It was a night with a full moon. Dafolo returned form the land, after a day of hard work. He had just laid down in bed and he fell asleep. He had a dream that touched him deeply.

An old Wiseman brought him to the top of a mountain, a small path winding down to the valley.

“Behold this path” the Wiseman said, “ and listen to me well, in the deepest of our being there is a a treasure to which I invite you my son. In the temple that is our body there is a door. This door is an entrance to a stairway that is guarded by a guardian. It is a long stairway, steep on some places, slippery on other. A path that just like this path goes down and down.

The stairway leads to a lake. To reach the lake you have to pass the door that is guarded by the guardian. You have to knock three times. Some knock softly, others doubt and return into the darkness. Third knock very loudly. But to be honest some guardians wait a long time before they can see a visitor, quite long time even. When a visitor comes, the guardian opens the door with a sight, happy to see a visitor saying “ Finally”. Than the guardian closes the door behind him full of joy and watches him go down the path.

Some walk down fast for others it is very difficult road. In some corners man can see the end of the path and where it leads to in the abyss down below. Some get tired from the many bends and return back to the door. Others think because they saw a light in the end that they saw it all and return as well and forget about this inner stairway. Only them who are zealous persevere.

They who make it to the last step are truly happy because they find the lake. Perfect blue water that mirrors the sky above. It Is a miracle because the water is from unique cleanness. It is made of pure joy. It is water that gets its joy from the waves crashing into the feet of the visitors. It is of unknown beauty and purity. Only the beauty of the clear blue sky above can come close to the lake’s purity.

Around the whole lake heavy rose bushes bloom with roses that spread sweet scent all around the lake. Sometimes the visitors will think there are birds singing down below in the lake, but when they look around they see it is the birds that have come there to be one with the nature all around them. There is a sphere of peace and harmony. To crown this beautiful spectacle, it is light by an unreal almost light that the visitors don’t know the cause of and can’t see it either. The lake makes everything in perfect harmony.

Some bath in the clean waters to wash away their worries and regenerate their old bodies back to youth. Others just sink their feet in, third enjoy the view and the peace from the shore. Others drink from the waters because it is perfectly clean and can be drunk.

There is a pattern to which the visitors come, so the guardian knows exactly when they will come. There are yearly, monthly and weekly gatherings and visitations. Some find the stairway per accident and others never do. We have to know it exist and it exists to lead us to ourselves. When we knock the guardian will open.

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