This topic has come up quite frequently for me. Many friends, family and even members on this site have had questions or issues, so I figured I’d talk a little about my thoughts on it.


Being a light worker or one who works with energies, it is especially important to shield. Many of us are empaths, there are different degrees of it, but we can easily pick up on other’s energies, whether it be positive or negative. It’s just the way it is.

I have had times that I didn't protect myself and was around certain people that just flat out drained me. We all know there are energy vampires…different levels of this and I do think some are completely aware they are doing this, while others have NO clue they do it.  I know of someone in the circle of friends I have that does this and is completely unaware they are like this. She has many wonderful qualities, but there are times that if I don’t ground and shield, I walk away feeling as though all the life has been sucked from me.

I believe that EVERYONE should practice this on a daily basis. We are all connected energy wise, but as individuals, we are at different frequencies and levels of vibration.  When I spend the day with my best friend, I feel no need to shield from her. We are both at that same level.  When I go to the store, when I know I’ll be around a group of people, or even when I come online, I make sure I am shielded and grounded, otherwise I pick up things and it can have some serious effects.

SO…even though I think most of us know how to do it, I’d still like to offer a few tips for those that need reminders or just don’t know J  Remember the quote (I don’t know who said it) “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”. This also goes with energy…nobody can send you negative energies unless you are allowing it!



 One of the things I do is stand barefoot on the Earth if possible. If not, just standing straight or even sitting in the meditation position. I picture myself like a tree, with my roots connecting deep into Mother Earth. Set your intention to have any unwanted energies flow to Her and also to allow Her energies to flow into you. She is more than happy to help us with this when asked!



There are many, many ways on how to shield. Calling in your spirit guides to help protect and shield you is something that should always be done…if you aren't sure who your spirit guides are, I’d suggest meditating and focusing on that. They are here to help us and guide us.

Calling in Archangel Michael, ask him to surround you in protection of his lights. Start with white, then the colors of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Then finish with the white light. Imagine each color surrounding your entire physical body.

Using the Mirror Technique. Imagine yourself surrounded by mirrors and anything that is sent towards you is “bounced” off.

Crystals are always great!! Obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, onyx, black kyanite, and so many more! Just search online for good shielding stones.

One thing I always do, as I do NOT want to send negative energy back towards someone that may be sending it, is I request the energies be sent to Mother Earth to disperse it and transform it into something positive. It’s what she does J

I know there are many other ways of doing this, feel free to share your ideas and what has worked for you..or if you have any questions, ask away!!

Much love and positive energies to you!!!

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Great post Windstar!

Always good to keep reminding each other of this simple but so very essential work.  We must keep our selves safe and shielded, cleansed and clear.  Either one is a light warrior or one is not, and a warrior is impeccable and very disciplined in keeping him/herself safe and balanced or one cannot do the work or be effective.  Its like having all the cures for all the parasites and diseases in your cupboard but not taking any of them.  You will be beset by issues, and critters, and all sorts of drains that can so easily be sorted.  Ive been doing this for a good few years now and Ive yet to find a single issue that cannot be sorted by simple daily psychic hygene.

Ive already shared many of my techniques for this in the Psychic self defense group, as have many others, and the key is to develop your own routine and do it daily.   It doesnt have to take ages, just a 5-10 minutes a day once you are doing it regularly, with a thorough clean out of body and blessing of home every few months. 

Personally I wouldnt use reflective shielding, but as Wind says its all preference.  I use a shield egg shaped that is golden inside and impervious matte black outside to both conceal and allow anything negative sent directly to me to drain off into the earth so I dont enter into an exchange, but I like the idea of asking for it to be transformed too.   I also have a large shield over the whole house, that keeps out any troublesome critters and such, anchored using cyrstals and maintained by certain deities with whom I work.

This is my post about chakra balancing and sealing, which accompanied with the golden light med I personally feel is a perfect daily rountine to keep one safe and centered.

I shield by turning on my empathic heart energy but i sometimes overwhelm people. I am trying to figure out how to filter out the negative & allow the good, but i am puzzled by this & dont know. I guess in balancing my empathic heart shield to recognize good, love & link to it & bounce off the bad. It takes much concentration & i need to focus & be mindful of my living self & not off thinking in another world like usual.

I used to have this problem.. people would find me way too intense.. they would think I was angry or crazy when i was just feeling really excited or passionate.  This was before I learnt about properly using the hara-line exercise and chakra toning, and especially using circulation of light regularly  Getting ALL the energy centres vibrating in harmony, and equal distribution of energy, means you are earthed, you feel in sync with all levels, and you are connected to your higher intuition.  So you feel rooted, connected, you relate, love, communicate, think, and stay silent when you need to, all in harmony with yourself and those around you.  Also, simply learning to listen way more than i talk was a big step forward for me! :D 

Day dreaming a lot is a sign of not earthing enough.  Its great to have a good imagination, but as I always say, feet in the ground and head in the sky :) 

Remember, we can only reflect from what lies within... that being said, if u r amping up ur heart energy & there are chakra issues yet 2 be addressed (as we all have them, this is part of 3D programming) then u r also amping up the wound keys u may inevitably carry. 

As an individual who has undergone intense training in clearing/releasing old paradigm programs within the energy centers & worked with teachers on slowly & intentionally raising kundalini over a period of a few years... I can attest 2 the magic inherent in each detail. I would encourage u 2 look deep within that heart of urs & c what may be ready 2 come 2 the surface 4 further evaluation. It is imperative at 1 point or another 2 begin clearing & releasing the patterns which no longer r Serving our Highest Good. We all have 2 do our own Work. Plz do not hesitate 2 contact/friend me if u have any questions on this information... I Am always here 2 Serve.

& absolutely! Keep up with the daily balancing, grounding, sheilding work... this is maintenance 4 us all & should never be taken 4 granted. Some of the simplest techniques can provide the most powerful results! It is all in the intention, of course... & the more belief & usage staked in2 a particular technique simply adds 2 the energy available 4 its use.

Many Blessings 2 u...

As a young empath, you are likely out of balance yourself due to others emotions.  This method of dumping the emotional energy probably occurred as a way to get rid of excess energy to prevent an energetic overload in your system.  I have worked with people like you that have that issue.  What is cool as that your ability to transfer emotional energy is very useful when you are working with other people.  I have been able to use that technique, once refined, to help a lot of my clients out!  

Pay attention to the emotions you feel the strongest about, they likely are reflective of your own inner emotions.


Ricardo Sierra 

Yup, I'm Sagittarius, fire type - manifests itself in always wanting to lead, impulsively join into any conversation, say stuff impulsively etc.

But else I'm pretty down to earth, except for those fire excessives. I have tried ayurvedic stuff, the green powder thing, don't remember the name and it helped.

I have also tried Bach Flower medicines, helped with my connection to other people's feelings, felt like I got emotionally injured each time other put their problems onto me (my family)

But not after taking that flower medicine, I can now say stop and I dont get drained anymore, it has lasted after a few sessions, don't take it anymore

Maybe it even felt like solar plexus got slightly overactive after that, not always good. It can be hard to balance all chakras right..

As an empath I often suck up other people's energy all the time, so I feel like I'm halfdead if I am around my family at times, or in the mall...

If I don't meditate in nature or use crystals / meditate I just go crazy almost, my emotions run out of control, I start feeling really bad for days/weeks

Black onyx, Hermatite are the best grounding stones I know, and then meditation in nature also is very effective each time, energy for a week.

I have noticed people either being very nice to me or extremely agressive at me, but it may have been my own emotions they picked up, and I might have picked those up from others too.

Life was basically hell for a little while after awakening, also due to pain pills that change ones moods, I had to learn to accept eating pills, never eaten a pill in my life, but was eating 20 a day..

If you're an empath you just know it, not always pleasant, you must be around those you feel good around

And those you don't, leave them alone, then you feel much better - as long as I am only around people I feel good around I feel great

Feeling bad in the supermarket or such is only if I am extremely imbalanced, or dizzy from energy changes in my body after awakening... - I suppose anything can happen there, lots of changes, each day more unpredictable than the previous, even though my emotions have normally been more stable than most people I know, they are not anymore for sure, they can change a lot

I hope to find a solution one day for my emotions going out of control, pain pills can also make them worse

Completely agree. People can go their whole life not realising that the reason they feel depressed or tired is actually because they are empathic and like a sponge. I do think you have to be consistant with it though, like your immune system it takes time for it to get stronger. The more you ground or shield the better it works in my opinion.

Self-Protection is NOT NECESSARY for you guys! It is a natural re-action, which is a "normal" experience on this planet. It is the human experience of fear. So for all "Empaths" : yes, it is part of a school, a training, in order to understand why most people on this planet have believe-systems of separation and mistrust- and therefore the idea of attack and protection. So protect when and if still necessary.

But if you´re here to inspire other humans who forgot that there is more beyond that, called conection, love, trust, we cannot inspire as long as we play "their game". If we know our divine origin, maybe we have also "responsibility" to step out of the roleplay (e.g. victim) and into our higher purpose..  So I strongly feel there are these two steps for all the beings who came here as empathic volunteers:

1. step: getting known the "unnatural" play of fear, simply by playing it. You must forget your higher truth for a while , and get to know the illusion of separation and fear. Of course you protect yourself because there is nothing else you can do !

2. waking up, getting out of your own way and let go beliefsystems which aren´t yours (good and evil, perpetrator and victim..) in order to start with your true mission. Understand and believe in the law of attraction ! protection is a prayer for attack ! So once you understand you protected yourself as a kid in order to keep your light inside while learning the 3D game, you are allowed now to open up, realign yourself with your powerful light and your higherdimensional team- you DO NOT NEED to eat other people´s density any longer once you open your powerful heart! feeling like a sponge is a result of closing the heart (mostly as kids) because  your natural light-cleaning-abilities were too scary for others. So most empath learned to close their hearts and therefore "eat" instead of transmit other peoples densities. And again, this was your training, now you are an expert ! You can open up again, clean your sponge e.g. through crying, realign and play your natural powerful game, remember who you are, trust, inspire, enjoy, glow, have fun (Life is fun. Good wants you to have (and be) fun. Suffering is a result of negating the divine being you actually are- and that is the reason why we are here- to make a huge clean up:-) have a look at ceremonialcacao/empath angels- I am sure you will love it guys :-)

Visualizing loving energy radiating out can help too, moving your body to shake off negative vibes and touching or hugging trees :)

One can also use essences for cord cutting and protection too along with crystals.  I use both together. :)

There's also essences for grounding, lower chakras - and whatever else might be associated with being grounded.  I've used those too - again in conjunction with crystals.

One other thing - I know this wouldn't be for everyone, but also for grounding, I try to wear the same style footwear I wore back then.  I'm looking at getting a pair of Finnish 'Lapland' type boots hopefully within a year's time as I had memories of wearing them during the 19th c.  (I already have footwear that's like what I would have worn during the 20th c.).

I tend to ground differently than most others I suppose as I wasn't reincarnated by birth and so have no that 'anchoring' by having a birth family, etc. - the connection to family, growing up, and even the connection to one's 'homeland'.  So I try to figure out different ways of grounding myself.



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