, that is the soul mind, this part of yourself has no judgement about anything, deeply understands the universe, this is usually where your highest thoughts about life come from. It would never complain or be negative. It is the part of your consciousness that helps you create, in fact it is the centre of everything that is created in your life, this is the part of you that works with the universe to create whatever it is you call forth into manifestation, it doesnt judge what you call forth, it just creates it - where at the same time it is creating exactly what it thinks you need for your evolution, kind of integrates all things. 

To sum it up anywaysyou can recognize all three consciousness through using this criteria:

Conscious mind - Fun, Material, Body, Physical pleasures etc..

Sub Conscious mind - Judgemental, Observes based on past, fears, often negative and complains, Ego orientated - thinks its better than others, thinks it is separate from others etc

Super Conscious mind - The repository for all it has learned in its entire evolutionary cycle and then some, the Central processor, the source of all you experience as an individual as well as responsible for integrating your experience with collective experience, it is the divine mind or what they call the higher self.

When you learn to recognize where your thoughts are coming from you can start consciously interacting your consciousness's with one another.

Seraphim Angel - have you done reflection training yet? Spirits and Guides are an entirely different thing, They tend to use that -pushing thoughts - technique as an extreme thought training, to strengthen your mind, like conditioning the body, its a force training technique

Here I wrote an article about the stuff I experienced during my awakening with spirits and dimensions and so on. I make a few references that may be related to your experience in this thread




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